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G2Voice Broadcast #015 Vaccines Are they destroying the bodies immune system and causing diseases

September 3, 2019

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the G2Voice broadcast it’s Sunday December 25th in the year of the Lord 2016 my name is Mark Grenon I’m here with my co-host -Joseph Grenon Joe’s with us again every week merry Christmas to you this is our 15th broadcast today we’re going to talk about vaccines are they destroying the body’s immune system and causing many modern-day diseases good question huh if it is then we need to talk about it’s a serious subject in fact Joe I think this is probably one of the most serious problems on earth I really do believe and we talked about you know pharmaceuticals last week this this takes it to another level with the
vaccines and I’ll talk about this later
but you’re listening to a voiced it has vaccine injury from 1976 swine flu vaccine in Salem New Hampshire I took a you know they told me on the news swine flu is going to be every way you better go get a vaccine I did two weeks later my beautiful voice was changed to this The Godfather can you and we were laughing before we went on the air how my voice does not carry at all even the muffle of the microphone stops my voice I have to get really close that’s why I really need something right in my face for you to people to hear me because otherwise it’s like the same volume but if I go like this so they’re talking to a guy to add vaccine injury didn’t know it till 20 years later I figured it out and there was a class-action suit that was paid of I guess five billion dollars and twenty five people died five hundred or more this is what they counted received this some kind of guillain-barre paralyzation of the nervous system and other things too I mean it’s all documented and I was wondering why that happened and then I thought it through and I go that’s exactly what happened to me because I had a really good voice Joe you probably be famous kid of a famous singer if that didn’t happen you know let me out go on from the newbies here because every week we’re getting new people coming on board and listening on speaker we’re really number one under health as far as growing you know there’s a lot of Spanish ahead of us because they’ve been there longest but that’s good that’s a good sign people want to hear the truth and that’s what the G2Voice is it’s a Ministry of truth really, we just want you to hear our side of it and not BBC Fox News ABC and by the way you might be go left-wing right-wing or whatever it’s the same bird okay now am I talking about Fox because everybody thinks they’re so conservative what they did to us but before I do I want to tell you that the G2Voice is a Ministry of the Genesis II Church of Health and which I’m a co-founder with Jim Humble the Creator inventor of MMS in the formula to turning into chlorine dioxide which is healing ninety five percent of everything we do and I’m going to show you how if you have vaccine injuries how we’re reversing them if it’s not permanent damage like mine is and then I had surgeries so that column help that didn’t help it on our tissue I’ll explain my situation later but the Genesis II Church was established in 2010 after Jim Humble came to live with us in the Dominican Republic and you can listen to episode one for the whole story from him from me that’s what you need to do and you know where people don’t like to read you but they’ll listen you know please listen you don’t have to go read just listen to what we’re saying in all these different episodes it’s it’s incredible what’s going on and you know just because they throw out things like the word conspiracy or quack when anything that’s against mainstream media media and in medical mainstream medical they just saw the quack all those are people quacks well that’s a good way to explain ten six thousand years of history gone just by saying they’re quacks because I dr. Manny on Fox News said that’s quackery yet he’s I lettin people be injected and tell him to take meds and ask their doctor it’s a scam folks so what we did we couldn’t get the mainstream media to tell the truth so what we did is we started our own voice and that’s what the Genesis II Voice and it’s this purpose of getting truth to the world and we got of health is bad around the world especially in the developed nations people respond in Africa in India South America and different other your different areas of the world where they’re not so developed a lot better because they just do not destroy it as much toxic right they’re less toxic from the air from the water from the meds from the vaccines and so we’ve added to speak up and tell people this is what we’re going to do we’re going to tell you the truth we’re going to get on the air every week and if you’re having ear to hear listen okay maybe you won’t read but listen maybe you won’t read Jim’s book he’s got a new one coming out it’s going to be like the Bible of Emma more detailed than even when we talked about on the radio as far as techniques and for kids and for animals things and we’re going to cover animals animals respond really well better than humans a lot of time I’ve seen cancers go away in just a couple days baekpa lumps on animals when it took you know months on humans so we’ll cover that we’ll cover a lot of things and we really enjoy what we do we don’t have much time to answer people Jojo we just don’t we were busy with the researching with the radio and a few people that we give sacramental guides with we keep it to a minimum because we have to have some time to family to I’ve you know you got two little kids it’s not a job this is our life no we love doing this and so we figure you know he’s doing a lot of seminars before we’re really sick of traveling so we’d rather just do our seminars right here you listen to the broadcast you’ll get a well a wealth of knowledge okay now whether you accept that and I it’s up to you but you can least pick your attention and they can dig deeper right and go and learn more and and we give you a lot of references on today’s broadcast on description there’s probably 20 30 30 references different books videos I used to put up I like to put up a lot of videos because people will sit there and watch elissa video over reading something well that’s just lazy Americans and no but let’s at least give him the truth the quantum leap movie we did was just to do that to get people sit down and listen and see a few people that were healed so I’m really enjoying what we’re doing but I recommend everyone everywhere and we have it in English in Spanish and in a cup French in a couple other languages get the video cause it supports us which is very important because we’re this listener supported and but it also they get to have all those videos 50 of them a workbook in the hand they can review them go over them and even teach them we encourage you to take that stuff and go teach because we don’t have time Jim doesn’t have time when we put the movie out and that got just stopped in its tracks really a weird way but we were going to have a call center what people could call 24 hours because it was going to be a big deal but I really see the wisdom behind it all stopping and just staying grassroots like it is but the movies still there show your families even doctors have watched it and said you know what I’m going to check this stuff out and when you check it out this is what’s so cool well as a church we’re not going to go to court for our sacraments ever okay but what’s really cool if we did we could show so many facts to a jury that this is used in everyday life of from food to water to air to treating hospitals gymnasiums kitchens in production of foods and cans and in industry and everywhere yeah but then you’re trying to fight on their grounds no but I’m saying to show that wait you let them do it now they got mouthwashes yeah they get they got things they ejected to the liver now the user for ALS a lateral sclerosis it’s a lot of stuff going on so they know this and this is why these ABC these people try to attack us and that’s why we’re controversial very controversial but I don’t care I really don’t care ABC tried to discredit us and all it’s done is he’s bringing more people our way and say if ABC’s attacking him let’s check them out because they’re fake news that’s what I liked about Donald Trump saying the things he was saying and you know Fox News makes him look like a great guy and and I think he’s got a lot of good things going for him I like the things he says about vaccines that we’re going to cover today right out of the guy running for president but be careful who he puts in charge of the FDA is it at Goldman Sachs guy that owns the pharmaceuticals that there was embezzled billions of dollars are the American people back in 2008 with all that money with those few banks that own the Fed then everybody would have been dead free do an Iceland it lets Iceland this world America lets Iceland mal merica that’s what we need that they do the bank is in jail side their own bank that everybody Bennett’s it from everybody got like a hundred and I mean almost two hundred thousand dollars they own their houses now and the fast economy in the world Iceland you don’t hear about any of that in Fox that’s why you know they’re just a good cop bad cop there’s a good cop you know you know that you can see what they don’t cover tells you they’re not going to cover Rupert Murdoch the owner of that all the crazy things that guy done I think he’s downright evil myself they won’t cover that they won’t cover depopulation stuff but will cover everything here weekend and as a church we are the conscience of the government’s we need to speak up not be afraid of truth to be able to do and take and whatever we we need to do for our health and that’s why we establish the Genesis II Church and non-religious Church in the religious terms of today you know but we’re spiritual with spiritual beings I think the spiritual is more important than the physical what happens when you die the physical is dead the spiritual lives on so wouldn’t that be something that lives on more important than the physical and that’s why they tied together in the scriptures and we believe this is a temple that our spirit lives in this body so as I control my spirit I want to be living in a healthy temple and I want to warn anyone else in this world than what’s happening in harming this Templar causing disease of my temple that my spirit lives in so with spiritual and that’s what connects us all in the world together that’s why everyone is welcome to our church everyone everyone from religious and non-religious to spiritual to non-spiritual to black to white to Chinese to any race any creed any religion be a part of this church for health reasons you get an ID card it’s really cool what it what it says in the back you really gives us freedom to choose what we want and never be dictated to I might even read later the letter that we put together for exemption so it is our personal responsibility to take care of it and don’t shuck it off on the doctor Danya don’t care did you know this is what people are doing well the doctor told me well who cares did you check out what the doctor believes did you check out what the doctor is is prescribing did you check out where the doctor went to school did you check out that he believes an allopathic method and took a oath to have no poison and do no harm to the body I don’t even know if they were all thinking that you’ll yield that oath anymore I don’t know if they are we should cover that Hippocratic oath they hypocritical that’s what we call it we should cover that sometime but we at the Genesis II Church take a holistic approach and this is really what the medicine that was practiced throughout history was holistic spiritual physical mental the whole band you look at the whole thing because I’ve had some people who looked healthy and there’s really messed up spiritually and they were not happy I can’t know kinds of anxiety stress you don’t know no that’s even a disease in itself a disease of the body stress and just craziness we see around the world when I I think it’s pretty simple I myself I even use scriptures and you know everybody’s afraid of the Bible I mean Wyatt I meet all these other books it’s an ancient book look it as an ancient book and read it and impe I remember doing debates at Harvard University and on a radio broadcast I had in Massachusetts Massachusetts about the validity of the Bible in