Fresno Gang Member’s ‘Hot’ Mugshot Goes Viral

December 5, 2019

For most people who end up spending some time
behind bars, their mugshots aren’t their most flattering photos of all time. They’re usually unhappy, unkempt, and completely
uninterested in memorializing this moment of their lives for all the world to see on
the police blotters. But every now and again, a suspect will line
up for their “perp walk” photos and take the internet by storm with what results from their
snap session. One such is Mirella Ponce, a heavily tattooed
Fresno, California gang member, who was arrested in October 2017 for driving with and concealing
a stolen gun while her baby was in the car with her. She might not be up for any mother of the
year awards after that, but when the police station that took her mugshot posted it to
Facebook, the internet chose to focus on one thing: her looks. Her pic garnered hundreds of shares, almost
2,000 likes, and comments like: “The only crime she committed was stealing
my heart.” “How much Is her bail lol asking for a friend.” “Can we just take a min and admire her brows
tho #onfleek.” ..And … “If she held me at gun point I wouldn’t mind.” Of course, whoever wrote that probably really
would mind, considering the gun was fully loaded. All this attention did not escape Ponce’s
attention. After pleading guilty, she was released and
will receive probation, and she now wants to capitalize on the attention and become
a model. She’s taken some pics for a local semi-professional
photographer, and reportedly has a couple paid modeling gigs lined up. One is with a tattoo studio, and why not? She’s already half-made of ink anyway. She’s just the latest of many unexpectedly
attractive or unusual mugshot subjects who’ve taken the world by storm, so let’s take a
look at some other major mugshots that went viral. Jeremy Meeks When people think of handsome criminals, Jeremy
Meeks likely comes to mind first. He’s the sad-eyed guy with the pouty lips
and chiseled jaw who won over countless people after his 2014 arrest for getting caught with
a firearm, despite being a convicted felon. He was also charged with being in a gang. But after police posted his mugshot to Facebook,
the internet completely exploded with nothing but love for the documented Crips member and
dubbed him the “hot felon.” Although Meeks was sentenced to 27 months
in prison, and served half that time, his fame was still enough to earn him a modeling
contract while he was still in the pen. After his release, he made his runway debut
at New York’s Fashion Week and now travels the globe for his new career. Mekhi Alante Lucky In April 2016, Mekhi Alante Lucky found himself
arrested for motor vehicle larceny and eluding arrest. But then, he lived up to his last name, as
his mugshot became a sensation because of his unique eyes. Due to a disorder called heterochromia, his
eyes are two different colors — one a piercing blue, the other a soulful brown. Add that to his almost-seductive staring into
the police camera, and this face was practically begging to be discovered. After Lucky’s mugshot started making the rounds,
earning him the nickname “Prison Bae,” it caught the attention of a modeling agent who
reached out to him on Instagram and signed him to start a new career wearing clothes
that wouldn’t always be orange. He was quickly booked to walk the runway for
New York’s Fashion Week in 2017 and seems poised to become the next big thing in prison-to-Prada
history. Morgan Joyce Varn A lot of suspects have visible ink in their
booking pictures, but Morgan Joyce Varn took it to a whole other level. When she did her stint in the slammer, she
became notorious for creeping everyone out with her blacked out eyes. In April 2017, Varn was arrested in South
Carolina and charged with kidnapping, armed robbery, and property damage. But it wasn’t her crime that caught the world’s
attention so much as her unusual appearance. Some people have questioned whether or not
Varn actually tattooed her eye whites totally black, but apparently, corneal tattooing is
a legitimate trend for some very brave eyeball enthusiasts. Justin Lamar Richardson Even arrestees get hungry at inconvenient
times. In September 2017, Justin Lamar Richardson
was arrested in North Carolina for violating his probation several times over and told
the officers he was hungry. Deputies then provided him with a basic bologna
sandwich, which Richardson took with him to his close-up session. The police department eventually realized
the sandwich pic wasn’t exactly the most professional look, so they made Richardson take a more
serious shot, but that didn’t stop the internet from eating the picture up. Meagan Simmons Being arrested for DUI is usually not a person’s
finest moment, but Meagan Simmons managed to catch the world’s attention with her ultra-flattering
mugshot from an otherwise awful night. In July 2010, Simmons was busted for driving
under the influence and managed to pull herself together enough to take a pretty picture during
the booking process. “It was eight hours, in and out, but it was
terrible. I would never want to go through that again.” She soon became the subject of several clever
memes and eventually had to sue a company who was selling the image on their products. But she herself wasn’t opposed to the idea
of capitalizing on her viral fame and even considered posing for Play boy. Luciano Gutierrez If there was such a thing as a “Truth in Advertising”
award, then Luciano Gutierrez would be a shoo-in. This suspect’s shot went viral in 2015 after
he wore a shirt in his arrest pic that said more than his face ever could. The Texas man was arrested for DUI, which
