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Flu Vaccination is the Best Protection Against Influenza

October 24, 2019

[Jill Promoli]
Earlier this year we very suddenly lost our two year old son. He woke up with a low grade fever, and he
was OK. We put him down for a nap, just like every
day and we never saw him alive again. Almost four months later we got the final
results letting us know that he died of Influenza B. Even though he had been vaccinated, of
course, we know that vaccines aren’t always 100 per cent and they work the best when more
people participate. Unfortunately his body didn’t develop immunity
to the flu the way we would have hoped from his shot, so we lost him. What we’re hoping is that if we get out and
talk about then maybe this year more people will get their flu shots and more people will
consider staying home when they’re get sick. And, I think we sometimes don’t realize how
serious the flu can be and how quickly it can be passed to someone just around us. [Michelle DiEmanuele]
It’s really simple for me on why I get the flu shot. I get the flu shot because I have two daughters. I get the flu shot for my spouse. I get the flu shot for the colleagues that
I work with each and every day. I get the flu shot for everybody I shake
a hand of. I get the flu shot for you. That’s why we are here today. It’s about your health. Peter Fonseca:
I am the father of ten year old twin boys and I’ve been so inspired by Jill’s story
and what she is doing – her advocacy, her courage, her commitment, her dedication – in
making sure that everyone gets the flu shot. [Chief Jennifer Evans]
So why is the Chief of Police here getting her flu shot. Because the police focus on a safer community
but we also focus on healthy communities. So as a member, as police leader and as a
police officer I have daily contacts with people. So, I’m getting the flu shot this year, like
every year, to prevent myself from getting sick as well as others. This vaccination is going to keep others healthy
and safe. [Dr. Monica Hau]
The groups of people who are at the highest risk of being severely affected by the flu
include young children under the age of five, pregnant women, the elderly and those with
chronic health conditions such as heart and lung diseases. [Michelle DiEmanuele]
That was well done. (Laughter) Are you sure you weren’t a doctor
or nurse in your other life? (Laughter)
[Dr. Monica Hau] It’s important to get the flu shot every year
because the circulating viruses can change and the flu vaccine contains three or four
strains to get a broad range of protection. [Dipika Damerla]
We made it easy, we made it free. I’m really, really proud as an Ontarian at
the great work that our public health units do. [Dr. Monica Hau]
The flu vaccine is readily available throughout the region of Peel at no cost and can be found
at your doctor’s office and walk-in clinics for everyone six months of age and older and
at pharmacies for people five years and older. [Jill Promoli]
We’re really grateful that people are willing to let us get out and talk about him and hopefully
by hearing his story people will think more about what they can do to help prevent other
families from going through something like this.


  • Reply Tom Jones February 26, 2017 at 10:26 pm

    This child died of the flu after being  vaccinated for the flu this video says.  This video also carefully did not say so, but if you have followed this story you will see that this child's sister also got the flu after getting the flu shot.
    -Type into Google "Trillium partners donations from GSK"  and you will see that Glaxo Smith Kline is a proud sponsor, giving about a million dollars a year to this company.   GSK is one of the manufactures of the flu shot.
    I wonder if this poor lady knows she is shilling for the pharmaceuticals. 
         Most vaccines are okay, but the flu shot should be canceled.   Its amazing how everyone in this video is totally sucked in, probably because they have never done the research. They assume Health Canada knows what it is doing.
    -The flu shot does not even work in kids under 2.  
    –  See heading "Children"
    Much more on this and the silly flu shot at this interesting site.
    The people in this video want to use my family as a shield to protect their kid. Read at above site what happens when you start taking flu shots every year. also see below for starters.
    you actually look at the stats, there is only 10 to 18 kids deaths(ages 0 to 18) a year in Canada. So we want to vaccinate 35 million people with a flu shot that works less than 50% effective at its best.  How many of those 10 to 18 kids deaths are under 3 years old? How many would we save vaccinating a nation?  2 of them?
      This link, page 5, shows Ontario has about 5 serious adverse events per million for the flu shot. Remember there is 90% under reporting to this data base.
    –  This just out, flu shot 42% effective this year in Canada for 2017 season.

  • Reply Za ch March 19, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    Big Pharma's victim. Nobody went to jail for herchild's murder.

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