archaeology was started to prove it wrong and all he did is proving right so that didn’t work and then you know then you got eighty-eight out of the first 100 schools universities Harvard being the first Princeton Yale were all Bible colleges we’ve come a long way brother and like three hundred years they were just sent learn the Bible John Harvard said no man is truly educated till he’s educated in the Word of God and I’ve studied it for forty years so I just laugh at people that make statements while you ever read it no so you’re just mimicking things read I’m not talking about Catholicism Mormonism Protestantism Judaism Islam I’m not talking about that talking about just reading the book read that book you eat other books to read it well okay well I’m probably afraid it’s going to speak to you something it’s a wonderful when you talk about wisdom Joe you were homeschooled and basically you’ve learned the whole Bible yeah growing up did that make you a weird person no truth in a really logical shows you really watch um and it’s like the instruction manual from the from the owner’s manual mechanical manual from the the owner that kind of excuse me from the fabricant think in the factory of where the cob was made you know the designer the engineers yeah what not to do if you do it’s those what not to do people think of that you can’t do that because that’s all these rules no no no those things that walls to put up not to protect you from leaving we protect you from things getting at you like don’t steal it’s a wall to say don’t steal because if you do guess what you’re going to have some people stealing from you don’t lie that’s going to come back on you don’t cover it over everybody stuff just be happy you know they’ll commit adultery don’t take another man’s wife you know I mean I just ridiculous what but that’s what I personally believe but the Genesis II Church takes no stand on any religion we just about health but as a person on this earth I’m going to tell you I believe and you can have a hard time stopped me from doing that I’m going to do it that’s a conviction the conviction you’ll die for a preference you’ll just say well that’s your opinion but I prefer this is a conviction of mine I believe in a creator I believe we have a book and that’s what I studied for thieve the Hebrew in the in the Aramaic and the Greek and the history archaeology from the Mesopotamian Crescent Sumer first recorded writings in cuneiform – to the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Rosetta Stone to archaeology the history I love that stuff and that’s why we got so much fake history out there people think you’re crazy if you start mentioning about Christmas Christmas not being what we think it is just study it I mean it’s common knowledge but no no you don’t say anything about Christmas sorry I’m going to say a few things about the truth about Christmas just so you know check it out before I do I want to just talked about the Genesis II Church and how we’ve started church and it’s a genetic word Church ekklesia from the Greek a group of people called out with a common purpose New Testament writers took that when with it that’s what they were a common purpose of accepting that the Messiah had come Emmanuel God had come been born that’s what Christmas is right and that’s what the year of the Lord is 2016 although the calendar is probably off four or five years and you can even study that stuff but I’ll just throw that out there this to get to pick your attention but the protocols that we’ve developed for health okay Jim Humble to me is one of the heroes of our day and age that just deserves an award from all the different agencies of the on earth from the UN to the to the World Health Organization and they’re not going to give me watch this guy because he deserves them all he he deserves a great reward just what he discovered because I’ve seen it firsthand heal my family of two things three things MRSA staph infection real through all my kids myself Joe has scars I have scars from it incurable cured herpes herpes zoster shingles and in dengue our than other things bites and things like that we’ve really had no cancer in the family that I know of that no malaria that’s just personally but all the other people all the other diseases we’ve met them personally So Miracle mineral solution that Jim called in the beginning was scoffed and mocked upon but I liked what he told me he goes mark I named it that to keep people off my back to think I was a quack a snake salesman snake oil salesman you know and so I could grow this thing and get a book out there people that were open with their eyes open would find this book and they did that’s how I found it just a year I think a year or so after he he came out in the 2006 we grabbed it I remember us searching the internet and finding it and we’re like wow it says MRSA cures and I thought no America Merrill if you know my testimony about it in episode 1 on G2Voice I was working with surgery surgeons for 15 years interpreting and hands on holdin guts open have intestines put aside I mean we saw some stuff Joe yeah he saw some stuff too and so we had all the best medicines if you could even say that term it’s kind of an oxymoron but I named it that so it wouldn’t be basically accepting ridicule and then he just go prove it and that’s what he did and that’s when he came to live with us he had developed most everything and we’ve developed some things in some easier ways and some other protocols but the basic science of it everything that Jim put together he takes all the credit for it we can’t take credit for anything building the church well we’ve done that’s a different story but Jim Humble history deserves all the credit for that I’ll never take that I really I don’t want the credit for anything I really don’t I just enjoy doing what I’m doing speaking truth in helping people that’s what brings me joy in my life and that’s what I’m going to keep doing but we’ve seen this miracle mineral solution cure cancer malaria diabetes herpes Candida parasites MRSA arthritis all these many minor and major diseases from MS to autism got over 200 kids you could go to mms testimonials on YouTube or MMS testimonies not is and see and hear and read testimonies this probably conservatively speaking between the videos and the written ones without the devil’s Bobbi three or four hundred yeah around there and honor the Internet is more have nothing to do with us they just put it up and other testimonies so if they’re there folks you know the difference between us and other health movements is we’re not going to tell you how to do something what we think it’s causing we’re going to show you how to cure it whatever is causing it and we always end with this whatever the reason for diabetes we’re havin people cured whatever the reason for cancer you might not agree with what we think is bringing it on we’re curing it whatever the reason herpes we’re carrying it with autism we’re curing it so what kind of giving you ideas and we might not be completely correct but it’s really I think it’s logical and the more we’re seeing it it’s really proven itself right but whatever it doesn’t matter what caring and we’re going to show you how to do it and even better you get the course you can show other people that’s that’s how we’re going to grow so help us grow get the course for your own sake did you want to say something join you up no oh you live sitting on your edge you see like you wanted to say sometimes getting comfortable so I thank God for Jim Humble what he’s been able to do and not in six and a half years we’re not huge but we have over 2,500 members that have joined us and get the newsletter and sign up for a newsletter I never missed any of our sites is just rich is where else those are the two main places that you mumbled is you can go to these places sign up for the newsletter we put them out every week it’s usually about the broadcast and then you can archive them and you can go to MMS news in like four years five years four and a half years I think I was like 300 of them we covered all kinds of stuff and you want a wealth of knowledge there the research is there we’ve done out what we can it’s up to you now so we’re out of that twenty five hundred we have over seventeen hundred health ministers that’s a we call them people want in the beginning be called doctors MMS doctors well you want to use the term doctor no no because there’s a book minister yeah they used to use before they were called doctors and would call physicians basically this physics the physics of the body how its put together no person they can look at it and figure out what’s going on there called physicians well the book of Job has a verse when his friends came to him and he started mocking him job sitting there lost everything like the poor guy sitting in ashes what boils all over him if you know the story Satan challenge oval Russia if you take all those benefits away well it ends up taking everything and he’s still not custom and he got three friends that come and he’s they giving him yeah God’s punished you look at you it was just the opposite well he is a term called gives you guys the physicians of no value and that’s how I think of today of doctors no value at all I mean just detriment I mean but yeah everybody sister Astrid doctor Wow don’t do that folks it’s the worst thing you do ask your body yourself check it out and look into it yeah people are too lazy these days they don’t want to do that we’re in over a hundred and I think of thirty countries we got to update all that because I think Joe and um it’s 130 now we’re all around the world where people have been trained up okay mostly in English to be trained apple lot in Spanish but we’re and not everybody is available but we have those people there’s a lot of them available then we can check out but the best thing is get the course to do it yourself that is the very best thing to do so I can’t say well not controversial because we are but one of the reasons is you can make this in your house and get the cost of bacon we show you how to do everything when I try to have any secret things that only you can know only you can know if you come to us no we want the whole world to have it okay the course the the certification like the course to go through to become a member you’re learning the protocols you’re watching you’re going to have that to teach you get an ID card so we can show people that yeah they know you even have to have it take take a test once you start taking it and using it yourself and treating yourself you’ll see the improvements and you’ll want to help other people it’s just and you’ll know how to do it if you did if you did the course sure exactly so if you want to become a member you go to a site really an email is membership at talk to them there and they’ll hook you up and but I want to say a lot about the church today because it’s people need to know why we did this our Creed is seven different points okay we get seven guidelines or prerequisites to become a member and I’ll mention really quickly and if you agree with these in principle then you’ll you’ll say okay yeah sure I can do that that’s something I can do do good deeds doing what is right number three good health for all mankind we want everybody like you go to emergency ward and those are the parts of the hospital and really I needed you go there they don’t care about religion what creed what color you are how much money you got they’d help you fix your broken body okay freedom for all men I want freedom for all men not just Americans all man enlightening others with true all truth not just truth about health we’re going to have come up one we’re talking about about what oils to cook with people are destroying a health by using these crappy oils oh man I think you know the a the word age comes from the term advanced glycation end-products age and a lot of those oils are causing these things to stick and not be eliminated from the body which makes you age it’s clogging everything up yes there’s no more flow and everything and then nobody’s people aren’t even drinking a lot of water either your immune system is constipated yeah all your systems are not just a digestive your lymphatic system your circulatory system your nervous system all these fluids your they’re thick they’re not flowing they’re you’re constipated health constipation would be a good topic so not only lighten others with truth helping one another you say don’t they all kind of yeah but it’s just specific help someone beside yourself I