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Geisinger Primary Care Scholars Program

March 10, 2020

When you dream about becoming a doctor,
what do you see? Is it a vision of building lifetime relationships with
patients? Does it include being described as a member of the family by your
patient? And as a trusted source of knowledge and compassion by your
neighbors? Being a primary care physician is more than just handing somebody their
medication or fixing some ailment and then never seeing the patient again. I
think it’s being part of that journey called life with that person. And being
there through their good health, through their bad health, through, you know, family
emergencies, through their successes. I like the fact that I could get to know
brother, sister, mom, dad, grandmother, you know, maybe future child. To me, that is
important. That’s meaningful to me. I like, you know, developing relationships with
people. With my future patients, I hope that I can form a real connection with them. I
hope they see me as more than just a doctor to them. I hope they can see me as
a friend or someone that they can go to and count on. At Geisinger, we share the
same dream. We know primary care is the key to better health for all. We know that
primary care doctors make it easier for patients to grow and stay healthy.
Geisinger supports the ideals of its future doctors in an environment that
places primary care where it belongs – at the forefront, and as the leading concern
of every innovation and technological advance that happens within Geisinger’s
walls. Primary care is never going to go away. At the end of the day, I’ve always
said, when a patient or family member is, you know, stressed by some illness or
concerned about a symptom, they really want to have a true relationship with another
person that they trust. When I think about when I started 22 years ago, it was
mostly up to the physician to get everything done for the patient. Now we
have such a care team around the patients. At Geisinger, the tools that our
physicians’ disposal are the epitome of modern. As a Geisinger primary care
doctor, you will have the opportunity to practice 21st century medicine at every step. Geisinger is innovating in a number of
ways in primary care – 65 Forward, Geisinger at Home, Primary Care
Redesign, Fresh Food Farmacy – the list goes on. We’re gonna be educating the
next generation of physicians to expect that this is the way that primary care
should happen. Primary Care Redesign focuses on
team-based care, population identification and risk stratification,
while incorporating analytic support and electronic medical record solutions. The
goal is a stronger doctor-patient bond and better care. The Primary Care Redesign really put the structure behind the support that’s needed for primary
care for the providers and for our patients. So for students that are coming
out and going into primary care, it provides them with a level of support
that really is not seen many places across the country. I really want to be
able to give back to the community. People from my hometown are always like,
“Oh are you gonna be our doctor when you’re older?” And I know that they’re
joking with me but it is that you can just tell from within the community that
there is a need. I think everyone deserves a great doctor. You know,
hopefully I could be one that can provide to this area. If you’re looking
for a challenge and you always want to learn, this is the field that you should
come in. If your goal in going to medical school is to be a primary care physician
and to make a difference in the lives of your patients the way nobody but their
primary care doctor does, and if your view of medicine is that you should not
just be managing disease after it happens but that you want to promote health
of your individual patients, of communities in general, then I think
there’s no better place to come than Geisinger Commonwealth School of
Medicine, and join the Geisinger Primary Care Scholars Program, where you’ll be
financially supported. You’ll essentially be paid to go to medical school to
become this kind of doctor.

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