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Flu Prevention Natural Remedies (Cold and Flu Prevention Home Remedies, OTC, CDC)

November 18, 2019

Hello, when is that time of the year when the flu virus is raging around The question is not whether you’re gonna be attacked or not The question is when. So with that in mind, what can you do to actually prevent a flu attack? That’s what’s coming up next, so stay tuned and I’ll see you after the channel intro Now for today is 2020 idea of better house winds. Welcome on stage. Dr. Joe Hello, welcome back I’m Dr Joe of So. when you see this and this and this and even this What does that tell you? Well, it tells you is flu time. It’s flu season. So knowing it’s flu season What can you actually do to prevent a flu attack? So that’s what this videos about. It’s about how to prevent a flu attack. There are two approaches There’s a food approach. That refers to foods that you can actually eat that will help you to prevent a flu attack That’s a video I’m going to be doing some time soon. So, look out for that But in this video we’re gonna be taking the non-food approach So we’re gonna be talking about how to prevent a flu attack using the non-food approach So let’s start off with the obvious The first tip is well, you know, you should wash your hands more often or use hand sanitizers or combined the two actually Well, it’s very obvious When it’s flu season, you’re gonna have the flu virus hanging around everywhere – door handles, railings on the train, stairwells What you can do to help yourself is to just wash your hands more often and use hand sanitizers The idea behind that is; by doing that you are Decontaminating yourself. That way you’ll be protecting yourself as well So that’s the first tip. The second tip is; you need to actually slow down on your alcohol consumption during the flu season I know this tip is not going to be popular with a lot of view But the truth of the matter is that alcohol has a significant negative influence on the quality of your sleep Yes alcohol will make you fall asleep quickly, but in the same vein alcohol actually does affect the quality of your sleep Negatively. You don’t wake up feeling refreshed and you need that good quality REM sleep for you to wake up feeling refreshed and for you to get the physical and Mental, health benefits That sleep actually provides and alcohol will interfere with that I’ve done a video on this subject. If you need some more clarification on it The video should be up there. When you finish watching this video, click on it and then go watch that video for more elaboration on the subject And that brings me on nicely to the 3rd tip. Which is that, you should be looking to get about good eight hours of sleep every night the reason for this is research has actually shown that if you sleep for less than six hours this weakens your immune immunity and on the flipside when you get good eight hours sleep Sleep will facilitate the availability of T cells in your body and T cells are a kind of white Blood cells that will help you actually fight infection the thing to remember is that the flu infection is actually triggered by a virus. The flu virus and you actually need lymphocytes to fight the virus. Any viral infection is usually fought by lymphocytes. Research has shown that sleeping for a minimum of eight hours would (a) make the the T cells widely available and also (b) Facilitate their redistribution all over the body. That way you can actually resist any infection that is coming your way The 4th tip is about sugar I know I’m talking about non-food approaches But I felt I should mention this here because it’s sort of ties in with everything that I’m saying here Now sugar has been known to actually encourage the growth of pathogenic bacteria as opposed to the friendly bacteria so pathogenic bacteria you don’t want. You want to suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Sugar does the exact opposite of that. Sugar encourages the growth of pathogenic bacteria and that in turn weakens the immune system. Indeed sugar has been shown in research activities that sugar actually Slows that the speed of response of the white blood cells in your circulation So, you know the effect is actually there. It’s undeniable. Indeed, in one of those experiments They demonstrated that blood sugar levels of 6.7 which is the equivalent of 120 mg/dl Actually reduced the potency of our immune system as much as 75%. That’s a whopping reduction. The only good news is that this reduction is actually temporary and the effect will last just about 4 – 6 hours But it is possible that you could have a viral attack in that 4 – 6 hours window So it makes sense for you to actually slow down your consumption of sugar so that you don’t have blood sugar spikes That way you don’t compromise unintentionally your immune system. Tip #5 is that you should use liposomal vitamin c We know that vitamin c is a recognized immune booster. It’s the reason every Tom, Dick and