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Gerstel Non Alcoholic Beer Review & San Diego Stomach Bug Ep 6

November 13, 2019

Alexa volume 2 and we’re live! hi guys
alexa volume 1 and we’re live well I know but I I’m not feeling good at all
but I put on a little make up as you suggested I don’t great for the time being
yeah I’m nervous that he’s gonna get sick so last night at about 11:15 I
decided I was going to leave the bedroom because I wasn’t feeling good my stomach
felt like a pit was in it and I went downstairs and immediately started
vomiting among other things other pleasant things all night
11:15 12:45 1:07 three o’clock I documented all this 6:00 a.m. um so I
am not feeling well at all I did nothing all day today oh hi lou I did
nothing all day today trying to feel better but that didn’t
work camera and then I had to take these two out all day and they don’t
listen and so I’m like crying every time I’m taking them on a walk and I’m so
sore my legs are so sore from yesterday’s workout that I was just like
dying dying I feel great now I made it this week we’re not centered we
should get me out of here so I went to Rhode Island this past week to Rhode Island
this past week weekend to see my grandmother because as you know she wasn’t
doing well and we had fun there were laughs cries whatever but part of that in the
hospice there was a sign on the door the bathroom door said some virus is going
around and I don’t know if that’s what I got
get up that’s all the symptoms so it was like delayed a day because I got home
late Monday night and it happened last night and of course I prepped all this
food yesterday so now he doesn’t want to eat any of it
so the spread of food contamination we go spend the night next few night to the
hotel bring the dogs with me continue on with the man vacation I just tell you I
know man I just tried to disinfect the house well
it’s like you touch everything so I just keep washing my hands and disinfecting
stuff that hope that he doesn’t get sick because it’s terrible what’s making it
worse is that I did my first training for that meet that I’m doing in June the
powerlifting meet and I my coach Brenna gave me like 70,000 things to do
yesterday in the gym and my legs she said stay in your quads and I did because my
legs are dead you’re gonna give it a little thank you right now
don’t shout out to brenna? no because Iam going to throw up thinking about the workout yesterday my quads are so sore so not only am i puking and vomiting
pooping my legs are so freaking sore that I’m dying like my whole body is
dying so I had day one of working out yesterday today was training day two and
I couldn’t do anything I just went and picked him up and it was the
first time I left the house all day so yeah what did i do I we had when she was
going about boys boys week all week again I won so little peaky blinders a
binge Netflix ing a Netflix binging hey good baby pretty good
hi rita hi mom what’s up so when I went home to Rhode Island one of the things
we did besides I spent the whole weekend with family um usually I’ll go see
friends and stuff but I didn’t do any of that
really didn’t have time I wanted to see my grandma every day but one of the days my
sister said let’s day drink and so we went to a couple different breweries
that I’ve wanted to try it since he can’t drink anymore Ifeel like that was everyday that you were back there no so we
went so that’s bad camera he so we went to a couple different breweries and they
were awesome and I didn’t realize that Rhode Island had so many little
breweries one was literally right across from my grandmother’s house which is
right around the Corner from my parents um what are the names of said brewery yeah
so the first one we were to is Proclamation ale and that kid I went to
high school with seventh and eighth grade started that Josh Karten.. .josh karten send me some
six-packs that was the only thing at that but someone like my father who
doesn’t drink that he drinks Rolling Rock and regular beer they didn’t have a lot
of selection for him there were a lot of like hazy’ and IPAs good though
but not a lot of selection then we went to buttonwoods that the one that
was right across from my grandmother’s that’s like in the old mill across the
street from that and it was really cool and they had a nice Pilsner I had a lot
of flavor to it they had some hazy’s the New England
hazy’s are all over the place so buttonwoods was really good I highly
suggest that if anyone’s in Cranston Rhode Island Cranston and then went to
Legion Legion bowl which is pub on Park and that’s not brewery that’s just a bar
but uh that’s a classic and thats right down the street from my parents house
too and then after that after we ate pizza went to the thirsty beaver that’s
pretty funny and that’s again just another bar so we had a full day we had a
full day in person but I felt good the next day because I did you water hey
speaking of beer what beer are you drinking over there I
don’t know the last time you’re supposed to be nice and bright a Gerstel they’re
still not alcoholic oh yeah it’s German but I got
from Trader Joe’s sorry my Australian attempt I don’t know that’s super light
you can like see through the whole model you can see through it yeah it’s it’s
very light look at all the non-alcoholic beers have like this funny taste yeah
yeah I took a sip of it last week I bought it from trader joes
I can’t believe trader joes has non alcoholic beer and it’s cheaper than bevmo no I
don’t have alcohol poisoning hi I didn’t know wandering last night oh I
think I got that virus from the from the hospice puking alright everybody knows I
can’t even train for my meet because I’m so dead uh so that beer I tried it last
week when I bought a farm from Trader Joe’s Gerstel so honey tasting it
makes me want to vomit that’s good old classic Mile
yeah but I was saying Trader Joe’s sells non-alcoholic beer and a touch of
cheaper than BevMo they had that clausthaler that he really likes for
cheaper so I’m just gonna go there now that’s really good yeah they had both and like
a buck or two less than then bevmo it’s not like all very expensive it’s
like more than regular beer worth it so I’m not drinking wine tonight I was
gonna try one that I bought at Trader Joe’s
but I can’t do it I can’t I can’t ah speaking Trader Joe’s outside when
you walk in or out you might notice some boxes oh my god now I gotta eat them all favorite ones are you guessed it thin
mints right off the floor I hate thin mints but what you
got to do first to make sure you throw them in the ol freezer don’t be a rookie
throw em the freezer make sure you get good good frost on them I like shortbread
right yeah trefoils shortbread and Samoas did you
know that East Coast and West Coast have different distributors so they’ll be a
little bit different I don’t really want to touch them, i shouldnt be touching anything because like these about the little
