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Flu Shot Clinic at Fairfax High School

October 21, 2019

flu shots to our community.
It is part of a statewide emergency preparedness
exercise that we are participating in as a
health department. And the purpose of these types of
exercises is to test our ability to respond to a
public health emergency. So in this case we are kind of
testing our ability to respond in the event of
something like a pandemic flu incident where we would
need to get large amounts of vaccine out to the
community in a timely manner. And so this is an
ability to test that as well as to give flu shots
to our community in time for flu season. So it is
really a great opportunity to do both things at the
same time. Put your hand there. Now when I move it,
do you feel it? So obviously the most
important thing people can do is to get a flu vaccine
every year to protect themselves and their loved
ones from the flu. But beyond that we also
encourage people to take everyday precautionary
measures like washing their hands throughout the day,
covering their coughs and sneezes, staying home if
they have symptoms of the flu, seeking medical
attention right away if they have some symptoms
that can be treated. So all of those things are also
important to prevent the spread of the flu in the
community. Flu is a very serious illness and it
causes hospitalizations and even deaths every year. So
it is really important that people take those
precautions and first and foremost, getting that flu
vaccine because it will provide the best protection
against the flu virus. Other people may be more
vulnerable to getting serious complications and
that includes very young children, older adults and
people who have compromised immune systems. So when you
get that vaccine you are not only protecting
yourself, you are protecting those around you
who may be more vulnerable to serious complications
from the flu.

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