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Flu Season: Myths and Must Haves

October 23, 2019

Hey! I’m Dr. Katie! And I’m Dr. Alison. And I’m just Carrie. And we’re the sisters of Forever Freckled. And we’re so excited today to be teaming up with the Boogie Wipes brand to break down the myths and the must haves of flu season. So, I’m going to be showing my sisters a bunch of products that are thought to help flu-like symptoms. And they’re going to tell me if it is a myth, meaning you don’t need it, or is it an absolute must have, meaning you need it in your house for flu season. Are you girls ready? We’re ready! Ok, girls. First up is Elderberry. What do you think? Well, I definitely know this one because you’re my sister. And I use it all the time in my house. So, I’m going to go with a must have. I’m going to agree. Katie put this in our brains. We need Elderberry for our children. Absolutely! If you know me, you know my love affair with Elderberry. It has been used since ancient times as an anti-viral to fight the flu. It is immune boosting. It’s amazing as a daily supplementation. Ask your pediatrician first for dosing. But it’s an absolute must have. [clapping] Next up, girls… grape juice. What do you think? Doesn’t sound right to me. I’m going with myth. I’ve actually been reading a lot about this on mommy blogs. So, I’m going to go opposite of Carrie and go with a must have. Well, you would be wrong, Alison. The answer is myth. I thought you were the doctor, Alison! Unfortunately, it’s been getting a lot of media attention lately that if you drink grape juice when you’re exposed to the stomach flu, that it will prevent you from getting the stomach flu because it changes the pH in the stomach. But unfortunately there’s really no research that backs this, so this is going to be a myth. OK, girls. Up next… salt water. What do you think? I’m going to go with a must have I’ve been using salt water for years when I have a sore throat and it really helps. I think I’m going to go against you on this one and say myth. So actually it is a must have! Carrie, did you know that salt water is actually saline, and saline is one of the most important ingredients in our favorite brand, the Boogie Wipes brand! It’s in their nasal spray, their wipes, and in their Boogie Drops. And the saline helps to break down the boogers and really help with nighttime cough. So, it’s an absolute must have. [clapping] What about honey? I am definitely going to go with a must have for honey. I think I’m going to agree with Alison. I’m going to say must have. Yup, we’ve been using honey forever to treat cough. It coats the throat and really helps to prevent cough. [clapping] Last one, girls! Pineapple. I’m going to say myth on this one. I’m actually not sure but I think I’m going to do must have because I’ve been hearing a lot about pineapple lately. So, it actually lives somewhere in the middle. It’s a great source of Vitamin C and there’s an enzyme in it called bromelain. They think it can break down congestion and help with inflammation. So, it’s worth a try! Must have. [clapping] Ok, so your must haves. Elderberry. Natural saline. The Boogie Wipes brand: spray, wipes and drops. Honey. And pineapple. I hope you guys learned a lot today. We had so much fun. [upbeat music]

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