is something he was quite experienced with. This was reportedly his ninth arrest for drunk
driving, so it was quite appropriate that he was booked while wearing a T-shirt that
said, “Warning: I do dumb things.” “No s— Sherlock.” Sarah Seawright Another entry into the Mugshot Hall of Fame
is Sarah Seawright, whose attractive booking pic went viral in 2016. Seawright had been arrested for no-showing
a court appearance that was related to a previous arrest. And soon after, the internet responded with
heart emojis galore. Her rap sheet included everything from robbery
to kidnapping to tampering with evidence, but online, her hotness trumped any bad behavior. Sean Kory As successful as Jeremy Meeks was going from
felon to model, he may have competition now. Sean Kory, according to the internet, is the
new Mugshot Hotness. In 2014, Kory was arrested for assault, after
attacking someone going as a Fox News reporter for Halloween. Kory apparently hated the news network, but
political bias or not, he captured the attention of a very adoring public soon after his mugshot
went viral. Luckily for Meeks, though, Kory hasn’t done
much since becoming an internet sensation a few years back. Instead of earning a modeling contract like
his predecessor, Kory has largely disappeared from the public’s attention. Sarah Furay Even the “beautiful” mugshots that go viral
don’t normally feature the suspect smiling. They are, after all, going to jail. Sarah Furay [furr-AYE?] apparently felt differently,
grinning ear-to-ear for her mugshot after her November 2015 arrest for possession of
a bevy of drugs, including cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and more. Her happiness quickly went viral, as sites
started dubbing her the “world’s cutest drug kingpin,” albeit one who was facing a maximum
of 215 years in prison. But not everyone was amused by the attention. Black Lives Matter champion Deray McKesson
and others pointed out the societal consequences of downplaying her charges, and some sites
even had to walk back on their chummy assessments of her situation. All the same, Furay’s smile [probably] subsided
after she was indicted [in-DYE-ted] on four counts for the crime, despite the fact that
her own father was an agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency, which prompted many false rumors of
her being let off the hook without any punishment. Angela Green It takes a certain kind of confidence to get
sassy with the police officials who are taking your mugshot, but Angela Green has more than
enough of it. Green was allegedly staying at an Ohio motel,
and refused to leave at her scheduled checkout time. Cops were summoned, and she was told she would
need to leave or pay for another night. When she refused to do either, they arrested
her. But when it came time to do her mugshot, Green
wasn’t done being unwieldy as she puckered up and gave the camera an epic duckface. Not just any duckface either — hers is one
of the most exaggerated, over-the-top duckfaces that even the Kardashians couldn’t compete
with. “That’s actually — I’m not even mad. That’s amazing.” Once the Police Department uploaded her pic
to their Facebook, her pic began to make the rounds. And while no modeling contract came out of
this one, she also got away with very little punishment. Lucas William Vincent At this point, cops have to know if they put
a weird mugshot online, they’re all but inviting the internet to viralize it. How else to explain Lucas William Vincent,
whose mugshot invited more ear jokes than a roast of Van Gogh? In May 2017, the New Zealander was set to
show up to court on an assault charge, but he didn’t. So, the local police shared his mugshot, which
shows his left ear looking significantly un-whole, like someone took scissors to it. The internet, as you might expect, went crazy,
with comments like: “He’s going to cop an ear full when his mother
finds out about this.” “This is what happens when you live life earresponsibly.” … And… “Does he have any distinguishing features
we should watch for?” Alysa Bathrick As we’ve seen, some people just seem to take
a good mugshot. But rare is the suspect who comes right out
and says it like Alysa Bathrick did. Bathrick was arrested in November 2014 on
charges of attempting to distribute Xanax. Her mugshot might not have gone anywhere,
except that Bathrick herself took to Twitter to talk about it. She posted her booking sheet, along with her
pic, with the following commentary: “Surrendered myself at 7 am, got released at 11:30 am. F— what you heard. And my mugshot’s cute.” Surprisingly enough, people definitely agreed
and commented with lines like, “you got arrested for stealing my heart.” Just a few months later, Bathrick was arrested
again, this time for shoplifting. She didn’t flaunt her cute mugshot the second
time around, and looking at it, you can see why. She still looks roughly the same, but with
just enough resignation in her eyes to suggest she’s over being the “Cute Mugshot Girl” and
would much rather be the “Not Behind Bars Anymore” girl instead. Fidel Gonzalez Gutierrez Last but not least, we know of at least one
guy who’s earned himself a spot on Santa’s naughty list this year. In March, Florida resident Fidel Gonzalez
Gutierrez was taken into custody over several outstanding warrants related to cocaine dealing. And thanks to his very North Pole-esque looking
photo, he inadvertently gifted the world with a flurry of snow-related jokes. “I think I can guarantee a white Christmas.” All that’s missing are some helper elves and
one red-nosed reindeer, but maybe he left them home at the North Pole. Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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