saw a great one on Facebook this year just yesterday I can’t remember quota completely but I had something like do that that roses don’t smell for themself the Sun doesn’t shine for itself you know water doesn’t help thirst by its for itself it doesn’t need water right all the things in nature natural are they to help someone else that’s how we should be we’re natural beings yeah okay and then lastly maintaining integrity and all things when you close the eyes at night did you have a good day are you worried did you live if Jesus told worried about what happened tomorrow yeah you look behind your back all time if you have to take ready and do the right things you’re not going to worry you’re not going to be watching your back you’re not going to be stressed out I loved yesterday just walking down the beach when my grandson you and what did we do we looked at crabs down crabs in their holes yeah coming out coming out and doing things and one crab got little feisty one yeah yeah you had a fight and it was crazy but the little kids just looked and goes what a marvelous thing to see how these crabs UDC if you’re a diver I’m a diver what a wonderful thing to go into the ocean and see a whole nother civilization in flying I’m a pilot remember we find just flying through the air and I like a bird but it felt cool I really did there’s things that and that it’s just naturally in this earth not that flying is naturally but that you can enjoy that just show the the creation enjoy it so what we do we look at the body I’m going to show you a couple videos you’re going to listen to right now but they’re going to be seen on the video when we put the video up on YouTube and – good good people we’ve been saying this before I even knew these people existed but yet they just got it right I’ve been led to these people like there’s a lady a doctor month humphreys Suzanne she’s brought a bunch of week we’ve quoted her and a bunch of things about cholesterol hoax remember that she wrote something about high blood but she’s a medical doctor she got away she’s an honest person she got away from that stuff and they’re killing a lot of them that are getting away from it yeah they’re going against it especially when they talk about vaccines I’ll get into that in a little bit it takes us a while to get rolling but we get to it and people like one just get to the point Stein ranting because it’s very important did I lay a foundation every time on every broadcast why would you on what we’re doing Joe very important and if you don’t have patience enough to listen while we’re doing these things then you’re really not going to get it okay you’re not going to get it you need to be you need be patient and listen to what we’re talking about not just listen to what we’re talking about it afterwards look into it just write it see it for you at your own point of view and the people that do yeah they write us back saying thank you so much I know you guys rant about some things but you could pick my attention I research these things up now I’m doing this this and this and it’s helping my health that’s all that’s the reward we what do you see that we need to plant yeah and then you go ahead and go with it if it’s not going to work then you know it’s not fit for you all right then now yeah you take it and we just given both sides okay well given the side and when I always correct okay but we’re giving this side then we really believe and we’ve seen the results from it and I can tell you this I have seen just about every disease known to man cured or have a testimony from it going of doing over 52 seminars well why we’ve talked to a lot of those people personally and that’s what the interviews are and please if you have a testimony put it up on our sites it really helps convince the world that this stuff works you don’t have to be shackled to the healthcare system you can practice self-care through the Genesis two protocols and logic and good foods and build up the immune system then you can eliminate na and you can enjoy life again and you can joy it you can adjourn job I need to have you put up this on the description okay the back of a back of the car I’m not going to read it today because I got a lot of stuff I want to cover but it’s last week we read it you could go to last week’s broadcast but I think we should try to add that every time to the description on the on the video and on the radio broadcast because it’s very important I want to say Merry Christmas I’m glad that the president allows people to say they want a stupid thing the whole term what do they call it to be politically correct he’s just for a select few that pissed off because they don’t like something that’s not freedom that’s politics well it’s lack of freedom of speech you should be able to say whatever you want and you you should be able to cheer enough it’s adult too believe it or not and guess what truth avails he’ll keep going the lies are just fade away people don’t believe it they don’t work their lies so Merry Christmas to me is not what you think it is though you know people think Merry Christmas is is the 25th of December where we’re celebrating Jesus being born and in Bethlehem that that’s a true statement 2,000 years before it happened in the Old Testament they told him where I was going to be what it like 25 different prophecies were fulfilled on the day of his birth and to work all that out for Caesar to get him down being taxed to do all these things working together only God could do something like that well will you believe it or not that’s the story of today and that’s why the fact is he was born so weather was the 25th of December night that’s why it’s in the year of the Lord not not anybody else okay I think God meant that to be right talk about the birth well they all they all the stuff off of that date before Christ and after Christ yeah whether the so it’s nights it’s kind of funny that’s all around us growing up but was he born there no I don’t believe it was too cold in Bethlehem the Sheep wouldn’t have been in the field is they you got to read about his his cousin John the Baptist what when he she heard her mother that Jesus would be born and then Mary conceived from an angel that I went on you could calculate all that stuff I even put the you’re going to put the description up I mean link to it all but this is advised to say it wasn’t even practiced on the 25th till 3,000 36 ad okay that’s after 300 3 336 excuse me and it was basically Constantine established Christianity then a pope named Julius one I chose to replace the pagan went to Solace of worshipping the Sun God and they said let’s worship guess that Constantine if you know that he said I’m going to make everybody a Christian started a Catholic Church then they got mad and went to Constantinople saw the Orthodox Church religions a joke folks you got a really really we if you know history religion is not what you’re looking for okay religion is the opium of the people and I believe that with all my heart so you’re not talking to religious guy I’m a Bible believer I’m a historian and I love truth okay that’s why I’m telling you this so they passed on and they added Masons basically it was a Catholic origin okay and basically paganism is all threw out when they Christianized they they took these statues and Christianize them you go through Rome you’ll see all these serpents and go into the Basilica you see all these gargoyles up there and you see half man after you know Cyclops I mean I sight ah you know half man half horse all over la paganism all through Rome the very word Vatican means place of divination and it was the temple of Janus the to face God so study that stuff that’s just history get Catholic I had one guy a Roberto Rivera just released two weeks on the radio with me in Natick the stuff that he told me would curdle the blood okay read a book all the two babylons by hyssop or fifty years in the church are owned by Charles Janaki different books by Alki Alberto Rivera he’s dead now he got cancer and died a lot of people I’m I’m talking to and listening to and referring to and reading they’re dead now health guys they died mysteriously so there’s definitely some truth behind the scenes folks but we don’t have to get into that I just want to let you know two people out there I know what’s going on okay I know history and what I can tell you is what you learn in public school is not true history I included a video in this description this week because you have to know all this stuff to really believe and understand why we have vaccines today and why they’re so bad and I’m going to read stuff to you today if you check it out you find right you want to go you want to go back and the people that are ejected other people and you stupid people why would you do this and the people are mandating should be locked up okay this one I’m looking when I’m talking them there’s one here or the chronology of the medical industry you need to watch that one the men who owned and run the US government you need to watch that one too those are a couple hours each to watch I mean you need to see why this thing’s so prevalent why it’s so easily being pushed like today I’m watching the news Joe in Arizona they’re doubling the people’s electric bill that have solar panels to try to get rid of them the solar industry is being ruined in Arizona and that’s one of the best places in the world they have solar and they penalize them because it’s a corrupt system it’s no freedom in America I hope to god that Trump gives us more freedom but I’m certainly not coke relying on him to do it the American people need to do it so that’s the Christmas story according to Mark Brennan I believe it really happened I believe it’s a fact of history Josephus wrote about it a non-believer the fact that Jesus Christ walked this earth it’s a historical fact and one of the the the Jews accept him Judaism accept him as the Messiah not is irrelevant the fact is this happened okay it’s a historical event and now we’re in the year of the Lord Jesus Christ and his name was in Jesus Christ you know Jesus first name Christ last name doesn’t mean that Yeshua is the G the Hebrew word for Joshua it means Jehovah is salvation in Christ it was his last name it means the Messiah The Anointed One so people just need to know terms and if they know that the meaning of words they’ll understand it’s all there right in front of your eyes folks and if you listen to me today and you’re not a Christian listen folks I am NOT trying to tell anybody but what I believe okay you research it there’s a verse that says if you seek me you shall find me when you search for me with your whole heart you want to know what I believe we even put a little track in there on the description it’s a little cartoon story of the greatest story ever told and it’s really cool I like I give it to a lot of people that’s what I believe and you can you can believe it or not that’s the free choice of man but now let me get into why you’re not going to hear the truth on TV you’re not going to hear it Joe because the media is owned by a very small bunch of corporations you got to go up the line like ABC he’s owned by Disney Disney is owned by the Vanguard Group the Vanguard Group is owned by the Rothschild banking family okay you have to go deep who owns CBS you’re going to find Fox and Murdoch and you get it at a Wall Street Journal but all the publications all the media would it be news stations TV or whether it be newspapers or or released as magazines whether it be magazines they’re all owned by a select group of people that let a certain message get out it’s all edited but Fox News that yes they are they own Sky News we were in New Zealand and they gave me an interview for 45 minutes and I covered this is what I covered I covered what we’re doing curing malaria 100% time I covered vaccines I covered medicines I cover depopulation theory I quoted Bill Gates I quoted um the Georgia Guidestones I quoted uh what’s that Secretary of State Henry Kissinger I Ted Turner I covered Fox News I covered CNN BBC what they did to us I covered what cancer really was that it uh and nothing Joe nothing you you saw the they never they never had even the girl interview he said my editors going to really like this I said you know I hate to tell you this I did this I shouldn’t wasting my time what do you mean I said because they’re not going to publish this stuff they can’t they can’t the owners of Fox Sky News will not allow you those guys and let the publication’s go out or the the message be aired or written down are all