Green Mucus Discharge During Pregnancy

September 18, 2019

Green mucus discharge during pregnancy can
be a worrying experience. This discharge can happen at any time during
your pregnancy and be quite startling to discover. Depending on the timing this could indicate
several different happenings within your body. The first and most common happening is the
mucus plug coming lose. This will usually only happen when you are within a few weeks
of your due date. Even if you think this is the case you should
still contact your doctor. Making sure that you monitor yourself for
continued discharge before seeing your doctor can give you a better idea of this possibility. It is possible for parts of the mucus plug
to come out at other times during pregnancy as well. The amount of mucus that comes out will be
very small and it will not be a continuing symptom.
Speaking to your doctor if this happens can help them better monitor your pregnancy. The second possibility is a yeast infection
or thrush. While this is common treatment can be different while pregnant. Usually this will be followed by an almost
bread-like smell. Speaking to your doctor about treatment can clear up this cause of
mucus within days. If the mucus smells much worse it could be
an infection. This is why it is very important to talk to your doctor. Any infection could affect your entire reproductive
system. This could put yourself and your child at risk. A foul smell is one of the signs you should
get to the doctor right away. No matter the cause of your green mucus discharge
during pregnancy, you should speak to your doctor. A simple test can help your doctor determine
the cause of this discharge. As with any other body changes during pregnancy,
your doctor or midwife should be kept appraised to your change in condition.

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