FLU SYMPTOMS and flu side effects

October 13, 2019

– And then, the following morning, woke up and what happened? You couldn’t walk. So, she couldn’t walk and
it’s a side effect of the flu. (playful music) – [Dean] So, this is something that I got for you for your 50,000th. – Oh! – There you go.
– You little bugger. Oh, geez! Is it delicate? – [Dean] I don’t know, maybe. Maybe it’s not even the right package. – [Amanda] Oh my God! That’s awesome! – [Dean] Isn’t that beautiful? – That’s Brie! – [Dean] That’s Brie Hatton. – Aw! – Look how beautiful it is.
– That is so cool. – [Dean] So, it’s Homer
Winslow’s Fog Warning. – Yeah! – [Dean] Redone as you and Esme and it’s, this is a social media platform. Which happens to look
like YouTube but is not. (laughs) And it’s like you’re chasing the YouTube dream with your kids in tow
and Jackie in the carrier and all the groceries and stuff. Isn’t that beautiful? But doesn’t that represent all
the YouTubers’ mom’s dreams to kinda go, you know what,
we’re in this stormy sea and here comes the fog
rolling and I’m chasing– – That’s so awesome!
– Isn’t it beautiful? – I’m gonna get all messy now. (laughs) It’s so good! – [Dean] Are you crying? – Yeah! (kissing) – [Dean] Brie, I think Amanda wants to give you a smooch as well. (laughs) – It’s so pretty.
– Isn’t it though? I thought it was very inspiring. – Nobody does nice stuff like that for me. Thanks! – [Dean] Well Brie does. – Yeah, she does. – [Dean] Yeah. (sighs) – [Amanda] I will link
Brie’s channel below. That is beautiful. I don’t want to like cry on it. Oh my gosh. – [Dean] Isn’t it? – [Amanda] This is what
sick days look like. You’re so cute, Jackie. You’re so. Look at that face. He knows I’m watching. We are playing old school– – Pick a letter! – [Amanda] Hangman. Okay. Um, E. – No. – [Amanda] No? – I just had to think.
(laughs) – [Amanda] That’s okay. This is a fun game ’cause you
get to practice your spelling. And we get to spend time
together so that’s fun. Okay, no E. How ’bout O? – No. – [Amanda] Gosh darn it. (coffee brewing) Alright, so what have you got there? – Read it. – [Amanda] It says Horror Slime. – No, it’s, there’s another
kind, it’s not called horror. – [Amanda] Show me how it stretches out. Ew, gross. – There’s even bugs in it. – What? Show me what you like to do
with it in the container. Maybe you’re feeling, maybe you
ate too many beans that day. (farting) Ooh, excuse you. (laughs) It’s Thursday, isn’t it? You finally went back to school today. How was it? – Good. – Nuts, well listen, I
have a story for them. Do I ever. Little miss, you probably
know this already if you follow me on
Instagram, but she just got over the flu and she finally
went back to school today. You missed nearly a week of school. Well no, I guess it fell over the weekend. So like, three, four days of school. But basically, Esme got
the flu or just a fever. And I know this flu was
coming in varying forms but she got the flu. And then four days of a fever and then you woke up on the
fifth day she was feeling good. Fever had subsided, we were
outside, went for a walk. Even I think that was the last
day of my last week’s vlog. And then, the following morning, woke up and what happened? You couldn’t walk. So she couldn’t walk. It was a very bizarre
side effect of the flu where sometimes kids, I
think between the ages of three and eight,
maybe a little bit older. I’ll give you the name,
I will link it below for more information; I am no doctor. But this is basically what happens is they get this swelling of the hip joint which appears like their legs are sore because they can’t put pressure
on their legs and walk. And it’s a side effect of the flu, of the viral bacteria
of that viral bacteria. Not bacteria, infection. So, that was bizarre. Ended up in the ER with
daddy on family day. So on Monday of this week. So it’s fun in my house and it’s Thursday and just trying to survive. That’s a bit os a chatty
start to this video but I’m gonna sit down with a coffee and I’ve got some things to plan out. I’ve got Dean’s schedule from March. So I like to put his stuff
into my calendar so I know what’s going on and I can
make my plans for the month. Oh, and like nobody cares,
but I also have a cold. And I decided to take the
afternoon off yesterday. So I just laid horizontal on the sofa and just felt sorry for myself. But I still worked out, I don’t know. I handle colds a little differently than some people in my house, so. Okay, planning time. (relaxing music) I am like horrified by the amount of laundry and also the
disaster of my basement. But, seriously? Ah! I mean, the volume of that laundry. That’s a bit much, even for