under certain guidelines and they’re all invested and the things that they don’t want to get out yeah that’s why they would never give us a live interview no and that’s what we said but we have with alternate news they the so-called fake news that they call the quacks right they are the real news and the real fake news is ABC CNN they’re the worst CBS NBC Fox I have seen them covers some good things but then you got on the other hand they talk out both sides ml they got the medical side and never got its banking what’s going on they’ll publish what what’s his name Trump says about the media but will they publish what they say about Goldman Sachs what about the Wall Street people I don’t know that’s why I think II well I know they got right-wing conservatives and you got liberals right wing left wing the same bird okay the same bird owns the right and left wing that’s what I’m saying it’s bigger than what you think it is you have to go back to history and that’s why I include all this stuff so if you’re of acquiring mind what read and listen to everything we put in the description every week and you’ll agree 100% with us and you want to become a part of us and let’s change the world together let’s J I get it keep moving the mic closer when I read because I just have to do that for you to hear me so Fox News any of those news you know and then the same people that own the poor they kicked us off PayPal stripe different places we’ve been yahoo is censored us who else is sent to us there’s a couple others 18t some others all those companies owned by the same people I’m talking about check it out folks please don’t live in ignorance check these things out what I want to do now Joe is have you played the one from the doctor remember she’s a doctor I’m only I play 11 and a half minutes of it okay kind of give you a really good earful of what she went through and what she believes but the whole video is on the description yeah then there’s another guy that’s died very health conscious guy I really like this guy he used MMS even mentioning a couple of his books andreas Moritz he did a great great book about the miracle of liver cleansing great book someone gave me that fact the guy that wrote the song he gave me that book a long time yeah yeah I remember he gave me it and I’ve told so many people to buy that book buy that book by bond Reyes Moritz and I even gave a couple more well this is a video of him explaining a book that he just wrote I personally believe and it’s just not a conspiracy my personally then like 60 plus other alternative health type guys I think he was killed I really do he died really corrected I was sick because it doesn’t make sense and they kind of squashed it well the Booker a vaccine nation exactly we’ve included that video to it and the website where you can get that book how did vaccines never and these aren’t the only ones saying this before I even knew this guy I knew this vaccines have never never eradicated any disease off this plane but caused more okay and we’re going to go into that but let’s let’s hit that joke both and listen to what we get about 27 minutes okay and then we’ll talk more and we’ll go into the what’s in the vaccines some other good guys have written articles I’ve written some things and then you it’s up to you folks we’re just making the case for for this and it’s up to you okay so listen listen to learn I have been studying vaccines for the past three years of my life when it came up in my professional life and my current opinion about vaccinations is that they have never been safe never has there been a safe vaccine never will there be a safe vaccine and it is not possible to have a safe vaccine the reasoning for that is that the the actual process of vaccination defies the natural function of the immune system of living beings it forts the immune system into a balance that’s very unnatural and that leaves it susceptible to more things than just what you’ve may be vaccinated supposedly for vaccination is an attempt to expose the body to hopefully benign form of the disease so that the body can respond as if it were infected with the disease without getting sick and then can hopefully have memory of that infection for the future if it is exposed to the actual natural infection the problem is that a it vaccines do not come into the body by and large the same way as the natural infection does for instance measles is inhaled but the vaccine is injected that means that it has an exposure to the nervous system much more quickly through injection than it would through the normal inhalation and processing of the lymphatic system also that vaccines don’t just contain little bits of the bacteria or the virus or an inactivated virus it also contains other chemicals which the natural disease would not have putting a disease matter into a body and thinking that the manner of which it’s going in IE usually through a muscle through the skin using a very unnatural thing a needle combined with all the chemicals and antibiotics and things that the manufacturing companies may not even know about at the time that they’re being injected into a muscle there’s no possible way that that can be safe at least this is what happened with me is once I started to see what was going on with vaccines you just start saying but why but why and but how and when you start getting the answers to why and why and how you get traced back to the origins of Medicine which began with the Rockefeller dynasty to some degree when you start to see the origins of of the cancer industry and of the medical industry and the AMA and the vaccine industry it’s all pretty much the same group and the same disgust that comes from the same stem and once we start to see that we have where there were met with the choice points and a really dark night to sit there and ponder what we’re going to do next because at some point I woke up and I said holy cow all I know how to do is write prescriptions for people what I realized is that it wasn’t just the only area in medicine that I had not learned the full spectrum of information and it wasn’t the only area of medicine where the people that were teaching me didn’t even understand as much as they needed to understand to make the statements that they were making that there are other areas you know even treating high blood pressure turned out not to be taught to me the way that I would want to do now now that I have read more and understand more about the way the body really works so if anything once I understood the problems with vaccination had me looking more at other areas of medicine and I think that’s one of the fears that the medical system has is that if doctors start to see the big crack in one area that that crack will spread to other areas and they will start to doubt the way I did the integrity of the medical system and where the funding has come into the medical system and how limited our view and our knowledge has been and we are told that so many things are quackery when in fact the things that the medical system calls quackery are what I now see helping the most and so I think the term quackery really needs to be redefined because in the time that I have become a quack myself and my patients have become healthier than they ever were at the time when I was not a quack if indeed it is such a miraculous product wouldn’t we be noticing how miraculous it is are they saying that we are just too stupid to notice that this is killing people and maiming people they were too stupid to notice that it’s miraculous you know I think that is a lot of the argument we’re just too stupid to notice how miraculous this is so to protect everybody we better they’re going to give it to us anyway no vaccines increase the health of a population because vaccines do not increase the health of a human there’s nothing in a vaccine that our bodies actually require we don’t require aluminium we don’t require mercury polysorbate 80 we don’t require formaldehyde and those are some of the things that are commonly in vaccines so there’s no nutritive effect of a vaccine so I don’t know I don’t believe that vaccines create health in a population and I believe that there are always better ways to deal with diseases in a population than vaccinating anybody the book is called dissolving illusions disease vaccines in the forgotten history and it’s authored by Rome industry onic and myself and it’s the book is intended to answer a few questions one is do we really need vaccines have we ever really needed vaccines and part of what the book shows with over 50 color graphs well they’re not in color in the book but you can go to dissolving illusions comm and see them all in cover color and look at them for free there but what the graphs should reveal is the decline in mortality before the vaccines or the antibiotics ever came on the scene and it tells the story around that historical story of why people were dying what was making people so sick what was keeping them sick and what the revolution actually was that got the mortality down by over 99 percent before the measles vaccine for instance came on the scene and it has nothing to do with medical interventions it had nothing to do with doctors or with antibiotics what it had to do more with were plumbers and sanitation workers and good social social programs and nutrition above all nutrition and I’ve pretty much you know the core of my practice now is nutrition the epigenetic changes that happen as a result of nutrition even if you just look at babies in utero and if you look at them after they’re born how the mother is eating and what comes to the rest no it’s all nutrition is the most important core element that we can do whether were whether we’re already sick or whether we’re wanting to prevent illness and that’s it period and it’s been shown throughout time that nutrition improvements in nutrition are what improved the stat of the status the status of society’s health in particular it’s always a gamble right so you have to pick which side you’re going to run with and you have to believe in it and do it okay so if you’re going to believe in vaccines then you need to believe in it and do it I don’t believe in vaccines I don’t even believe a little bit in vaccines I believe that they could do more harm to me that I may never be able to make up for and I know that that I am capable my immune system is capable of handling diseases and that I can enhance my immune system that I can give my immune system the nutrients that it needs but I can avoid the circumstances and situations that would expose me to different diseases so that is my approach and and it’s in so far as as taking the odds to me for me personally the odds are in not vaccinating and having some wisdom about how these diseases occur and doing what I can to a not contracted and be be ready if I do contract it to deal with whatever happens it was a nutrition was one of the biggest reasons for the problems in the susceptibility and the death rates for diseases other problems included lack of Hygiene and inadequate water supplies clean water supplies so what I believe is that Bill Gates and the billionaires of the world could really get together much the way that the wealthy did in the UK and USA it was the wealthy that did this most of these changes is that they could get together and they could not only end world hunger but they could be planting sustainable gardens and that they could be enhancing the water supply now they do a little of that but I think they could do enough of it that that the third world could change as far as disease susceptibility a an infant’s immune system developed slowly that’s normal it’s part of the design there are certain interleukins and TNF s which are other kinds of immune immune cells secreted chemicals that fire up our immune system that are specifically by Nature blunted in a newborn vaccine scientists have been working on developing a way to rev those chemicals up because they think nature is flawed because they think mother nature got it all wrong when designing the immune system of an infant that mother nature had no idea how to create a human being that could fight off its own diseases while it was an infant and as it was growing these immune chemicals that are not secreted at high levels for an infant are are done so purposefully so that the immune system can develop slowly and I’ll say thoughtfully because the immune system does have a mind of its own so it has to be able to respond correctly react correctly give feedback correctly it is essentially like a mind in that