Harry will advise you to actually squeeze lemon into a warm drink and Have it when you got a flu infection. So, we know that vitamin C will actually help in the production of antibodies, will help in the production of white blood cells, will also help in providing a Coating around your cells such that it will make it impossible for viruses to actually penetrate So we recognize the importance of vitamin C from that point of view The problem is the regular vitamin C supplements that you actually see being sold They are not… They don’t really hit the mark. What that means is; the results have been quite disappointing hence, people have come up with this new version of vitamin C and it’s called Liposomal Vitamin C. Why is liposomal vitamin c Superior to the regular vitamin c that you’ve always known. Well, the reason for that is the bioavailability Liposomal Vitamin C actually has a superior delivery Which means that a lot more of it is absorbed into your circulation and that means more of it is made available For your body cells to actually utilize. Hence, I’ll recommend Liposomal vitamin C for you There are gonna be links in the video description. If you want to avail yourself of Liposomal Vitamin C I should just warn you though It’s a little bit more pricey Compared to the regular vitamin C but the choice is up to you whether you want to avail yourself of liposomal vitamin C or not Tip #6 is that you should use vitamin D supplements. The problem is during the cold season We don’t get a lot of sun exposure time because the sun availability is quite limited Which means we don’t get a lot of natural vitamin D coming our way. So what’s the solution to that? Well use vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D apart from helping the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from our gut Actually is a very good immune booster. It’s been proven scientifically Scientifically the vitamin D actually helps boost our immune system. So, what’s the solution if we’re not gonna get a good sun exposure? Well use supplements This is the one I use you know This is what I use and I try and take it almost every day to just help to bolster my immune system The next tip I want you to apply in prevents the flu attack is something you sort of familiar with in a roundabout way. I know you’re familiar with olive oil But did you know that the tree from which the olive oil fruits are actually Harvested and the olive oil is extracted… Did you know that leaves from that tree actually have medicinal properties? Well, they do and indeed these medicinal properties have been exploited in the Mediterranean for centuries and now It’s caught up with the West. We’ve discovered that actually we can benefit from having some of these medicinal properties brought our way So now we have something called Olive Leaf Extract Using this Olive Leaf Extract is one of the strategies you can employ in actually prevent flu attack and why is this? Well, the leaves actually have more polyphenols than the oil itself Lots more polyphenols and these polyphenols actually have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties Hence, the olive leaf extracts are superior to the virgin oil and that’s the reason I’ve gone into it and have been using it I’m gonna leave links in the description if you want to get one of these for yourself. Olive Leaf Extract I’m gonna leave links in the description for you to avail yourself if that’s something you fancy. By the way, This has been tested in the lab. They found that olive leaf extracts can actually modify the immune system positively. So, it is scientific It’s not empirical and that’s why I use it and I will encourage you to use it as well Well, I’ve given all of these tips here. Hopefully you can employ as many of these tips as possible That way you can ward off a flu attack Today, tomorrow, next year, the year after and your body will thank you for it. Now, if you’ve enjoyed this video please do share it with a friend. Share it with a family member. Anybody whom you care about. Don’t forget, sharing is caring and if you also like this video, please give it a thumbs up and Lastly if you haven’t subscribed to this channel What are you watching for? The subscription button is just right there. Yeah, that’s the one, right there Hit it. It only takes a few seconds for you to subscribe. Well, I’ve actually enjoyed making this video Hopefully you gonna employ these tricks. Oh by the way, I’ve got 2 videos coming about flu as well. Flu prevention and these are videos One of them is one where if you happen to be having flu coming your way? What can you do to actually stop it in its tracks? That is coming your way soon and I’m going to be talking about foods, the food approach that you can actually employ to prevent a flu attack as well, so it make sense for you to subscribe That way you don’t miss any videos that I make in the future. But it’s good Until then this is Dr Joe signing out


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