me, and I’m pretty chill. I’m doing a face mask. I’m gonna have a hot bath and I’m going to lay horizontal on my
sofa which is like my new favorite place to chill
is like right there. We’re gonna get there,
we’re gonna get there. And it’s Friday tomorrow so
it’s Esme’s last day of school. We’re gonna have a relaxing weekend. We’re planning out Jack’s birthday. Actually, this weekend is Beau’s birthday. So, Joanna from Nesting Story’s daughter. And Esme and I are going,
so that should be fun. I haven’t seen Joanna in forever. God, I feel like I haven’t
seen anybody in forever. Anyway, enough complaining;
I hate complaining. It annoys me when I complain. So, I’ll wrap it up, I’ll
see you tomorrow okay? ‘Kay, thanks. Well, we are day three for Jack’s fever. He seems to now have what Esme had before. So he’s been down and out. Yesterday, he only ate lunch
and he wouldn’t eat anything. And I was like, “Will you eat pizza?” Yeah, so ordered pizza and
he had a couple pieces. That’s all he ate the whole day. He now says he’ll eat some sausages so I have made some sausages there. And I’m having some avocado on toast. I gotta film a little something today and I’m hoping to make
it to my workout class but I don’t know, we’ll have
to see how Dean’s feeling. If he can take care of Jack while I go. (upbeat jazz music) A little change of plans. The sick one woke up; he’s having lunch. And it’s just over the
timeframe where I can get to a workout class at noon. So I’m heading there in a few minutes. (sighs) I think I’ll feel really good about that. So my video will be a
little bit later today, but honestly, it’s worth it. Getting that work out in is
just gonna like clear my mind and set me off on the
right foot for the day. I’m excited. I’m about to go downstairs and watch a really fun show on
Netflix with kids and Dean. It’s like this kind of weird
spin on Red Riding Hood. Anyway, everyone is
been under the weather. Like Dean and Jack slept the entire day. I made it to a workout
class, filmed, edited and uploaded a video
today, little Q and A. They yelling at me? Hard to know. Anyway, everyone’s kinda feeling better so we’re gonna go watch a show. But like, I haven’t left this house. I have not done much. I’m hoping tomorrow’s better. Alright, they’re calling me. How’re you feeling? – Not good. – Everyone’s just chilling out. Dean’s kinda, he’s got his cold. We’re just chilling out a little bit before we head upstairs to bed. Downside, or maybe a
perk, of not having a TV in our living room is
that we get to kinda watch what we want on our iPads. I don’t mind that to be honest. So I am going to be making
some overnight oats. And it’s 8:30 right now. It’s Friday so we’re not
in a rush to get to bed, but in the next 20 minutes or so. But I am going to my
workout class at eight a.m. And the reason I like
this class on Saturdays is it’s really heavy
cardio and it kicks my ass. And I don’t love doing that but afterwards you feel so damn good. And it’s not the type of
workout I would ever like expose myself to regularly. So, like on my own so it’s gonna be good. Anyway, overnight oats time. And I’m making a strawberries
and cream version. And Dean’s gonna have some too so I’ll make a double dose. This time, I am using some almond milk. It calls for a little bit of yogurt. God, what did he do with my chia seeds? That’s pretty much it. And you add some chopped strawberries. Seriously don’t know
where the chis seeds are. Oh, spoke too soon, I
found them way at the back. Hold on, okay, there we go. Here is what we got so far. We have the oats, a liquid
which is the almond milk, a little bit of vanilla
yogurt which will naturally sweeten it up with the strawberries, and then I’m gonna add a
tablespoon of chia seeds, and maybe a touch more liquid. Just because the chia
seeds tends to soak up some of that liquid. So I like it to be a
little bit runny at night, so that in the morning it’s still liquidy. I don’t like a super thick overnight oat. And that’s it. So, super easy and it’s
a nice refreshing snack before I head to the gym
for my workout class. And look, you don’t have to have all the right mason jars to eat your overnight oats. You make it work. And that’s it, you let it sit overnight and you’re good to go. (upbeat music) – [Amanda] Get in my belly. (laughing) Oh my god, it looks so good. Mmm. I put a ridiculous amount
of cinnamon in my smoothies. Love it! So, these two are having their breakfast. Good morning, darling, good morning. Hello to you. – I still feel like a bread doll. – A bread doll? Watch out, I’m gonna eat ya. Esme and I are heading over
to a birthday party today. – It’s a reptile party!
