For a red, scratchy, and sore throat, Cilantro Essential oil will help!

October 24, 2019

– Cilantro essential oil. I’m Megan, this is Dr. Jeff. – This is my wife. (laughs) – Today we’re going to get
into the power of cilantro. And to be truthful with
you, I didn’t use this oil for, I mean, since we learned about it. I didn’t, I just thought it was like, herb that you cooked with and I don’t like the taste of it,
so I never wanted to use it. However, cilantro essential
oil is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful
essential oils we have. I like to call it the
life saving essential oil. – Yeah, this is an oil that I always open our live events with because
it gives you insights into how powerful essential oils are, especially when there’s
people that just think, “Oh, essential oils, they smell nice.” – Right.
– Well, they do, but they’re incredibly powerful
because of the chemistry and cilantro is one of my
favorite oils to talk about to really blow people’s
minds on exactly what plant based medicine has the potential of. Cilantro, we sourced it
all the way from Peru, one of our co-impact sourcing models. And it’s loaded with aldehydes. And aldehydes are powerful essential oil molecules that are very effective against a lot of different pathogens
that come into our life. – So, for me, I started using cilantro any time I feel a
challenge with my throat, which was quite often actually, you guys. I would feel a scratchy
sensation, a burning sensation, an itching, something that I
knew was going to turn into something worse if I didn’t
take care of it right away. Now cilantro essential oil
has completely changed that. I get a sore throat, I’m like, “Yes, I get to try cilantro again.” And just know that it’s
going to take care of it. I’m going to start feeling so much better just by ingesting two drops
of cilantro essential oil. Now, the relationship I have with cilantro is very complicated because I am not a fan of the way that it tastes. For me, it’s like eating a bar of soap. I don’t like it. I don’t even like it in my food. But, I know for a fact that I am going to feel much better when I start using this. Cilantro is also in our
immune support blend for that exact reason. ‘Cause you know you’re going
to start feeling better, so we have it along with
clove, oregano, and thyme. Cilantro, those four essential oils are extremely powerful when it comes to supporting a healthy immune system. – The other major molecule in cilantro is surprising to a lot of people who understand essential oils
a bit more, is linalool. A 2015 study in the Journal
of Pharmacy and Pharmacology showed that linalool, as a molecule, is very relaxing to the
smooth muscle in our body. Smooth muscle is the
muscle that is involuntary, it surrounds our vessels,
and it contracts and relaxes based on the signals
we get from our brain. However, linalool is very effective at relaxing smooth muscle
when we’re stressed out, when we’re tense, when
our heart is beating fast. Linalool is a wonderful molecule to help our body calm down,
to help our body relax, to start getting more
oxygen into our tissues and it’s just a powerful
essential oil molecule. We find it in linalool, oh I’m sorry, we find it in petitgrain,
magnolia, lavender, and a lot of essential
oils contain linalool. – Yeah, fun fact for cilantro. The entire plant you can ingest. – Yes.
– And, did you know that the seeds from the cilantro
plant is actually coriander? – No.
– You did. – Are you serious?
– Of course he did. He knows everything, you guys. I did not know that. When I read that, I was
like, “That’s so cool.” – Yeah, it’s awesome. So, you guys, if you haven’t
experienced cilantro before, we highly recommend it. Add it your arsenal. Put it in your health
cabinet in your bathroom. Just have it available because it will save you thousands of dollars in a lot of different
medical trips in the future. Love you guys. Comment below, like, share this video if you found value in it and we can help as many people
as possible around the world.

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