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Get the Facts – Blood-borne virus safety

February 3, 2020

Hey did I tell you about my cousin who got a BBV from a tattoo parlour? A BBV? You mean the tattoo of a
big black velociraptor? No. A big blue Volkswagen? No. A bulging bicep viking? No a blood-borne virus. So he got a tattoo of a blood-borne virus? No an actual blood-borne virus from a non-professional tattooist working with
sterilised equipment in an unregistered tattoo parlour. Think I’d prefer a big black velociraptor. A blood-borne virus is a virus that can be that is transmitted through the transference of blood There’s HIV…. um and hepatitis… chlamydia Is chlamydia one? I’m pretty sure that’s one Girl germs which is of course a derivative of cooties and both lethal. Blood-borne viruses can be spread through piercings, needles and unprotected sex. Just make sure that A. you always use protection when having sex and B. that if ever you’re going in for any sort of needlework that the practitioner is licensed and certified That was perfect.

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