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Flu shot: What to know

October 22, 2019

Flu season is coming up, so we’re gonna
talk about the flu shot because we need to be getting our flu shots now, so that
we’re ready for when the virus comes around. It is important for everybody to
get their flu shot every year. The virus does change from year to year, so you
need to be immune to this year’s flu. It is important for young, old, healthy
people to all get their flu shots. It is important to get it even if you’re
healthy because it will prevent yourself from having complications or even
getting sick and it will help prevent you from spreading it around to other
people. It is not true that you can get the flu from the flu shot. You get
flu-like symptoms sometimes; fevers, chills, aches, cough things like that but
that is just your body mounting an immune response to the shot, which is
what we want you to do, so when you’re exposed to the virus you don’t actually
get sick. So it’s important to contact your doctor and go out to the local
clinics and get your flu shots and become immunized so we can all be

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