– It’s a reptile party. I got my workout in, I’m feeling good. I’m gonna have my smoothie
and them finish off my oats. ‘Cause I had like three quarters of the oats before the class this morning. Yeah, it felt really
good starting the weekend on the right foot. – [Animal Caretaker] Now
these guys also require a lot of space and a lot of food. – So we are at Joanna’s
house from Nesting Story, she’s back there doing some work. But we’re at Beau’s birthday party and Beau had reptiles and fuzzy animals and all sorts of cool things so Jack and I watched from the back and Esme got to pet a bunch
of them which was so cool. We’re just happy to have left the house. You feel better? There she is, the birthday
girl, hi birthday girl! I like all the animal themes. Well, hello guys, happy Sunday. It’s a beautiful mild day and we went for a nice walk
this morning with the dog. And then we went for lunch. – [Jack] I’m gonna shoot somebody. – No. So I’m just about to sort some
of the recycling and stuff. Oh, Mister Mister. Just causing trouble. So anyway, that’s what I’m up to. Got all of our bins our here and then giant pile of recycling. I keep my recycling in a big black bin because we don’t have a garage. I don’t want it to just sit in these bins in the snow and in the
rain and get all gross. I don’t know, it’s just a thing. I don’t like it, so I put it in here and I sort it the night before. So that’s it. Hello. (chattering) Oh, really? What have you got in your hands, there? Oh, stick. Jackie quite likes shooting zombies, so. He found this. That’s pretty cool; nature made it. Anyway, but guns are
just for zombies, right? – Yeah.
– Just pretend. Well, I’m just gonna sit here and watch them play on their bikes. So these are, what are these called? Blundstones, bought these
maybe two years ago now. They’re getting pretty scuffed up. I’m thinking I might get
a new pair for the spring. We’ll see, or a new style of boot. I think I’m in the mood for some new boots or I could also just give these some love. Really, I should probably just do that. ‘Cause worn in boots are kind of awesome. Yeah, I’m a pretty big fan of boots pretty much any time of year. So easy to put on, comfortable; I like. However, this is weird, this is like a Blundstone review now. But if you do get Blundstones,
you need to get the inserts. Like not the Blundstone
inserts necessarily, but just like the ones
that make you feet hot that go on the inside ’cause they get a little chilly otherwise. Anyway, just kickin it here. Doing a little bit of editing. The kids are just chilling
in the living room with snacks and iPads momentarily. And I’m going to quickly
whip up a smoothie here. What I love about this
smoothie in particular is to me it’s dessert ’cause I love dates. It’s got that lovely
like the walnuts in there which are really good for you. A banana, and what’s it called, I was gonna say yogurt
milk, nope that’s not it. Almond milk in this one
and those are things I would never just drink on it’s own. So that’s why I love
smoothies ’cause I feel like it’s a sneaky way to
get things into my diet that I normally wouldn’t
just sit down and eat. And when I originally started making this, I was putting in a little
bit of vanilla extract but I find it sweet enough. The vanilla just doesn’t do it for me. A lovely little treat. So I’m gonna finish
editing, I got tomorrow’s video all up and ready to rock. Which I’m really surprised and also if you missed Monday’s
video, you’re gonna wanna go and watch it ’cause I lightly got into a bunch of shit for it. But it’s worth it so go watch it. Link up there, or up here,
I never know which side. Oh, that’s a good girl. (upbeat music) Tonight, I sat down and
did homework with Esme ’cause we made a promise to
each other, a pledge really, that on Friday we were like, we’re going to do homework this weekend. I think with everyone
being sick for a while, we just like haven’t made time for it. And also she just wasn’t
interest in the homework part. She been doing the home reading, but homework isn’t interesting her. I guess they give you like home fun, which I think is the dumbest thing ever. What’s wrong with the word work? Nothing, we all have to do
it, it can be enjoyable. And so tonight we finally did some. And it felt really good
and I’m so impressed with her reading. Like, a total mom moment, But she’s reading books,
hold on I’ll show you, with lots and lots of writing. And she got through it tonight and sometimes like if we
start home reading too late in the evening, she’ll get overwhelmed ’cause she’ll all those words
and just be like, “I can’t.” But tonight I changed the set up. We sat on the sofa and it
was like far more casual. We had the dog with us and
she just whipped through it and didn’t even miss a beat. Like there was a couple of
words that tripped her up. So proud of her, like she’s really, I’m just really proud of her. Hi, let’s walk. She needs us to walk with her. Come on! (laughing) We’re out walkin’ on a beautiful day. How’re you feeling today? – I’m pretty good. How’re you? – I’m good. – That’s good. – I was telling you guys last night that I was gonna go to an
early morning workout class and I went; I feel really good. I also feel like I’ve bought time ’cause now I have the
rest of the afternoon to just do whatever. It’s really fun. It’s a gorgeous day, such a pretty day. The ground’s a bit muddy in some places but I ain’t made of sugar so it’s fine.
– Oh, look at the beautiful stream, Nora. Do you wanna drink? – Look at the pretty stream. She’s like, “I don’t know
what your talking about.” Anyways, we’re just
hanging out a little bit. Kids are off at school. Talking about fun things, but I guess I’ll wrap up the vlog now. So I hope you guys have a great week, subscribe if you’re new, and I’ll see you on Friday Bye! – Bye friends. – [Amanda] Bye friends. (upbeat music)

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