sense so why aren’t these children all dying why don’t they why are they not extremely vulnerable to disease more so than the vaccine enthusiasts actually say they are is because of breast milk it’s because of breast milk from a healthy mother who’s eating a good diet this is the design you know the design is to have these chemicals at a low level in a mature infant being supplemented by mother’s milk that’s it that’s worked for a really long time it works it works very well and what that produces is an immune system that is highly competent in later years and it puts forward an immune system that is still competent even in a world full of bacteria and capsulated the back seat bacteria that we would require these responses in us because the mother is able to essentially protect the baby with antibody through breast milk I say nobody has proven to me that they’re safe that I have scientific reason to believe that the components that are in them and how they act upon the immune system and the potential for autoimmunity and cancers and neurologic diseases is there and so I cannot say guarantee that these vaccines are safe not even one of them let alone numerous vaccines in the childhood vaccination program given earlier in earlier and more and more [Music] time the vaccine nation with the – between yeah says basically that we are a nation of you’re giving vaccines for every al-almost and there are hundreds of new vaccines coming on the market shortly so we are you almost like drugged up to our eyebrows you’re the idea that vaccines are going to make us healthy is an illusion it has never been shown to be true vaccines have never ever been proven by scientific research by comparative studies double-blind controls that is restarting even exist with regard to vaccines to show that they work better than not doing anything in fact there’s a lot of scientific evidence to show that vaccines are not just contributing to the vast majority of illnesses but in fact causing them going back to you know some of the older studies that were done in the last 100 years up to 2004 there are 151 scientific studies to show that the childhood vaccines the the childhood illnesses infections that children go through in fact prevent the occurrence or incidence of cancer later in life in other words by vaccinating children what we are doing is we are directly contributing to the incidence of cancers so this is a you’re an incredible finding and you know recently you know there was a major study that looked at all the existing scientific research that has ever been done in this respect and it’s startling to to see that we are actually creating any cancer society a society that is just like one out of every second person out of two people will develop cancer at some stage in their lives and vaccines are in place and major major role in that respect there are your there’s evidence to show that most people who suffer from an infection like mumps like you recently there was a mumps outbreak out of 1000 people who were infected 770 of them were vaccinated fully vaccine vaccinated that means they had all the booster shots and everything so and this applies to measles you know even earlier and your 40 to 50 years ago to smallpox chicken pox to virtually every epidemic and pandemic we ever had that vaccines were actually creating or increasing the number of your ear infections and those you know times and days then people you know who were protected were actually the ones that were not vaccinated so there’s there’s just too much around there’s too much evidence to show that vaccines don’t work for one thing but they actually make as ill and that is basically through the very concept the idea that by forcing the body to produce antibodies antibodies in response to exposure to a virus and to the chemicals that are contained in vaccines that that is supposed to create immunity and not the theory is completely flawed it has never been proven in fact it is impossible to create a your primary immunity your because just of your instigating or stimulating the production of antibodies real immunity gets generated when a person goes through the disease through for example the measles during childhood or mumps you know chickenpox when the person goes through that you acquire immunity for life by simply you’re injecting a virus into the bloodstream you only produce antibodies but while doing that you suppress the primary immune system which is located in the gut of the person and in the respiratory system so it literally suppresses the primary part of the immune system by being vaccinated so it you cannot have it both ways by vaccinating you suppress the most important part of the immune system you allow the secondary part of the immune system which is antibody production to be activated but that is never sufficient to protect against disease as we have seen those who are vaccinated are more prone to get infected than the people who have never been vaccinated okay so you you listen to Susan Humphries you listen to her story you listen to Andreas and so please go on and listen to more of her and others that are saying the same thing you know there’s a film called vachs everybody’s like whoa I’m going to see that film backs these heroes and I’m glad they got it out out there a lot of good information but you never told basically the parents to wait till they’re three or four years old and then get vaccines no you never get a vaccine ever okay isn’t it funny no cancer in autism among the Amish and they never vaccinate they weren’t vaccine like crazy but I don’t know about autism yet yeah we that’s a whole nother story we we go up there and help those people but that’s it’s horrible but that’s this kind of some ideas I want you to hear about yeah I think about these different doctors and what they’re saying different people they’re not all doctors just because someone’s not a doctor doesn’t mean they’re not smart okay we can use that we’re not doctors are we stupid I don’t consider myself a genius or anything but I can research and find out truth and pass it on yeah so that’s all we’re basically doing but the title of the newsletter this week was in this broadcast vaccines are they destroying the body’s ability to fight disease and causing new diseases that’s the question okay well you know ever since we’ve started talking basically to Americans but it’s all over the world from the school systems to the doctors to the FDA the CDs the National Institute of Health the pharmaceuticals and all the main media say that vaccines are safe and effective of course the pharmaceutical ones that making them would say that but now all these other people mimic them and they say yeah they’re safe and effective well that’s not true they’re not safe or effective and that’s two big lies that everybody keeps quoting and ads in it’s it’s evil Joe it’s even what they’re doing to the world now they’re infecting people are destroying the body’s immune system and it’s just so easy to be seen okay you can see it the problem is they’re not in fact they’re just toxic the toxic to everyone that receives one it doesn’t matter if you take one or two just like last week we talked about the pharmaceutical drugs description stuff they’re all poison all of them a poison all of them are natural almost synthetic an artificial the body doesn’t know what to do it in fact the body you’re going to see on this when in a vaccine case where with pills you taking it through the mouth where there’s some protection and natural you know natural detox going on when you put toxins through your mouth but if you ejected it straight into the blood system straight into the muscle fiber bypassing all this protection from the mouth that acid in the mouth and the B cells the T cells the killer cells your defense exactly main line of defense and gets into your stomach you got a good defense going on there unless it’s completely screwed up because you take it all these other things but that’s how the body was made now ejected right in to the body bypassing all that and that’s what a vaccine does Wow it’s going in a different way the pharmaceuticals are bad enough and it causing all kinds of malfunction of this different systems in the body and I’m crazy stuff we talked about it watch that one but the that the the injection itself causes inflammation what is that first sponsor immune system right so your body’s in flaming up okay something came in there that there’s an inflammation there’s a response the immune system if it doesn’t swell up I’d really be concerned I deal with a lot of people with fourth stage cancers and things if things aren’t responding like swelling of the lymphatic system glands I don’t see pus I don’t see white blood cells from the pus and other things happening and the bowel movements then why why the body’s not responding did it shut down you see that in and AIDS patients which you got to watch that video and what we did the broadcast on that poor people suffering unnecessarily because they believed in these tests well they’re very destructive these vaccines and they cause brain damage and even death that’s just the fact I’m not making that up I’m going to show you even from their own writings what they say when reading their own writings folks from the pharmaceutical companies from the the journals of medicine and they’re lying and they’re saying they’re like even the editors of those to say we lied CDC whistle blows come on we lied about that we covered it up and but I was hearing this in Fox the good guys right well they don’t see it in the bad guys and when they do see it on like Facebook or something like that they automatically assume well that’s just fake news yeah that’s not true see the whole concept of vaccines is based listen to me on the hypothesis by injecting a small amount of a known disease into the body the body’s immune system will create an immunity to set disease that’s what they teach Joe and the allopathic medical system of all the universities in the world basically okay they take a little bit of disease and you’ll get herd immunity by the body making antibodies for that little bit of polio that a little bit of whatever okay whatever it is a flu you know whatever it is okay and you’ll make these antibodies it’s not true that body doesn’t work that way it only it has a natural way of doing it and guess and this is why they they trick people I mean when I was a kid in the 50s my parents would take me to a chicken pox party what yeah I’ll look if one of the kids our neighbor got chicken pox all the mothers they was smart go there have all your kids come over and oh no we played till it was like a party right and we all got chicken pox guess what we all got immunity that’s how the body is set up the body is very smart so what that chemical people did you know the pharmaceuticals in the medical and you’re going to find out evil SOPs they are Oh which gets worse Joe it gets really bad we’d all get that natural immunity measles mumps so why do we need a vaccine you can get it it makes money and it causes other diseases that they’re going to the medical community only only treat symptoms and what are the side effects of these things I mean no not these not the vaccines the measles and mumps and stuff it’s really not that bad your body takes care of it after a few days maybe a little fever here and there and then your body gets over they even say you know you get mild symptoms if you get the measles and stuff so why am I going to try to stop it yeah my body get it I’ll be fine it’s like Zika yeah the flu so you get the flu you need the flu why to gain immunity well you can’t inject it in me there’s other stuff that’s crazy no reason yeah oh no no no give you those reasons but they’re not good reason exactly so it’s wrong the current immunity and I put a video in there couple of them about the herd immunity fallacy that you guys need to check this out that’s all I can tell you if you don’t check it out and I’m going to say this till I’m blue in the face so if I get blue in the face I won’t say that you’re foolish I didn’t say you were stupid I said you’re foolish if you don’t check this and then you have this injected in your kids and your kids end up having autism or something and you’re foolish to let that happen when if you listen to this day now if y’all listen you want to never check these things out you’re still foolish you should be doing it but if you listen to this and you still let it happen you’re very foolish click on the VAX movie you had the mothers they got their you know six-month vaccine