brownie bakers and then if you buy them on the East Coast they are by a
different girl scouts oh they all look oh look they all look a little bit
different from the east coast to the west coast
there’s a fun fact for ya I was never a Girl Scout imagine if I applied and
work there one of those places may be losing my Baker’s places
yeah did be like where our money going our cookies oh because you ate them all
them all no idea what about the wine aunt dot gave me so i smuggled wine onto the plane
so my cousin Danny had brought my grandmother some wine not that she could
drink the wine she felt so terrible but he brought her wine anyways it was a
good gesture but then no one’s gonna drink it so my aunts were like take it take it on the plane with you and I said they can’t its liquids and it was like
six ounces or something so what I did like a true Rhode Islander Ionly had a carryon I wasn’t
checking the bag I put it in my jacket pocket fold it and put it
inside my carry-on and then put it near where my liquids were so if they stopped
the bag they would just see the other liquids did not know there was wine in
there it worked Master oh she meant the non alcoholic beer
but yes so I got the wine through then I didn’t really want it on the plane but I
drank it out of the principle of the matter that I smuggle it in there so I
had to drink it oh yeah the non alcohol of beer you will have to buy some of
that I forgot about it so my aunt gave me this it’s called athletic beer
and it’s supposed to have all electrolytes and whatever but it
was really really good so we need to get him some of that so she bought me three
different kinds of stout the blonde and the IPA and they were actually they
tasted like real beer and then were non alcoholic plus they had all electrolytes and
whatever so those are the really good he needs to try and uh I wanted to do a
live we were at this restaurant Apsara Apsara omg so good. its an asian restaraunt in RI
I would never go to normally but my cousin took us there and it was phenomenal so good still got my mind on the cookies little
fun fact when I was kid mom you watch it dad
these let me eat full sleeves Chips Ahoy cookies and milk before bed
well then if you wanna if you want to grow big just like me eat full sleeves of cookies it’s a
good business so they keep on trying to grow so one thing that we did this week
I did it at home because my sister told me about it is the five love languages
so if anybody hasn’t done that before I put a link down in the description below and it basically there’s different I’m gonna
get out my picture so I know what it is oh this is hancy’s but there’s five love
languages basically words of affirmation acts of service quality time physical
touch and receiving gifts and it’s basically what is more meaningful for
you so what is your love language what what
makes it more meaningful to you and people when people show how they show
their love so hancy did his my number one is uh give me cookies no there’s no
number one no hancy’s was words of affirmation so he likes when people I
can’t find mine he likes when people affirm and give him
praise like say like you look so good while you’re chewing on those cookies
there’s somthing wrong with you but like he uses words of affirmation so you
doing a great job um I can’t believe you got their whole
sleeve of cookies are ready to do and I can’t even touch you because I’m sick
but like I love you you know the best Blah blah blah words of affirmation mine is
acts of service so I like when people do things you want me to show their love so
if I’m not feeling good it means a lot to me if he takes the dogs up if I’m you
know late I crunched on time it makes me feel good if he like makes my coffee for
me that’s my love language so mine was acts
of services his was words of affirmation what’s jacks so he did his last night
and I said in his gets words of affirmation I said oh good I always say
you know the best of that you do that so much better than me you know you
wash the dishes so good you knew this what’s behind is behind all that acts of
service so I do give him words of affirmation but it’s really so I can
pull acts of service out of him I’m sneaky ya know and that’s pretty funny
so you guys should try it if you have it number five
love languages calm and you can see it oh go into a whole description
apparently it’s a book but it’ll go into a whole description about what that
particularly means so alright so whatever this I’m gonna make myself a
list of chores and just I get on em know yeah no downtime around
here I’m off duty for the rest of the night because I feel like crap oh I’m
feeling better than before great screenshot this right now you look
great hey Jack time to get down okay I put on all my
makeup just for you guys just to make myself look a little bit but really I’m
like sweating under this no I guess that’s right wait what did you do all of
you can while I was going oh yeah sorry I needn’t hurry oh these cookies
mmm dogs must peaky blinders on Netflix some gangsters in the 1920s Irish Irish
gangsters I started working on my Irish accent not good somehow it always turns
into like an Australian accent no you do conor mcgregor good … Connor Mcgregor rita does it good too say that’s the only thing I can say in Irish
im eating these shortbread cookies because all ive eaten all day is a banana and some cereal so we should probably actually good I’m
just gonna keep on eating Thin Mints you think a pack of protein and vitamin C
and vitamin D all the vitamins you think well it’s packed so this is
healthy vegan yeah I actually think it is vegan don’t don’t quote me on
that but I want to say it’s vegan but no its not contains meat milk and
soy ingredients yeah must have been the other well many
other companies i had no wait something Ijust read said it was vegan mmm
it’s pouring out alright I think that’s it for this week this is a
short week I’m surprised i even made it they haven’t made it thinking about this earlier I
was like I’m gonna die I can’t do it but we made it
and we have been so animated oh my god I got whacked with a copyright hit last
week putting on was it Justin Bieber music Justin Beaver so don’t say
it because we can’t put it on because I got whacked through the copyright
hit on YouTube you gonna a music that’s like fake music big music no
I can dance to it quickly how do you do sir c’mon salute you’d dance in my place
oh man oh no that’s not a paid music now what’s the definition of fake music
like so we don’t get hit with a copyright i don’t want to get in trouble
alright fake music I just do the you hungry alright guys next week 6 PST
but yet there you are dancing one of them is all right guys 6PST next wednesday lets go ok ciao, next week subscribe tell yo friends lets goo goodbye love you guys peace watch on the replay

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