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Grow Long, Thick, Healthy Hair In FULL DETAIL | Victoria Victoria

August 16, 2019

hey hey ladies as you guys can already
tell about the title I will be doing another how to grow your hair fast video
and this time it will be with an emphasis on thickening the hair one of
my subscribers asked me to do that when you guys ask I deliver deliver deliver now I did go back on one of my original
videos how to grow your hair longer and faster there’s a formula come sip this T
that was the title of that video that’s a long title no but I think about it but
I went back on one of those videos on that particular video as well it’s my
other hair growth videos and see how it could be a little bit confusing because
it went from how to grow your hair faster to a hair growth challenge after
I got my hair cut at the hair cut race so I decided to do this video and
hopefully this would be a comprehensive video and I won’t leave anything out for
you guys to understand exactly what I did in order to grow my hair faster and
I’m gonna put an emphasis on thickening the hair as requested so stay tuned and
I’ll see you guys enjoyed this video okay ladies so to make sure that we do
this in order I separated it into two categories what you use topically and
what you ingest now the first two oils that I want to tell you about our
essential oils cedar wood oil and essential oil peppermint both of these
oils are fantastic for your hair but you want to only put these on your scalp and
you can pick these up from Whole Foods or any type of natural homeopathic store
and you want to make sure it does not say for aromatherapy use only and you
want to put this directly on your scalp if you have one of those bottles with
like the skinny nozzle you just put that directly on your scalp and you just let
that sit there and you can keep it in your hair for as long as
a day or two if you’d like just to make sure just try your best to make sure it
doesn’t get on the your actual strands of your hair because it could dry your
hair out okay lady it’s now just to make sure I didn’t leave anything out and you
guys understood everything fully I took notes and I wanted to explain to you
guys why these particular oils are good for you
so I’m gonna explain to you about cedar wood and peppermint oils now cedar wood
essential oil as well as peppermint oil both stimulate the hair follicles but
increase in circulation to the scalp and that promotes hair growth as well as
thickens the hair now the next essential oil I want to
tell you girls about is rosemary oil and again you can pick this up from Whole
Foods just make sure it doesn’t say for aromatherapy but with rosemary oil it
increases cellular metabolism that stimulates hair growth and combats
thinning hair so this is also good for thickening your hair and bringing that
circulation to your scalp that’s gonna make your hair grow the next product
that I use in my regimen but if you watch any of my videos all of your girls
know about it already it’s aloe vera juice now I really don’t
have to read anything about aloe vera juice well I’m gonna tell you guys what
I noticed about elevator aloe vera juice and then I’ll freeze to you guys the
other benefits of it but what I love about aloe vera juice is it is it’s
fantastic detangler a great conditioner and you need that conditioning for your
hair in order for its in order to retain length it’s not just about getting the
link because your hair is gonna grow regardless but you have to know how to
retain that length and nourishing your hair and keeping
your hair condition deep conditioned that is going to help you retain link
anything that adds moisture to your hair such as castor oil castor oil is used in
a lot of thickening and hair growth treatments because castor oil actually
locks moisture into your hair so it appears that it’s thicker because it’s
it’s sealing in that moisture and it’s allowing your hair to retain the length
of your hair but and so castor oil is another thing but back to aloe vera
juice and you can use I actually used to use the aloe vera plant I would buy the
plant and I would get the gel out of the plant like I would I would gut the gel
and apply that to my scalp that actually promotes new follow up hair follicles
and it is just so many benefits of aloe vera juice I can go on and on about the
just off the top of my head about what I think about it but I maybe read you guys
the facts okay it’s just it’s so many with aloe vera juice it has an enzyme
that helps heal the scalp it helps stimulate dormant hair follicles
promoting a regrowth it it will curb your hair fall and controls hair
shedding ensure that your hair remains thick and voluminous it has
anti-inflammatory properties that help sooth your scalp of irritation and
aggravation it’s antifungal and antiviral it has a
high content of protein and vitamins and minerals I’m telling you guys aloe vera
juice and aloe vera gel were one of my key ingredients in growing my hair and
maintaining my link to my hair I still spray aloe vera juice all over my hair
now with aloe vera and aloe vera juice you do not have to limit to just putting
this on your scalp you want to put this all over your hair
it is a fantastic conditioner and I’m telling you it’s the best detangler and
I’m telling you that it makes your hair so so soft I absolutely love this in my
routine I use this in my routine regularly and you will see a huge
difference in the health of your hair and aloe vera juice just like castor oil
also locks in that moisture and locking in that moisture is going to help you
retain your link and it’s going to help thicken your hair okay girls the next
essential oil that I want to tell you about that I use in my routine regularly
is tea tree oil tea tree oil unclogs your hair follicles and nourishes your
roots you want to treat your roots with the utmost care because at some point
your roots are going to be the ends of your hair so you want to make sure you
keep it conditioned and make sure that you when you’re taking a shower and Co
washing your hair you want to make sure that you are paying close attention and
put in your concentration and focus on the roots of your hair you want to treat
the roots of your hair like a baby okay girls now another thing that I wanted to
mention to you guys is genetics as far as the thickness of your hair genetics
plays a huge role in how thick your hair is it’s just plain and simple and when I
say how thick your hair is I’m meaning the actual strands of hair I’m using
this as a straight stretch strand of hair the actual strand of hair some of
your some people have thicker strands of hair but do you have some say in
stimulating hair growth and creating new hair follicles absolutely with essential
oils like rosemary tea tree cedar wood and peppermint they will create new hair
follicles for you while it may not make the actual shaft of your hair thicker it
will give you more pores so that would call little more hair
follicles for your hair to become for you to grow new hair and your hair to
become thicker that makes sense okay the next thing that I want to touch
on is vitamins and I mean I hear a lot of people taking things such as eggs or
just vitamins themselves and crushing them them up and putting them in their
