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Food Labeling and the Sugar Epidemic

January 15, 2020

so it’s about twenty years ago we got
these nutrition labels welcome agar program other we get these contrition
labels on packages and a what I think is interesting particularly interesting is that there’s a fair amount of evidence that
there is one thing that has been causing the majority of
cancers in america breast cancer prostate cancer
colon cancer you you name it one thing and one other things the points to their is of a fascinating study that was done with in you it
people on fact before that Frederick Banting was the guy who in
1923 won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of insulin and he came to the conclusion the diabetes
was caused by refined sugar he was the director the Public Health
Institute at Columbia University she’s behaving hander Emerson was the
Director of Public Health is to Columbia University in he reported and forgetting took that report he
reported that diabetes deaths in new york city had
increased 15% fall one thousand five hundred percent since the Civil War as as 1923 the deaths in New York City had gone up four-fold
alone between 1900 1920 400 percent from diabetes and this coincided almost exactly with
an increase in sugar consumption because the ninety-eight the 1890 was
when we first saw the beginning of the sugary the candy industry and the soft drink
industry years ago won the Nobel Prize was pointing that out John Yadkin a leading authority on the in and
nutrition in the United States this was the did a series of studies
back in the nineteen sixties feeding sugar and starch to rodents
chickens pigs rabbits in college students he found that the sugar or not the
starches but the sugar invariably raised blood
levels or something called triglycerides is a fancy word for fats which are we now in our risk factor for
heart disease it also raised insulin levels which tied
sugar back type 2 diabetes another interesting observation I’m
getting but by the way most to this from appease the great odds wrote in The New
York Times on April 13th 2011 titled is sugar toxic the during the korean war path dollars
is doing autopsies he writes on american soldiers killed in battle and most these american soldiers were
teenagers had plaque in the arteries being they
were already on their way to heart disease whereas the koreans that were
killed in battle during the Korean War did not regardless of their age karan’s at that
point in time like japanese were not eating high-sugar diets Americans were there is another study in the nineteen
seventies called the seven countries studies similar results they used to think that
it was fat that was leading to this buildup of heart disease I’m gonna get
to cancer in just a second I get it to the evidence for cancers even stronger but
what they found is that when the when high levels a when high levels of
sugar are introduced in the bloodstream bite like eating a candy bar or eating
something as sweet eating muffins or per I you know pancakes for breakfast or whatever that that hits the liver really fast and the liver response by producing a
type a fat that stays in the liver and you get this fatty liver fatty liver
then causes insulin resistance in fact quoting from the paper the
correlation between liver fat and insulin resistance lean or obese is remarkably strong Sam least 21 sciences bar the barman
Samuel I would it work at Yale School of
Medicine says when you posit bad delivered that’s when you become insulin resistant so what causes fat to
liver to accumulate fat newman’s he raises there’s been it is quite a
very real possibility caused by sugar in fact he notes get a job Raven at
stanford university says your cause insulin resistance in laboratory rats
feat Mr Diana HIF I must and mostly for does the easy way
to do it’s very obvious for dramatic effect or even says these changes can happen in as little as
a week if animals are fed sugar fructose and
high amount sixty to seventy percent their diets but if they if you give them 20 percent
other key at the calories node ID sugar which is the below the American average rats or develop bad deliver insulin
resistance in about two months stop feeding them the sugar and the fatty liver promptly goes away
in with the insulin resistance now this is where it gets really
interesting one other diseases he notes that
increases with instanceof obesity diabetes and metabolic syndrome is
cancer in fact the connection between obesity
diabetes and cancer first reported in 2004 by the World Health Organization is not even considered controversial is
an absolute correlation you’re more likely a cancer if you’re
obese or if you’re diabetic or both or if you have metabolic
syndrome malignant cancer a the second
observation he writes is that malignant cancer like diabetes was relatively rare
disease Impala in populations that didn’t eat with
Western diets and some others populations appear to be
virtually non-existent no cancer at all of any kind in the nineteen
fifties malignant cancer among the in you it for example was deemed sufficiently rare that
positions working in northern Canada were published case reports in medical journals when they diagnose
the same ok ace in 1984 k in for positions published in
else is a thirty years the any idea any way to the folks that
used to be called eskimos rate way up north and as they started to each a a Western
diet lung cancer cervical cancer started
going up but there was still a conspicuous deficit breast cancer rates until the sixties and as the day I became more and more
like the restive North America now they have breast cancer rates that
are at or even above that of people in the in
the the lower forty-eight so I what’s the mechanism well as Gary toms rights in is sugar toxic
cancer researchers now consider the problem insulin resistance is that leaders disagree more insulin
and insulin and at is associate with the grow a hormone
called insulin-like growth factor-i I G H right gf which actually promotes
tumor growth ourselves big come to depend on insulin to grow and multiply and he said it all
it also provides the signal to cells to grow and multiply the more
insulin the better they do and soak in some cancers develop
mutations that actually make them a well you all read some cancers develop
it asians to serve the purpose of increasing the influence about insulin on the cell Thompson believes
that many pre-cancerous cells would never acquire the mutations the
tournament a malignant tumors if they were being driven by insulin to
take up more more blood sugar metabolism at Beth Israel Hospital in in New York
the cancer center there and at Harvard Law School Louis kamli
works in both is as cancers like breast and colon
cancer up to eighty percent of human cancers are driven by the mutations are
environmental factors that enhancer mimic effective in someone on
the incipient tumor subbed so bottom line on a clean shirt back but this is this is the Newman unit
the bottom line years these new nutrition labels that the Obama
Administration’s proposed they will now list added sugar this important stuff E this is the Thom Hartmann program not a lot of other nutrients that I’d
like to know about you know like GM owes and things but added sugar I’m increasingly getting freaked out


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    food labelling is a very basic and reasonable thing to do to keep consumers informed. It is insane to think it hasn't always been that way

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    We must know.the truth about what's in our food

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    @2:01"guy who won the noble prize"   what ws his name

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    great video Mr Hartmann

  • Reply John Smith March 4, 2014 at 9:57 am

    What about artificial sweeteners? Those are worse for your body  

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