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Fuyez le virus qui se propage en ce moment ,ce remède préventif a base d ail est excellent

March 8, 2020

Many fruits, vegetables and spices
culinary can be used to treat certain conditions without the need to resort
other medical treatment. here is a very powerful natural recipe based
garlic, ideal for healthy health. It is made from a mixture of garlic and
hot milk. Ingredients: 500 milliliters of laitdix
cloves of garlic, peeled and minced two or three teaspoons of sugar or even
honey 250 milliliters of water Preparation: In a saucepan containing 250 ml of water, add
garlic and milk and honey. Then put the pan over a low heat. Wait until
boil and stir well until that the mixture is reduced by half.
Filter and add the sugar to the mixture. Drink the hot drink. Here are the health benefits of garlic Milk: Asthma – Consume three pods
garlic every night, better treatment natural for asthmaPneumonia – Drink it
drink garlic milk with hot honey; this effectively treats pneumonia Problems
heart – this drink effectively reduces bad LDL cholesterol, prevents
blood clots by improving the circulatory system. If you prepare
garlic in skim milk, it will still be more effective in relieving problems
Arthritis: Consume milk at garlic daily will reduce
symptoms of arthritis, inflammation and pain.Insomnia – garlic milk, honey
reduces sleep disturbances, thanks to soothing properties of garlic.
If you combine turmeric with this mixture you
will have an excellent drink for treatment persistent cough. That’s the reason
for which, you can prepare the recipe garlic, turmeric and milk for treatment
cough. Garlic has antibacterial effects powerful, incredible cough remedy.
If you add pure honey to this mixture, you will get an excellent expectorant for
get rid of cough.Tuberculosis tuberculosis: Here the recipe: Mix one gram of garlic, 240
milliliters of milk and one liter of water two spoons of honey. Boil every
ingredients together until you only get ¼ of the decoction. Take
this remedy three times a day. if you drink hot garlic milk
every day for a week it will allow you reduce the level of low lipoproteins
density (LDL), or bad cholesterol, and will allow you to increase the rate of
high density lipoproteins (HDL), or good cholesterol in your body.
Sex – The Garlic Milk Recipe is an excellent remedy for impotence
sexual. Also, eat hard pieces garlic successfully combats infertility
in men and women. Sciatica – Garlic in milk is well known
an effective remedy for nerve pain sciatica. Consumption of this remedy on
a regular basis will help you reduce successfully sciatica pain. Of course if some of you are superstitious
, we say that consuming this prevents diapers nocturnal,
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