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Flu Shot | Should I Get A Flu Shot | Are There Any Flu Shot Side Effects

October 23, 2019

Flu can be very unpleasant but if you’re
otherwise fit and healthy it usually lasts about a week or two but if you are
in a risk group it can make you more at risk of potentially serious
complications of flu and nobody wants that in this week’s video I’m going to
make you a flu vaccine pro now you may be wondering who is in the at-risk group
well it’s quite a big list which includes over 65s pregnant women people
living in residential homes people with learning disabilities and certain
medical conditions like asthma COPD diabetes and many more I will leave a
full list in the description below now if you a loved one a family member
anyone you know is in the at-risk group it’s recommended that you have the flu
vaccine every single year to protect yourself now you may be thinking to
yourself with Abraham protect me from what
what do I need protecting from well I’m going to tell you because if you are in
the at-risk group and you get flu you’re certainly a much higher risk of
developing serious complications one of which for example is pneumonia a
lung infection and in the UK on average flu kills about 8,000 people per year
now if you’re watching this video and you live in the UK well the good news is
that the NHS flu vaccine is available every year free of charge for anyone who
is in the at-risk group and you can get this vaccine at your local pharmacy is
surgery all of this is provided free of charge by the NHS so you now know the
background you know the complications of flu and you also know the importance of
getting the flu vaccine but what about the flu vaccine itself because I’m sure
you’ve got lots of questions about it and I know just the person to speak I’ve
decided to get some help from a good friend of mine which you’ll most likely
know from a popular TV show called GPs behind closed doors
his name is Dr. Amir Khan and I’ve come to his surgery to find out more I’ve
come with questions the viewers want answers so let’s just dive in so if
question what how effective is the flu vaccine the flu vaccine works better in
some years than in others the problem is the virus keeps changing so it’s
difficult to predict last year in the UK the vaccine prevented 60% of cases of
flu in adults aged over 65 yes so last year there was actually two types of flu
vaccines and for those aged over 65 they were offered the trivalent flu vaccine
with an adjuvant and under 64 who were in the at-risk group
offered a quadrivalent flu vaccine and the results are pretty good so far
that’s correct adjuvants helped lengthen and strengthen your immune
response to a vaccine and they shown to make vaccines more effective in older
adults that’s fantastic and this helps lead me
on to my next question which is all about ingredients what’s in these
vaccines are they harmful at all well vaccines contain tiny quantities of
substances which are found naturally in the body for example many vaccines
contain salts such as sodium and potassium which help regulate the
acidity of a vaccine other ingredients help preserve and stabilize the vaccine
whilst improving your immune response to it
so to summarize are the ingredients harmful for our body no are the
ingredients normal for our body yes which they’ve notes my next question how
safe is the flu vaccine well just like everything in life the flu vaccines do
carry some risks but most of these risks are fairly minor such as swelling or
redness at the injection site mild fevers nothing serious
severe reactions to the vaccines are rare I think in general very few people
are unable to get flu vaccine however it is worth mentioning that if you do have
an egg allergy it’s worth letting your healthcare professional know just so that
they can give you a suitable vaccine I think it might also be useful to put
more information in the description about this yes that’s a great idea
vaccines are currently the best defence that we have against flu which is why
public health England the medical community all agree that if you are
eligible to get the free NHS vaccine then please get vaccinated
now you can get vaccinated at your local pharmacy or your local GP surgery and I
guess you are now a flu vaccine pro so welcome to the club you now know all
about it’s complications who’s at risk and all
about the flu vaccine too – so spread your knowledge tell your friends tell your
family tell your loved ones tell everyone always remember that you’re
awesome and I will see you next week i don’t if you can hear it but there’s an
alarm going off right now and it’s not stopped oh it just stopped (laughing) (whispering) i feel like we are revising for an exam i know it feels like it (laughing) we don’t want to distract each other we are like whispering (laughing)
you maybe thinking to yourself but what do we need protecting from protecting from well I’m going to tell you what you need
protecting from you need protecting from the flu hey guys thanks for watching this
week’s video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe button now to
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