Giving medicine to rainbow lorikeets or other parrots/ Medikamentengabe bei Papageien

December 25, 2019

Hello Joy, now it is time for your medicine. And you three, you get something else Who is coming first? Who is coming to me? So the healthy are hoggish again. No, that cup is for Joy. No not so hoggish. Where is Joy? Joy is still in her nest. Okay. Joy, do you come outside? You have to take your medicine, little honey. There she is. Come here. Good girl. You are doing great, honey. Stay here, you two. I will try to keep the both here. I have got two fruit cups here. The original and the empty one. We have done the medicine in it, 0,15 ml, put in a special injection and mixed the medicine with the gel. You can give the medicine very good than to the birds. It is easy to give it to the ill parrot. Joy do you come again? NO. Sure. You see, she is coming very quickly. You can give sometimes the cup without medicine. And she took a piece again. That you will have to do so long, till the medicine is finished. You need patience for this. But actually it works fine. Is it empty, or does she still have something. No not yet, I have to put Barbossa away. He wants to knock the cup down. Now you have to take your medicine again. Good girl. You see, that she is taking the medicine. You have to watch out, that the others do not try the medicine too. You can see perfect, how much has been taken from the medicine. The rest we also manage.

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