Flu vaccine and nursing homes: New results from the National Poll on Healthy Aging

December 8, 2019

(bright music) We seek to get good vaccine coverage in order to try to prevent flu and prevent flu complications, particularly in the
most vulnerable groups. And in this case we
wanna protect the elderly because they’re the ones that are most likely to have complications. It’s important that
everyone that interacts with them including healthcare workers as well as visitors,
families, and other people. If we can vaccinate those groups we can help prevent transmission. In this case we found that there is a lot of support for mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers. In fact more than 90% of respondents felt that healthcare workers in both nursing homes and assisted
living should be vaccinated. Although it should be a given that people working with the most
vulnerable older adults should protect themselves
and the people around them by getting vaccinated it isn’t clear that this is happening
and if nursing facilities were to look at what hospitals have done with great success making it universal, and making it easy, and providing vaccine should help improve these rates. (bright music)

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