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GPS tracking for flying foxes – Hendra virus research first

December 25, 2019

One, sixty-two. Let’s just have a look at those dentition for a moment and get an idea of his age. He’s got some long teeth there, so he’s not last year’s young after all. So he’s a male flying fox, mature. Looks like he’s got a few years on him looking at the wear on his teeth. So we have that forearm was 163, weight was 734 and let’s do that throat swab. We’ll get a saliva sample. Start auto-mode. So it should tell me that it’s started. Fantastic. So that is live and we can now deploy that. That looks pretty good. We’ll just make sure we don’t interfere with his shoulder action. That’s pretty much what we want. Ok that’s it. Then we’ve just got to come back around the colony and download the data even without catching the animal again. They weigh about 20 grams so they’re not much of a load for the animal, and particularly if we choose a male so we get no issues about him carrying a baby. The glue lasts for two to three weeks and then it drops off after that length of time. And up she goes. That looks good.

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