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Got a Cold or Flu? Here’s how to Feel Better.

November 24, 2019

Catching a cold or flu is never fun, but there
are things that you can do to help yourself feel better while your body fights it off. In this video I am going to show you what
you can do to feel better while dealing with these nasty cold and flu viruses. Enjoy! Hello everybody. Dr. Bryan Dzvonick here. If this is your first time watching my channel
and you enjoy improving your health and feeling great, make sure that you hit the subscribe
button and click the bell so that you don’t miss out on future videos. When you’re feeling sick don’t go to work
and don’t go to school. You may feel like you can just take some over
the counter medications and push through, but when you are sick your body needs your
help and that help comes in the form of rest. Now I’m not against taking over the counter
medications to mask the symptoms but there is a time a place for that and we’ll be discussing
this later. If you continue going to work or school while
your body is trying to battle these viruses, not only will you be spreading the viruses
to other people but you leave yourself susceptible to getting secondary bacterial infections
or even worse, getting pneumonia. So when you’re sick stay home and give your
immune system the support that it needs. There are a few vitamins and minerals that
you can take at the first sign of a cold or flu to help you feel better faster. Number one, start taking zinc right away. Some studies have shown that taking zinc can
shorten the duration of your cold by at least a day or two. Number two, take higher than usual doses of
vitamin C and most folks can handle up to about 6,000 mg a day before they start getting
the digestive side effects. So, I would recommend every couple of hours
take 1,000 mg and if you do experience the digestive side effects then the next day cut
it down a little bit until you don’t have those side effects. Also, if you have access to a practitioner
or Naturopathic doctor who offers vitamin IV therapy, you may be able to get a high
dose… even higher dose than you can take orally of vitamin C in an IV which could also
help you to feel better and shorten the duration of your cold. Number three, double your dose of vitamin
D. Vitamin D is an immunomodulator so that if your immune system is overreacting or under-reacting
it’s going to help to balance it out. So if you normally take about 4,000 iu of
vitamin D per day, which I recommend, then double it to 8,000 iu per day and don’t take
more than 10,000 iu per day for more than 2 weeks because vitamin D is a fat soluble
vitamin and it will accumulate in your body. Besides vitamins and minerals there are at
ton of herbals medicines that could help you feel better as well. Take advantage of herbal medicines because
not only can they help to mask your symptoms, they can also help your immune system to fight
the infection off. Here’s a list of my most recommended herbal
medicines. Echinacea is my usual go to when I’m sick,
personally and if you have access to a good Naturopathic doctor or an herbalist they can
actually mix up several of these on this list in a custom tincture so that you get the benefits
of all in one. Astragalus is a great immunomodulator and
antiviral but you don’t want to take it for more than 2 weeks at a time so if you take
it for 2 weeks, take a 1 week break and then you can start back up on it again in 2 weeks
and take a 1 week break and so on and so forth. Hopefully you’re not sick for that long. For the kids, Elderberry is a great herbal
medicine, especially because it’s high in vitamin C and it tastes great if it’s in the
glycerite form. Licorice is great for sore throats but don’t
take it if you have high blood pressure unless you take the deglycyrrhizinated or DGL form. Yerba Santa grows locally in my region in
Southern California and Native Americans used to smoke it for lung conditions. I don’t recommend smoking it but I generally
recommend drinking it as a tea to help folks cough up phlegm better and clear their sinuses. Osha Root is also good for lung conditions
but is should be avoided during pregnancy. Chamomile is great to help with sleep which
is very important when you’re sick and I’ll talk more about the importance of sleep when
you’re sick in the next section. Also chamomile should be avoided during the
first 12 weeks of pregnancy as it could relax the smooth muscles and cause a miscarriage. Over the counter pharmaceuticals generally
only mask your symptoms and they should be reserved for extreme symptoms and if you’re
trying to sleep which is very important when you’re sick. If you have a fever that’s usually a good
thing because that’s a sign that your immune system is actively fighting off the virus. Generally for folks who consistently have
a fever over 102.7 (degrees fahrenheit) I would recommend trying to bring it down and
the medication that I typically recommend for that is Tylenol. Also if you have a sore throat that is just
unbearable and taking licorice or DGL doesn’t help with it, then you can take Tylenol for
that as well. Quality sleep is extra, extra important, especially
whenever you’re sick because that’s what helps your body to rest and your immune system to
be able to fight it off the infection. So if you’re having trouble with sleeping. Let’s say you have congested sinuses or just
a terrible headache and it just throbs while you’re in the lying down position then you
can take a couple pharmaceuticals to help with that. So to clear your sinuses I recommend pseudoephedrine,
not the new stuff that they have over the counter, the phenylephrine, that stuff just
doesn’t work. You want the pseudoephedrine which is generally
held behind the counter… you have to go ask the pharmacist for it. That is and excellent nasal decongestant but
it does have side effects. One of the side effects is that it keeps you
awake so to combat that and to help block histamine which also causes the congestion,
is to take Benadryl. So you could take pseudoephedrine with Benadryl
and that should help clear your sinuses and help you to be able to breathe through your
nose so that you could sleep. And if you’re having a terrible headache while
you’re sleeping, same thing you can take the Tylenol as well. If you have high blood pressure do not take
pseudoephedrine because it is contraindicated and it could increase your blood pressure. Also if you have take Benadryl in the past,
some folks if gives and opposite effect, it makes them stay awake, so just be aware of
that. And before you take any of these make sure
you talk with your doctor or pharmacist so that you know it’s not going to interact with
any of the other medications or any medical conditions that you already have. That’s it! When you’re suffering with nasty cold or flu,
know that there are things that you can proactively do to help you feel better and shorten the
duration. I realize that I can’t go over everything
in this short video so if there’s something that I missed please leave it down in the
comments below. Also if you want to share your experience,
leave a comment as well. If you liked this video consider giving it
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  • Reply Leilani Brabant October 13, 2019 at 4:45 pm

    Fasting helps too. Ever since being keto, I haven't gotten sick. Knock-on-wood…LOL

  • Reply Evushja October 16, 2019 at 4:23 am

    You mentioned no more than 10,000IUs of vitamin d a day… that’s 70,000IUs a week… I was recommended 50,000IUs a week (once a week in one pill)… is that too much as well?

  • Reply Evushja October 16, 2019 at 4:28 am

    You mentioned Tylenol… what about glutathione depletion from use of Tylenol? I don’t know too much about it, but I have been trying to avoid it after hearing about that…..

  • Reply Evushja October 16, 2019 at 4:34 am

    Great video, thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Evushja October 16, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    If you’re looking for another topic to talk about in your next video, can you talk about natural detoxing from toxins in our environment/air? Thanks!

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