hair what I have a b-complex here I just want it do you think this is going to
make my hair grow not like seriously really guys come on
you cannot just put vitamins in on your hair and expect it to grow it can’t eat
it easy and also ingesting them and there’s nothing wrong with that if you
have some sort of deficiency where you need to compensate and take vitamins in
order for your body to absorb the nutrients but I will say that taking
biotin pills and like be complex and stuff like that if you do not have a
deficiency is unnecessary for for for hair growth because majority of it 90%
of a vitamin you pee out you you guys are really on me look at you
Mabel she goes okay so now I’m waiting for that hair thickening video – haha
I am in the middle of doing the hair thickening video I’m gonna shout you out
look I’m right in the middle of it girl okay ladies so instead of taking
vitamins and in the supplement form find it in a food source because your body is
going to absorb all of those nutrients now that brings me back to eggs eating
eggs as I am biotin high in your B vitamins which helps promote hair growth
and anything high in vitamin A anything high in vitamin E vitamin C you want to
make sure you are including these in your diet that’s why in my previous
videos for hair growth I suggest fruit smoothies and veggie smoothies and
probiotics good sources of good foods to eat to promote hair growth would be
avocados yellow peppers blackcurrant juice black currant juice is a
powerhouse black currant juice anything high in vitamin C yellow peppers are
actually high higher in vitamin C than oranges but go ahead and include oranges
in your smoothies strawberries blueberries are high in antioxidants
cucumbers are great for hair growth sunflower seeds those are high in
vitamin E just do your homework salmon those are high in omega-3s as well as as
well as fish I’m sorry as well as eggs eggs are fantastic for the hair to it to
ingest the thing was just putting the egg in your hair like I said it’s
so makes your hair so hard now when I say probiotic I just assume
everyone know knows what I’m talking about but let me explain what probiotics
is okay probiotics are things like sauerkraut anything that has been
fermented like yogurt or sour cream things like that they are really high in
probiotics come Bachchu or kimchi things like that and the reason Provo kefir
and the reason probiotics are so good for you is because it in order
everyone has yeasts and pathogens in their digestive system and your body is
not able to assimilate the nutrients the way that it’s supposed to if there is an
imbalance of pathogens in your body in your gut basically so you want to make
sure you’re including lots of probiotics in your regimen for hair growth they
have kefir grains that you can purchase from the store to make your own kefir
and it tastes delicious like it tastes like soda you can make your own yogurt
or you can purchase Chobani yogurt from the store but you want to make sure that
it says it has active cultures you could get a probiotic supplement which is
something that I use I use a probiotic supplement I make my own sauerkraut my
own fermented vegetables my almost sour cream and my own yogurt so just to keep
that inner ecosystem in my gut balanced and let me tell you such a huge
difference that I have seen in just that how shiny my hair is a lustrous in my
hair is since I started including probiotics in my regimen and I’m going
to show you guys some of the stuff that I have before before this video is over
so you can kind of get an idea of what kefir grains may look like or how to you
know what I’m gonna do a separate video on probiotics and how to make probiotic
foods if you guys are interested so if you are interested leave a message in
the comment section below and I’ll be more than happy to do a full-on video on
how to make all of these probiotic rich foods and finally ladies just a few more
growth tips which I probably have mentioned in the video before but just
to make this a complete comprehensive package I just want to make sure you
guys make sure you sleep on a satin pillowcase or sleep in a satin bonnet to
make sure you’re protecting that hair is to avoid friction while you’re sleeping
so you won’t rub against and break your hair off I also want to make sure you
guys do the scalp massages that I mentioned earlier and make sure you know
your hair tight that’s very important you need to know if you’re a high
porosity low porosity or medium porosity and you can simply take a strand of hair
and put that in a cup of water if that hair falls to the bottom that means that
you have high porosity hair if it goes to the middle that means you have medium
porosity hair and if it stays on top that means you have low porosity hair
and the difference between those types of hair I’m I am low porosity that with
low porosity that means we need eat in order for whatever products were
using to penetrate our hair shaft well medium porosity girls they don’t have
that issue at all whatsoever they’re they don’t really need any make any
particular type of maintenance issues in order to get the nutrients in their hair
and if you have high porosity hair unfortunately that means that with the
products that in water or any type of anything that you put on your hair kind
of goes in and out in and out in and out so you have to find something to to
close that I don’t know exactly what that is because I have not researched
how porosity hair because I have low porosity hair but look into it and see
what type of hair you have so you can research what you need to do in order
for the nutrients and the products that you use to penetrate your your actual
hair shaft also I wanted to mention this and I’m so glad that I didn’t forget
girls I have been seeing so many videos on protein protein protein protein to
promote hair growth and not to say that it doesn’t work for some people but
before you go putting all of this protein in your hair make sure your hair
needs the protein because too much protein will damage your hair so badly
like it will make your hair so hard and rough and it would just just break it
off and it would be and it would be so tragic I would hate to see that happen
to you guys I know I have seen I don’t know why it’s all the crave like because
I can’t imagine who that’s working for and in and it may be working for some
but I just don’t want you make sure you need the protein before you go watching
a youtube video and the person is telling you you know you need a protein
treatment and just take these powders and mix them up and put it in your hair
it makes make sure you need it first if your hair is limp and like mushy and
like gooey yes you may need a protein treatment but if your hair does not feel
like that don’t go put your protein in your hair
like okay girls this is the best way that I can explain it this is your hair
see that now this is your hair on protein thank you so much ladies for
watching my video on how to grow a long healthy thick hair and I hope you guys
have enjoyed it if you have any questions for me just leave it down in
the comments below and as usual please like and subscribe and I will see you
guys in the next video


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    Tea tree oil.

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