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Flu Season deaths already reported: Locals get free shots to prepare

October 10, 2019

IT’S OCTOBER, SO THAT MEANS FLU SEASON IS OFFICIALLY HERE— AND IT CAN BE A LOT MORE SERIOUS THAN JUST A FEW RUNNY NOSES…. OUR SYDNEY STALLWORTH TELLS US HOW PEOPLE IN MADISON COUNTY ARE TRYING TO STAY SAFE. 3 LL:THE FLU—A COMMON ILLNESS. BUT, ONE THAT COULD HAVE DEADLY CONSEQUENCES. FOLKS IN MADISON COUNTY AREN’T TAKING A CHANCE THIS SEASON. THE CDC REPORTS, LAST YEAR WAS THE LONGEST FLU SEASON IN RECENT HISTORY WITH 42.9 MILLION CASES— RESULTING IN UP TO 61,200 FLU DEATHS. MADISON COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT IS HOSTING A FREE FLU VACCINATION CLINIC AND URGENT LOCALS TO COME OUT TO PROTECT THEMSELVES THIS SEASON. Shelbrina Lomax/ Registered Nurse with Alabama Public Health Department: “We’re preparing for the flu vaccine with an updated strand. We are actually immunizing with the quadrivalent vaccine that covers the four viruses that are in the US right now.”THE ELDERLY HAVE A HIGHER RISK OF CONTRACTING THE DISEASE. Shelbrina Lomax/ Registered Nurse with Alabama Public Health Department: “They may have other medical conditions that will complicate the disease, such as pneumonia. So we do encourage them to get the vaccine as well.”ERNEST SHARP IS MAKING SURE HE GETS HIS FLU SHOT THIS YEAR. Ernest Sharp/ Flu shot recipient: “They say you need it. Plus, they say I need it because I had a lot of heart stuff done…So, I’m getting one, I haven’t gotten one in the past few years so I need to get one.”FLU VIRUSES SPREAD MAINLY BY COUGHING, SNEEZING, AND CLOSE CONTACT. SO CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS ARE AT A HEIGHTENED RISK. JUDY DAVIS IS MAKING SURE HER GRANDKIDS GET THEIR YEARLY VACCINE.Judy Davis/ Flu Shot Recipient: “Some of them get real sick from it, and it helps ’em not spread it to their grandparents, haha It’s just very important to keep it from spreading and for them to be healthy.”LL: TYPICALLY, THE “FLU SEASON” STARTS IN OCTOBER, BUT THERE HAVE ALREADY BEEN FLU-RELATED DEATHS REPORTED BEFORE THE START OF THE MONTH. PHYSICIANS SAY, IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY TO GET THE VACCINE….PUTTING THE VALLEY FIRST. SYDNEY STALLWORTH. WZDX NEWS.####### 3 3 DOCTORS RECOMMEND YOU GET YOUR FLU SHOT BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH,….AND DEFINITELY BEFORE THANKSGIVING—-WHEN YOU’RE LIKELY TO BE EXPOSED TO MORE GERMS WHILE TRAVELING. 3

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