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Geriatric Illness: Dementia Syndromes

December 11, 2019

>A lot of those things as you mentioned,
young people forget them sometimes, people in their 20s might not remember a
word, it’s being able to tell the difference as people get older?, should we,
we shouldn’t just look at it as because someone is older, should we it’s we have
to kind of take everything into consideration.> Right I mean there
are a lot of other things going on health-wise in people’s lives, and it’s
not always just because somebody forgets something doesn’t always mean that’s
it’s Alzheimers, there’s something what we call the dementia that distracted,
you’re trying to think about doing something, and you can’t remember where
you left your keys, that’s not necessarily Alzheimer’s such as part of
everyday life.>If you would take us take us through the the different syndromes
besides Alzheimer’s, and explain to the viewers what each of them is and some of
the symptoms here.>Okay so dementia is sort of an umbrella term as we saw in
the video for issues with cognition and memory, the most common is Alzheimer’s
disease so it makes up about 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases, after that
there’s something called dementia with Lewy bodies, and that’s a little bit
different than Alzheimer’s because these patients have hallucinations, they see
things that aren’t there, and they also have some features of Parkinson’s
disease, they have a tremor frontal temporal dementia, is in the front of the
brain, and I just heard the other day that that’s actually what Robin Williams
had, before he died, and they have a change in their personality, they act
different, they don’t have any, there’s no filter they say stuff that people don’t
say in polite conversation, or they may act inappropriately, vascular
dementia is due to multiple small strokes, and it can mimic Alzheimer’s
disease, and then some patients who have Parkinson’s disease also have dementia.

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