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Flu Season STINKS for Parents! | Dude Dad

December 9, 2019

– Here’s the illustration. This is a pool of germs
and this is my toddler. (nails rattling) Gross.
(energetic rock music) What’s up, welcome back to Dude Dad. Today we’re gonna be talking
about kids getting sick and how it’s the worst.
(banging) So I’ve been a parent
just over three years now. And I would say, probably
outta those three years, my kids have been sick, I
don’t know, 4,000 times. Whether it’s a cold or the
flu, or the stomach bug, my kids catch these things
like it’s their job, and my kids have a good work ethic. Now I’ve always been keen to the idea of letting your kids get dirty to help build their immune systems, but I swear to the diaper gods, if I have to miss another day
of work because of a sick kid, I’m gonna become a brand
ambassador for hand sanitizer. Lather it up until your hands get numb, that’s how you know you got enough. And kids suck at being sick. They won’t drink fluids, they
don’t like taking medicine, and they have no idea how to puke because they haven’t been to college. You know you’ve earned your parent badge when you celebrate them throwing
up on the hardwood floor because it didn’t hit the carpet. That’s our victory.
(children yelling). But, germs are the one thing
that kids are good at sharing. Here’s what my kids look
like every time they’re sick. (coughing) (sneezing and sniffing) (spoons clacking) (drawer banging) Our kids are at daycare,
three days-a-week, which is just enough time for them to catch whatever
it is that’s there, bring it home, pass it on to us, get sick, and then take it back in a new formation.
(metallic banging) And they’re never sick at the same time. It’s almost like they get
together and work out a schedule. Now everybody, just stick
to your scheduled days so we can get the whole work week, okay? Oh and then remember, mom and dad got some
big plans for Saturday, so let’s hit ’em with a
double-header of vomit and diarrhea. Every time they get sick, it throws an entire wrench
in our lives, as parents, because we might have
a million things to do, but when they get sick,
you have to drop everything because they can’t go to daycare and they have to stay home with you. And it feels like it
happens every single week! (sighing) But here’s what I’ve learned from that. So the other day, my
daughter Juno got sick and she had to stay home with me but I like just took her
older brother to daycare, ’cause I’m like, if I
only have one of ’em, maybe I can still get some stuff done. So it’s just me and her at home and I’m sitting on my computer
trying to get some work done and she’s laying on the bed behind me, and it’s just quiet. (gentle guitar music) And I realized that that was
the first time, in a long time, that I had spent one-on-one
time with my daughter. And it sorta made me stop, you know? Like work will always be there, but this is the last day that we will have with
our kids, at this age. They develop so fast at this young age that they literally
change every single day. And sometimes it takes a
cold for us to realize that. Get out the popsicles, turn on the movie, and just cuddle up and hope that they puke
on the hardwood floor. (energetic rock music) – [Toddler] Da do da do da do, I play– (baby babbling)
at the (squealing)
(Taylor laughing) (baby babbling)

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