for the kids started crying screaming developed autism and they took it back for the 9-month vaccine just you know because they weren’t sure it was that was the cause yeah because the doctor said yeah when their mothers swear they saw a difference the next day some even died what really stinks I’m not going to mention now because I’m going to really get mad if I keep going on but this idea of vaccine induced herd immunity has never been proven and even worked okay never ever believe me I’m going to show you that and you need with the stuff I’ve left you to check out it’s a fact in history there is a here immunity and that’s why I talked about a minute ago there’s immunity for diseases and that’s the natural way that the body creates it by the body’s very spine that’s what it does it just does this the problem is this falsehood a vaccine herd immunity is unscientific and it’s what’s being taught in the medical universities and allowed by the FDA and promoted by the mainstream media in other words fake news as completely true that’s the problem you believe that and you’re going to suffer you not me I’m not going to suffer from it you are and your kids if you don’t wake up and that’s why we put on this these two videos right now and you’re going to see a bunch others okay vaccines cause cause diseases by killing the immune system and the stuff they put in this stuff and I’m going to show you in a minute kills the immune system just one of them never mind seven or eight okay there was a real good video I put in there from a lady I don’t think she was a doctor she might very smart individual a lot of research vaccines know that two weapons of mass destruction and she has a kid I think there was autistic and that’s what put on this quest to research it all you need is a quest and a burning desire to find out the truth you’ll find it folks you’ll find God that way – there’s another one I put up there dementia in the 40s why why dementia now flu shots pharmaceuticals yearly checkups childhood cancers why well the pharmaceutical inserts says that’s one of the causes and the medical drug say it and they’re seeing it but that’s suppressing you know what vaccines you don’t even need to have a clinical trial to be approved know you know you know now even with the drugs the pharmaceuticals they would make them have clinical trials but then let the pharmaceuticals do it without any oversight that’s just insanity this world is run like an ass it’s an asylum saying an insane asylum run by the inmates and we’re allowing it because the sleeping giant is us we need to wake up and say enough is enough Jacque as they say in Spanish yeah but start day it’s enough no more then I put one in there about hearing immunity from another doctor and I don’t agree 100% with all these people but look at the common denominator this is what you’re going to keep saying everything we’re going to throw at you is toxicity in the body is killing the body’s natural way of fighting diseases and how to detox and how to build up the body with the essential nutrients those are the three common denominators you’re going to see from all these types of things that we’re doing and the people were showing you that a very smart people that have cut they know what’s going on do and we’re going to show you history okay if you don’t look at this what conspiracy is scary look at this world spirit see is truth now listen the truth why are these people saying this and the majority of the world doesn’t know this why because if this is all planned okay it’s all been planned all the side effects they put wanted of children suffering from their vaccines remember the one we’re talking about this morning Joe outside the girl that got a vaccine and she couldn’t walk forward anymore only could walk backwards yeah the cheerleader yeah yeah I don’t know what happened to her but that was when we first started out yeah Joe and I his father knew Jim and Genesis II Church existed back in like 2007 or eight we had our little web site called mms for Hispaniola and we put up this stuff we even found it that Magic Johnson we met the doctor in Santo Domingo in 1997 treated Magic Johnson for HIV with chlorine dioxide remember that we had the article in the paper I racked my brains out trying to remember that doctor and they raided his yes and everything and you never hear about Magic Johnson saying that in all honesty and sincerity they could have threatened to kill him right in front of his family like they do a lot and he’s just scared he’s not going to say it they could have said that to some of these other guys I remember Robert De Niro is really hung really um gung-ho on facts movie I don’t need to be all over the world and then our next day we preempted in Santa Ana and I know about that you knows what they threatened it with this is very powerful people that run the world okay the only way we can stop them is that with truth that’s it so this is not for the slight at heart okay you guys going to we’re in a battle and it’s a health revolution okay you understand allopathic method is taught in all these universities and so much reference is to doctors today they’re like little gods to people then whatever they speak is truth which and the same with some religions whatever they speak his truth it’s not true okay you need to think on your own in all these schools that are teaching the allopathic method owned by the same people own the pharmaceuticals and the banks that fund them and on all the media so if you own all that you have a monopoly okay if it wasn’t for the Internet we wouldn’t even have the ability to get the truth out that’s why they want to censor it so you better grab this stuff now in the course and stock up on stuff now because they ever shut it down that’s your survival mechanism can purify your water keep yourself healthy can help other people MMS will be a great survival to allopathic method let me explain to you guys I don’t like to use terms that people understand allopathic method is based on the germ theory that it might grow I didn’t write this but I believe this and I before I ever knew this guy yeah I just like the way these guys put it out and it really helps me it’s a guy are Judas Vonda plants I was going to go visit the guy in Thailand we had plans to do that and he fell off a balcony like two months before I could work it out to go there and I don’t know but this guy has a great book called primal diet I got put down where you can get it but I like what he said him genius guy hurt himself with two cancers and autism all the major medical ok al Pathak medicine is based on the germ theory that microbes and viruses cause disease medical science bases the use of vaccines and the theory that the body forms antibodies to fight natural viruses they believe that these viral antibodies live on after the virus is contained therefore creating immunity first we must consider the facts known to evaluate medicines viral theory ok talking about the viral theory that this is what a viruses science has proven that viruses are not alive they’re not live they have to attach themself I’m just going to read it that they are prominently protein but they can contain organic DNA science has proven has proved that virus increase only in the presence of live cells and that they cause certain cells or and and all parts of cells to dissolve what is believed in taken as fact but not proven is that viruses are non-discriminating the destructive things that self replicate you understand what just been said this is what the medical people teach it’s not been proven that viruses are non-discriminating ly destructive things they just go everywhere killing everything and they self replicate that is like saying that laundry soap because it is found in homes inhabited by humans self replicates those assumption and conclusions are shallow and ludicrous medical science this guy all he did is reach medical journals and research okay medical science operates from fear and it attacks the body all medical procedures for treating disease are written by pharmaceutical related individuals and groups that is a severe conflict of interest self produce health or medication depending on depending on profit what do you think they want okay I should read that pedal self produce health of medication dependent profit what do you think that they want I believe they want medication dependent profit okay a rational and logical conclusion would be that virus are solvents cleansers manufactured by individual cells to dissolve degenerative tissue disease tissue caused by accumulated waste and industrial toxins including medicines that’s what I believe that’s what I think all these other people are saying this guy put it in great words viruses are solvents cleansers manufactured by individual cells your body when it metabolizes that synthesizes all kinds of things happen through these chemical reactions these things being put together and synthesized when they given the right treants to metabolize these things no no we’re getting ready to do a video and we’re going to walk through a grocery store and show you how difficult it is to find real food real food versus non-food and most of the value of the food in grocery stores is non food non nutrient fridge virus contained DNA I’m reading on now because cells have used substances within themselves to synthesize virus DNA is a part of that when the cleansing and healing processes cease cells stop producing large amounts of virus so you know this is what naturally happens not necessarily I’ll let me read on I keep getting mad I want to explain it but he does such a good job normally healthy bodies symbolic Ally utilized bacteria and parasites to cleanse themselves of cellular GJ degenerative tissue in organic waste organic wastes happens the other body’s preferred janitors bacteria and parasites consume the degenerative tissue and organic waste and reduce it to a tiny fraction of the original mass eaten they can consume a hundred times their weight these bacteria and fara sites and reduce it to one percent excretion when eating a healthy raw diet our bodies easily excrete or secrete through sweating secrete through sweating excrete through bowels the one percent excretions from bacteria and parasites that’s how the body works however when bodies become too toxic with industrial toxins including medicines vaccines being part of that the bacteria and parasites are poisoned to death under such toxic conditions the only cleansing method that the body can utilize is virus so cells synthesize viruses i reiterate viruses are solvents that dissolve degenerative tissue in organic waste they are beneficial in preventing disease they do not cause disease the symptoms that are coming accompany viral bacterial or parasitic Oh detoxification czar a necessary process but can be mitigated slowed down with the Dell with with the consumption of plenty of raw eggs and raw dairy fats and we know that the fact and this guy’s an expert on it the key We Trust nutrition and understand the body in nature don’t fear them okay and not killing people to prevent viral infections is ridiculous and dangerous he goes on the same after many years and this is so important about dairy and pasteurization after many years of experimentation Louis Pasteur the Frenchman from francium no he’s a French guy realized that the idea of vaccinations was doomed he confessed on his deathbed to us his assistance at a poor toxic environment within the body creates disease microbes do not create disease he made a statement then it’s the field that’s the problem okay it’s like a plant I’m not reading on my table to commenting it’s like a plane you don’t treat the plant you treat the soil the problems in the soil and the plane will be right yeah okay it’s like a fish tank dirty fish tank because they got this dirty fish tank disease fish what do you do change the fish Jackson ate the fish yeah you put some vaccines in the water no you clean the water that’s it we’re doing well cleaning the bodies water the blood and the other systems regarding I’m reading on now regarding the immediate trauma that vaccines cause and many people the eminent scientist and physician I remember this guy dr. William Koch MD PhD he was the Surgeon General remember him great guy the injection of any serum vaccine Oh even penicillin has shown a very marked increase in the incidence of polo at least 400 percent mystics are so conclusive no one can deny it he said that and I’m a sock the one that you’ve invented the polio vaccine said in 1963 I believe it