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Foam Roller

December 20, 2019

a pain that leads healing,
namaste friends I am Ritesh and today our topic is foam rollers, now foam rollers are also
known as self massage or myofascial release or trigger point release and friends
it’s an alternative medicine therapy yes it’s a therapy
so if we have tightness in the back, tightness in the quads tightness in the
hamstrings or if we have some tightness in any part of the body foam roller is
the way to go so before we proceed with the exercises and understanding what
different sizes of foam rollers are let us first understand what is myofascia
fasciae what is my myofascia, so myofascia is a
thin, tough elastic type of connective tissue it wraps around the structure of
the human body including your muscle so now what happens when the fascia is
tight and why it gets tightened so first before that you need to understand there
are Myofasca slings so if you see this image it’s a sling if you see all
the muscles are connected together the fascia is connected together so any
movement that you’re doing it’s not only one specific muscle but there are
connecting fascia that moves and that is what is your myofascia sling right
so now if I am athlete that means I’m a sports player I might be a marathon
runner, I might be a cyclist or on any sports, if I overuse my muscle the fascia get tightened and adhesion is formed and that is where the foam rollers help you in case your desktop person throughout the
whole day the working in front of the computers once again there is tightness
in your fascia if you are physically stressed if you are mentally stressed
once again there is tightness in your fascia so the best thing is if you take
out ten to fifteen minutes daily and start working on different parts can be
the trapezius, it can be the quads, the quads, it can be any part of the body
friends you feel relief as if you, activate your parasympathetic nervous
system the rest and digest response of your body so friends just 10 to 15
minutes and you agree that’s the reason it is known as a self massage and I’m
going to show you specially at night times when you have a 15 minutes of
massage on the foam roller you will feel like sleeping sleeping gets much quicker
it gives you a very nice feel so friends now in the next we will talk about
different variations and sizes of foam roller now friends let’s talk about variations
in foam rollers, we have a 30 we have a 60 and a 90 centimeter foam roller now
let us see what suits better for me now let’s example if I want to focus on a
specific muscles for example my wing muscle that is my latissimus dorsi or my
glutes or my trapeze in that case at 30 to 60 centimeters foam rollers would be
great, but if you want to actively use those foam rollers for exercises and
especially the exercise for the abdomen that is the core then definitely I will
recommend 90 centimeter foam roller where you can focus on exercises of Pilates and
yoga and let me tell you friends, it’s worth of by 90 centimeter for foam roller the
only reason is you can cover a lot of body area into it at the same time you
can do a lot of balancing exercises for the foam rollers so that is what is with
the 30, 60 and 90 centimeter foam roller apart from the sizes we have different
densities of foam rollers so if I talk about a beginner level this white one
beginner level is great with the pain level of one two fold it’s quite nice
quite comfortable and it’s worth about in case you don’t want to have that much
of pain, so that is your white foam roller we’re talking about the second
one is the medium density foam roller so that is what I have, I mostly focus on a
medium density foam roller it’s something that you can absorb the pain
and you is definitely en joy and this is what I’d recommend with people who have something medium density now the third one is a high density foam roller and
that’s your high density foam roller it’s quite strong it’s quite hard you
will feel a lot of pain but friends there is no pain without gain and also
we have some spiky one so this one has spikes into it that means when you roll
your body on these spike ones you feel intense pain but yes it feels very good
as if someone is giving you a massage on your back
there is one more foam roller that has vibrators into it that means when you do
your self myofascial release the vibration gives a different feeling all
together so friend there are different types there are different variations
there are different sizes whatever you want to focus on or what are you aiming
for that is what you need to go ahead and buy Anyone with tight muscle or muscle not
trigger point chronic pain foam rollers are you friends , it gives you the same
benefit as a sports massage so let us talk about the benefits of foam roller
first and foremost it recovers faster after workout so if you’re a marathon
runner or you are a racquet player might be a tennis or a badminton player or a
cyclist even after that workout use foam runners you recover much faster, it
reduces DOMS that is delayed onset muscle soreness, so if your muscles are
sore after a heavy gym workout then definitely foam rollers are something
that you should focus on also it reduces arterial stiffness so the arteries gets
much more flexible when you’re doing this movement improves flexibility and
range of movements so whenever you are doing a foam roller it is improving the
flexibility and range of movement, also it improves your athletic performance so
definitely as you use foam rollers regularly there is a flexibility there is a range
of movement happening and you feel much relieved you feel much better , also it
improves the it maintains the body’s natural alignment yes your body gets
more natural line because then your muscles are working together and the
muscles are quite flexible, it improves your neuromuscular efficiency that means
the connection between the muscles the nervous system and the muscle works
together so we have the sensory neuron and the motor neuron both works together
in unison, friends there are much more benefits of foam rollers and as it when
you practice you will realize a whole lot of a difference, so that was the
benefits of foam brothers, friends in case you liked my video don’t forget to
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    Good to see this video Ritesh. Looking forwarding to see more videos from you.

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    Nice shown!! Nice explained

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    Didn’t know this was a therapy! Great video Ritesh . Love the science piece!

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