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Flu shot facts for the 2014/2015 season – ADC Video

November 4, 2019

The CDC recommends everyone six months an older to get the flu vaccine yearly as the first line of defense. Healthy adults usually recover from the flu. High risk populations like older adults over 65, young children, pregnant women, and those with chronic conditions really need to get the flu vaccine… because they could have serious complications from getting the flu itself. The flu vaccine has come a long way. Ten years ago I got the vaccine and kind of got the flu-like symptoms and thought I will never get it again. I got gotten it in recent years, especially having young children myself, and I have not gotten sick. The vaccine has an inactive virus, so it should not cause you to have the flu itself. Sometimes people may experience flu-like symptoms, but even in that case it is very mild and it is only for a couple of days, if that. ADC’s vaccine is a quadrivalent, so it protects against four different strains of the flu virus that are most commonly seen. That’s four different strains that it protects against. Most of the vaccines here, especially in the travel clinic, are thimerosal-free. You can ask the physician’s office that you are in whether of not the vaccine contains thimerosal. If it does, it contains a very trace amount. But here in the travel clinic, and probably most areas, the vaccine will be thimerosal-free. You can go to any physician’s office here in ADC during regular business hours to get the flu vaccine. That is for any adult 18 and older. If you already have a scheduled appointment with your physicians you can request it at that time. You can also visit ADC EasyCare on weekends in in the evening. The vaccine is 30 dollars or we can file it to your insurance. I think it is very important to get the vaccine. Most healthy adults can recover, but who wants to go through two or three weeks down and sick? It is really important to get vaccinated and get the children vaccinated. And the main thing is if you are sick, stay at home — that way it will not spread. []

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