was he fear that everyone that had the polio had polio came from his vaccine No Wow well you said that I didn’t I’m reading on the long-term effects of vaccines are just as harmful vaccines are made of disease mercury aluminum from Al guy and other poisonous chemicals it’s not just the virus of the of the polio that they scraped off a cow and funny study Jenner guy from England that’s come up with this stuff it’s crazy what they did and how they did it farmers pharmaceutical houses manufactures diseases in animal tissue okay and they inject that into this diseases are sterilized to make vaccines sterilization alters the RNA DNA structure and actions of diseases and viruses when a sterilized disease of virus enters the body the body tries to analyze it we say this all time create antibodies to regulate the disease of virus so it tries to do the body cannot find the logical reason for this unnatural disease of virus nor can it find the key to the time that the bacteria or virus will be active it’s looking at this thing as it’s unnatural therefore the body creates very important I bolted this mutant antibodies they’re not naturally antibodies they’re creating mutant antibodies that do not go dormant for up to decades this is something that’s really important to understand this is why the AIDS victims get these when they get these blood tests all this stuff that’s showing up and these guys I know they know this Joe the tests that that um what’s his name that’s why they created it they know guy yeah they’re getting the results they want to create the HIV virus was his name you know we mentioned like 10 times last week anyways that guy he he owns the patent on the virus and the test I bet you they know how to these mutant antibodies what they are because they definitely differentiated from the body from the natural ones what was that guy’s name it’s going to drive me crazy somebody’s probably yelling online you said it 17 times alpha thing ever while I’m gone these mutant antibodies remain active long after the disease of virus becomes inactive that means it can’t cause any problem so you got being tested you got these things happen the mutant anybody’s eat sub particles from the inside of amino acids proteins in the blood that renders proteins unstable now the viruses are being affected because those the proteins Joe the amount of proteins damaged and the loss to mutant anybodies depends on the number of vaccines so the more vaccines someone gets the more damaged okay and this is piling up the because amino acids are the primary building block of cells the consequence is cellular malnutrition in all animals the malnutrition causes gradual genetic mutations resulting in weaknesses diseases malfunctions any deformities this same it’s genetic and it could be a hundred years of vaccines causing this joke that’s why people bald thank you try me crazy the lifespan of mutant anybody’s varies from at least one year penicillin up to 50 years polio each vaccine that leads the polio vaccine I had when I was like six five the guy had two or three the guy one in the arm then we had a booster that still could be in me and that’s why in that polio vaccine was the sv40 cancer many other things cancer that I could still have that into me but I’ve been doing MMS that’s how we get rid of it I’m going to show you folks how to get rid of it to any of these accumulated toxins and things that do not belong naturally in the body the the protocols me have to take them out we’ve seen it with heavy metals we’ve seen it with vaccines viruses parasites all those things and natural things stay because of oxidation and they are selective the way they kill because of oxidation potential listen to our videos and we’ll go on to that look it up you guys have to do your own study get the course I can’t say enough thousands of people should be buying this course Joe they could they should if I wish to god we had that opportunity when we first started out then I gave you some references okay each vaccine oh I mean mm okay each vaccine multiplies the number of mutant anybody’s which increases Selya malya malya tristan results in greater weakness diseases malfunctions deformities passed on to generations and i give you the reference then you there’s a really good one I liked about Andres Moritz also I put that one up call illness is a toxicity crisis I’ve been saying F a long time I love and I don’t just love people that agree with me these guys have it’s just logical what we’re saying folks this is how the body works and now we work within the confines how the body works and you’ll be at ease and not at dis ease have this is what I wrote now I have vaccines that ever eradicate a disease the answer is no we’ve been taught that smallpox and polio were eradicated by vaccines when a fact showed differently isolation and sanitation were the reefs but were responsible sterilization in the surgery sanitation in the streets trash pickup sewerage isolating people when they’re sick and then healing them before because they shed the disease and so don’t people it of acts innate they said the disease because they get the disease there was a guy named Edward Jenner and this guy’s a real loser okay real loser I call him a Nazi chemists anyways I I put a timeline up about him – and what he was doing from early 1800s to the late 18-hundreds he was one of the first people a person that take cow pox from cattle and make a vaccine and the name vaccine comes from the language vodka it’s like like Spanish almost buk VA c CA but Spanish it’s VA CA that’s what vaccine vicuna vaccine in Spanish come from a cow okay so that’s the little tidbit in history in England when the vaccines people protested so much they saw so much horrible stuff happening they stopped giving them and the disease’s faded away what does that tell you when they first started them yeah yeah but then you’ll see they pop up and do it again they never let up it’s evil man it’s evil these corporations in these companies in England when the vaccines would stopped okay up the disease does fade away look how the history of vaccines went on after Jenna’s initial teachings like into the late 18-hundreds to the to the late to the early 1900s listen to this this is a another article I read because I started writing in myself it’s in the timeline stuff I got this from another guy Mike Adams I really like this I put the claim fifth it’s been only seven years since World War two and the mad scientist from companies like IG Farben PSA F halts Dow and Baer who created the gas chambers and tested changes vaccine on innocent people didn’t just go away in fact they went to work for US corporations and pharmaceutical companies that run the vaccine industry today this is still going on at least a dozen of these cold-blooded killers or hired fresh out of prison just set four to seven years after the Nuremberg trials found them guilty of mass murder and enslavement listen with these guys did in fact at the close of World War two the IG Farben building you got to know this in Franklin was protected from Allied bombings by highest levels of the military FDA CDC type of pharmaceutical harm of Hitler’s both the fourth reich in the Rockefellers and a financial ingest in maintaining in controlling this pharmaceutical Empire which would soon be catapult on US soil Rockefellers supported both sides of the war so even the Warburg sole in the Rothschilds these are evil bastards okay Nazi convicted mass murderers became executives from major medical chemical and pharmaceutical companies Fritz dear Mia found guilty of slavery of mass murder our sweats served only seven years in prison and became the chairman of the board at Bayer in 1956 chairman of the frickin board Joe from murderer and they just bought Monsanto which came from IBG foggy and bear anything you guys going to see the the connection it’s sick still trust us vaccines call crotch executive member of IG Farben in head of military economics for Hitler found guilty of slavery and mass murder serve just six years then he became chairman of the board for BASF in 1952 still want to get those flu shots how about the HPV shot for your daughter a son huh sound like a good idea we’re mocking your folks well this article is mocking you giving you keep girls HPV they did that here at Columbia and like over 200 kids with the hospital still suffering it’s horrible this same vaccine industry today which protected employed Nazi war criminals the same one run by the same people owned by the same people and was still letting to go on it’s crazy watch who becomes the head of the FDA CDC Health Institute of health that’s all dt OG the people that keep these laws of these abilities watch who becomes ahead of it see if they’re affiliated with these bankers that’s how you know it’s horrible I just just makes me so mad this is the same okay the very industry that produced the Nazi gas chambers same ones man it’s horrible this atrocity is like like letting murderers be their own judges in court this atrocity it’s an atrocity you just can’t say enough where are the checks and balances this country was founded upon that’s why you had three you had three branches of the government in legislative judicial and executive and they all were keeping each other in check so when Obama makes an executive order he bypasses the other two he catched it should even be allowed that’s why I thank God if Trump runs in just wipe smaller I will laugh that whole day best thing you can do but when you own all of them the legislative does exactly what the judge is saying the judges do exactly say because they’re all owned by the same people and the government’s own the Congress the legislative branch is owned by the same people they’re all in the same bar association go to the same clubs same up in Wall Street corporations same investments but we got to stop from scratch stop from scratch it’s a bunch of power they have a lot of power exactly no checks and balances anymore vaccines have economic and political agendas now and the FTE is exact absolutely no testing on their own before making decisions to release facts seasons vaccines to the masses there’s no testing with vaccines done by the FDA they just took anything’s done the pharmaceuticals do it and we found out the writings journals did 95% of what’s written is paid for by the pharmaceutical folks you’re being duped wake up one more research before you or your child get injected with a new concocted disease for which there is no cure autism ADHD these are all these new diseases Joe they’re coming from these vaccines and drugs and toxicity in the body through the foods do you know that Lay’s potato chips has glycin fate in it frito-lay look at the stuff you know what that is Monsanto roundup nobody can eat just one you don’t want to eat just one now I don’t say they start out that way but it’s now that way Campbell’s soup is a chemical shitstorm okay that’s why Rex supposed to kill you can say that word listen to stunning admissions by vaccine industry industrial spurts including Maurice Hilleman formula Marc okay executive who admitted that to the true to the deadly nature of the most trusted vaccines this guy came out thank God hottest guy come out today’s vaccines not only could take live versions of the diseases you don’t want now see I don’t know if I believe that let’s just say because I think the viruses are dead but there’s other stuff they’re putting into it that could be live back for more things but they also contain GMOs hormones from infected cows pigs chickens and monkeys what the hell are they doing in untested viruses like hn1 h1n1 aluminum adjuvants mercury and mouse of fires crossbred bacteria from animals mosquitoes and diseased humans that’s not all but they contain that too and I got the ingredients right there for you this is from their stuff folks there’s no explanation to why that should be even in there exactly it just is the FDA requires a package insert to be created by the pharmaceutical company that produces fda-approved every fda-approved drug on the market FDA makes the pharmaceuticals put this out this is really these people should be hung listen what they did the farmer zookas allowed to do the clinical studies also without the FDA’s oversight any side effects are listed most the time but some are not as in the case of the MMR mumps measles rubella which is a horrible one the first mms and a ma MMR packaged doctors read mentions the adverse effect of the MMR vaccine causing autism and the second edition doesn’t well we got the first edition here Joe