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Flu virus hits hard from coast to coast

November 6, 2019

with more details twenty gregory and planning of officials are
calling this one of the worst outbreak of the flu and years with a more than one hundred fifty
people have got across the state including two children purposes are now
warning to be cautious to keep you and your kids healthy something as simple as washing your
hands could be worked a few okay with the flu virus making its way across
the nation killing in hospital i think people from coast to coast leon county
health administrator of home runs this you’re sick you want to take care of
yourself to make sure to be intrigued plenty of
fluids you want to stay away from people who are safer who you might get the flew
to heat in daycare cited this in there to make
an immediate contacting comical once about the daycare so that’s why it can
be directed don williams is on the lookout for a_t_t_ to show
severe symptoms we watch for primarily as children are behaving lesson normally
dale on and then will be feeling their
foreheads taking their temperatures calling parents williams says the
state’s pretty much but i think we use clorox wipes we have the children wash their hands
all day long after act after all activities before the eat after they
have any money coming from outside children especially don’t a cover coughs and sneezes with an adult
will they also attended cough into their
hands was alone and they touch for what he says that they’re kami
they’ll continue to do their best to keep all of their kids now flu shots are still available at
health clinics across the county if you’re interested in getting a shot
for yourself or for your child eleven in these are written down seventy excel in
some twenty-seven dedicated to you

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