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Flu vaccination and pregnancy – Free flu shots for pregnant women. Booster one

November 5, 2019

(calm music) – Hello, I’m Norman Swan,
with an important message to support a Tonic TV campaign that’s occurring in your waiting room. Only around a third of pregnant women receive influenza immunisation. That means two thirds
are extremely vulnerable to serious illness themselves,
not to mention their babies. The World Health Organisation
and an Australian expert group recommend that pregnant women are a high priority for
influenza immunisation. – Pregnant women who have influenza are five times more likely to end up in ICU than non-pregnant women. Influenza infection during pregnancy can lead to premature delivery, and even death in newborns
and very young babies. We now all understand how
important it is to immunise pregnant woman against
Pertussis, which is great, but influenza is also very serious for pregnant women and their babies, and causes even more
hospitalizations and deaths. Influenza immunisation
in pregnancy is safe, and it offers the young
babies over 60% protection. It’s best given before
the flu season starts, but you can immunise pregnant
women against influenza later in the year, and later in pregnancy, and it will still give some protection. The most important thing
is to offer the vaccine during pregnancy to any mom
who hasn’t been immunised. Pregnant women are significantly
more likely to accept influenza immunisation
if their obstetrician, GP, or midwife recommends it. Influenza immunisation
should be a routine part of antenatal care. (calm music)

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