who allowed that who allowed that FDA here’s what the original one said the drug company that makes the MMR vaccine mark publishes an extensive list of warnings contradictions in adverse reactions associated with this triple shot it’s a triple vaccine three at once it may be found the package insert given to the doctors administering MMA inside the physicians desktop reference the PDR however this information is never given to patients or parents the insert is quoted immediately below look this is what a excerpt from it and I give you the quote where it said copy before they wipe it out the following afflictions affected nearly every body system this is them saying the following every body system and the body was affected the blood the lymphatic digestive cardiovascular immune nervous respiratory sensory have reported falling receipt of the following receipt of the MMR shot after getting this shot these systems of the body had these results they all had a reaction yeah it says nearly every I think there’s 14 I only married mentioned by Kate okay but it’s probably all of them but this is what they say okay encephalitis remember the other day you had a girl in a birthday Bunney what a daughter that had a little flu took her to the doctor said they need a spinal tap and the kid was perfectly healthy did a bunch of crap what did they put in it just the procedures are deadly the blood tests I’ve held people down to get a spinal tap I’ve been in the thick of it folks now you’re not talking to somebody didn’t see everything in a medical system seizure disorders convulsions learning disabilities that’s why they call like this guillain-barre syndrome paralyzation on my throat total and partial blindness ren tinnitus OTAs media through the years bronchial spasms fever headache joint pain arthritis acute and chronic transverse myelitis thrombosis Athena’s blood calling disorders and spontaneous bleeding and if lactic severe allergic reactions limpa lymphedema thali Luke 2 situs that causes leukemia pneumonitis pneumonia Stephen Johnson’s poor guy he was Sun syndrome a FEMA multiform dirty Acharya pancreatitis this information bowel syndrome all these sensitivities Crohn’s disease ulcerative colitis meningitis diabetes autism immune system disorders and death that was in their first one the second one they took out autism yeah they left death well look the MMR vaccine manufacture has been censoring autism from the package insert from its for its second version of the MMR vaccine called MMA to most of the above indications continue to be cited except for the admission of an in autistic link which has been Suckley removed removed now CDC knew about this FDA knew about this obviously the pharmaceuticals took it out the vaccine manufacture previously admitted to cause the autism but only a private communications with doctors the statements of the public in the media or completely opposite parents in the British medical system are often ignored when they report problems directly bombs with vaccines because the doctors act as the gatekeepers parents cannot directly brought bad reactions to regulators they must instead go through their doctor who may refuse in order to protect himself and it’s kickbacks yeah keep in mind that those doctors the doctors in Britain get monetary bonuses from administering vaccines what could be considered a conflict of interest we had the door kicked in by the or they called trading training standard standard they like the Zuma Protection Agency came in with police and everybody you know any of you people don’t we’re a church you can’t do that to us we made them leave our religious service we came back you can watch the video where’s that on Genesis to you yeah can watch what they did and we threw him out because we were a church you don’t deal with us like that we’re not going to allow that here’s the second insert this one well this is the pitocin one so they took it out of the second mm ah one in left but look at the pitocin one which is called the deep TP diphtheria toxoid and pertussis vaccine this is horrible one that so many people have side effects this one is called three-in-one yeah it’s another three and one so now if your kids have those two they’ve had six and then they do this what three or four times before they to adverse events adverse events Joe during pros approval of the trip dia trip Padilla vaccine include I do Pathak trumpet Elysium perilla SIDS this is the one I want to go crazy on sudden infant death syndrome I have people in my church have that problem of relatives of them at that problem people have been sent to jail because the baby’s brain would bleed and they call it shaking shaking the death syndrome dies locked up parents locked up one guy got a life sentence for shaking his kidding caused him his head to bleed and that kid died I was from thinking of vaccine it’s been / since SIDS is that’s what it is anaphylactic reaction cellulitis autism this said a long time ago convulsion grand mal convulsions encephalitis if not the nura neuropathy losing saying you know things rotting there’s ants nerving x’ apnea eventually included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting so happened a lot okay FDA download I gave me what the FDA said but they approved junk approved poisons to be injected into your body and all the research they get funded from from different universities is paid for by the pharmaceuticals in the lobbying in the laws passed you’re being duped post if you let someone give you a vaccine you’re a fool I got to say it you’re full the ones that do it now yeah after you hear the truth you keep doing it then there’s some of the stuff in vaccines that we didn’t mention Co bovine cow serum extracted from the cow skin when injected causes connective tissue disorders tendons tick arthritis body falling apart right arthritis in lupus and also shortness of breath low blood pressure chest pain and skin reactions there’s one thing in their subreddit all synthetics we know why you do that to make it taste sweet Anthony speak which metabolize very slowly and aggravates IBS irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal issues all this sensitivity to gluten and milk and all this stuff gelatin derived from the collagen inside animal skin and bones injecting injecting not eating gelatin from bone soup injecting gelatin poses the risk of infection from synthetic growth hormones and BSE infectivity and mad cow disease sodium chloride what’s that Joe racist and that’s process crappy salt okay they’re not usually good raises blood pressure inhibits muscle contraction and growth egg protein fractions of meperidine eggs certainly not organic eggs I’m sure maintain growth amongst any box and Salmonella bacteria okay injected in you now going through the body’s normal way to receive everything through the mouth not through the anus through the mouth by marisol a neurotoxin mercury causes autism says it there are 25 milligrams in one average flu shot the EP safety limit is five so children will evacuate simultaneously with multiple vaccines receive over 10 times the safety limit of mercury in one day this is going on folks they need to be shut down tomorrow human album the protein portion of blood from Pew pooled human vinius plasma from all kinds of humans when injected causes fever chills hive rash headaches nausea breathing difficulty rapid I be injecting pooled blood can result in loss of body cell mass cause immune deficiency virus huh it sounds like aids to me infection or contain HSV that’s simian virus forty AIDS cancer hepatitis B for drum drug addicts all that stuff can be in there from algal I’d highly carcinogen fluid used to embalm corpses ranked one of the most hazardous compounds to human health can cause liver damage gastro issues we put productive deformation deformation respiratory distress in cancer Plus from alga has been known to fail to deactivate the virus the vaccine is intended to cure that’s enabling a live virus into your blood and infect your system if virus is alive but something’s doing something fee no fee no acts ethanol i glycol ether chemical highly toxic to nervous system kidneys and liver the FDA warns can cause can’t cause shutdown of the central nervous system Foreman II in contact contract contact dermatitis in cosmetics imagine when injected into your blood aluminium phosphate great income increases toxicity of mercury so caution about minimum mercury tones is there severely underestimated so this aluminum makes mercury absorb more in the blood and you’re given ten times more mercury five time I’ll push shot huh so you wonder why you got autism ADHD every kid admit as autism has has had a vaccine or some toxicity I think it’s 99% or somehow maybe medications maybe not to vaccine medicated MSG monosodium glutamate that just happens to be my initials MSG so when it says no MSG I think they don’t like me you don’t want this in anything and they’ve changed the name of it look up the different names of MSG it’s horrendous well I don’t want MSG and anything laden soy sauce soy should be only made from from sprouted sprouted soy soy is a very toxic thing when injected becomes neurotoxin causing central nervous systems or it’s brain damage and children these are scientific facts you know still if they still put in there this is horrible folks although I can’t say enough I’m just flabbergasted sickened pissed off and want this to stop and my voice is all I can do it’s up to you poke stir to keep it out of your body whether it’s a flu shot or any kind of shot any kind of injected medicine from a pharmaceutical or eaten it’s going to cause you problems they don’t care they want to make money that they’re part of the depopulation theory anyways they want to half a billion people they don’t want and these same people all these companies and all this history are the same people that want a half a billion people on the planet and we have happened to have almost 8 billion so that means they have to kill them and guess how Bill Gates wants to do it why don’t we put that in a throw we can put let’s put down in Bill Gates he says his favorite way to depopulate the world to bring that number of 7 billion to a half a billion his vaccines from his own mouth look it up YouTube Bill Gates depopulation Theory look it up we talked about it last week we talking about all the time and when I keep bashing your brain with it your ears check it out he said it these guys are evil evil people we need to squelch them we need to get real news andrew wakefield he’s the one that was the basic the guy behind the VAX movie I like watch that I put the excerpt in there get the whole movie watch it a lot of good information what vaccine but but when they come to the conclusion didn’t let the kid become 3 & 4 therefore they get it that’s bullshit yeah you’re still agreeing with you’re an idiot yeah you do that I don’t know if it’s the pressure a lot of people even said you know we don’t agree or we do agree with vaccines but just a lot more time between them right get on jeaious Moritz we’re going to close here because we went over two hours but get on Zarate’s Andreas Moritz book vaccine destination poisoning the population one shot at a time guys dead comes out with this book anybody dies after eating a book writing a book writing a book you should read that book the men who own and run the US government that’s in seen injured body can be repaired by detoxing slowly and recover depending on the severity of permanent damage as seen from partial recovery to complete recovery we’ve seen you can do this what are you have to get the course you have to get the protocols you can go at least go get the product go to look under video protocols you start with the starting procedure and go to the protocol 1000 to detox your body we’ve seen people with autism diabetes Parkinson cancer Alzheimer’s allergies arthritis MS all ALS many other chronic chronic and acute diseases we got the testimonies there get the course get yourself a Christmas gift get the gift of life yeah yeah it does take care of you what detox is your body take it all the time in the most important thing about the course is you learn how to use it each and every way possible that’s why we made it so easy for you guys to do it’s just really simple now that we’ll be ving a Christmas gift to the Genesis II Church because those things support is Jim’s books our video course membership we haven’t done them for a while it keeps us alive anyways merry Christmas to everybody

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