September 15, 2019

(laughing hysterically) – She’s gonna dive out of
my arms, she’s so excited. (upbeat music) Apparently we can’t get the kite to go up. This is really funny. So Mr. Caleb, you had a
bit of an accident tonight. (bright whistling tune) Are you saying hi? Can you say good morning? We have had a busy morning, actually, but I haven’t filmed anything yet. Jeremy’s been working a lot, and we were doing homeschool. So I just barely got myself put together, and I think we’re ready
to bust out some lunch and then head out to have some fun today. Hello, little girl. So, we’re just kind of hanging out, but it’s so nice having the windows open, and the breeze going through. The kids have been out on the tree. Laura’s been playing with all
of her new birthday presents, so that’s been nice because
she’s been kept busy. Who’s in the tent? – Us!
– Who’s us? That’s where you all were? – We’re princesses. – And princes.
– Nice. Do you guys wanna take a
break and do lunch soon? – Sure. – Now that’s called a Rubik’s Cube. Good job. Can you wave, can you say hi? (baby mumbling) Shall we go get some lunch ready? She’s like, how does this work? In other news, little Janae
is so close to walking, it is gonna happen any day now. Like there’s been moments when I think she’s gonna take her first
step, and then she doesn’t. (baby laughs) You just playing jokes on me? Oh, she got down. Isaac started a new book. – Yeah, Percy Jackson – [Kendra] Nice. I’ve heard good things
about it, are you liking it? – Yes. – [Kendra] What else have you
been doing with Poppy Rod? – Playing chess.
– A lot of chess. – A lot.
– Are you loosing your voice? – Yes, my voice feels
lost all of yesterday. (baby giggles) (laughs) (bright music) – So today we decided to
do just the most typical, like, touristy thing
that we could think of. Which is getting shots. (record needle scratching) – That’s normally what I do on vacation. Isn’t that what you guys do? Go get shots? So, there’s just a lot
of news about how bad the flu is this season. So Kendra looked up a spot,
and we made an appointment, and we’re going to get our flu shots. – [Kendra] Who’s excited for flu shots? – [Kids] Me! – So I’m kind of embarrassed about this. Honestly, I intended
to get us our flu shots a lot earlier in the season,
and time just went by so fast, and I just honestly forgot about it, And then I started seeing in the news, all these things about
it, and I’m like, oh no! We didn’t get flu shots this year. And luckily, the only one of
us that did get flu shots, is Janae and that’s a huge blessing, because the clinic that
we’re going to doesn’t service infants, and so
she’s at home with Poppy Rod, and we’re gonna get our shots. (happy music) So the kids each get to
pick out their own sticker. Which one do you want? Do you like this one?
– Yes. – Okay we’ll find that guy in there. There he is, you’re in
charge of holding him. – I want the karate guy. – Yeah! – Or else I’ll do… – [Kendra] Yeah I found that guy – One of the minions.
– You want the long one? – [Jeremy] Good choice.
– What is that? – It’s happening. – [Kendra] You’re looking at
someone, then you have to like, switch it around.
– I’m okay! – [Doctor] He did it!
– [Kendra] Did Dad do it? – Mm hmm!
– [Doctor] I need my assistant with a band-aid! – [Jeremy] Isaac is being our
brave big-brother example, and going first for the kids. Isaac! Good job buddy. Elise! I’m so proud of you! Laura, did you get one? – Mm hmm!
– Did you cry? – No. – You are so brave.
– My turn, my turn! – [Dad] Very strong. – Oh yeah I got it. – [Dad] So how are you feeling
about getting the flu shot? – I didn’t feel it. – I’m really proud of you buddy. So to celebrate flu shots,
we’re getting Jamba Juice. (upbeat music) – Look, guys, look!
– Mango! Okay, give it a try! How is it? – Mmm!
– Better than I thought it would be! – [Dad] So good! – Can we come here for every drink? – [Mom] Do you really like Jamba Juice? – In the polls. Thumbs up, thumbs down. – [Mom] Oh! (laughs) – In the poll, do you like Jamba Juice? Thumbs up or thumbs down? – We just had a devastating
accident, we lost a smoothie! (sad trombone music)
But it’s gone now! It’s a bummer, huh. – So we just showed up
at Kate Session’s park. And Kendra wanted to know
who Kate Session was, like she wondered and was
curious so she looked it up. – Luckily, Google knows. So, Wikipedia, who is Kate Sessions? She was an American
botanist, horticulturalist, and landscape architect closely
associated with San Diego, California and known as
the Mother of Balboa Park. – [Dad] So we’re looking at
pictures and learning about it. Classic Kendra. Learning as we go. Let’s go fly a kite. ♪ Let’s go fly a kite ♪ ♪ And send it soaring ♪ ♪ Up through the atmosphere ♪ ♪ Up where the air is clear ♪ ♪ Oh, let’s go fly a kite ♪ (upbeat music) – I’m so grateful for modern
technology where you can drive past something
and go, huh, I wonder! And then you can look it
up and learn everything you want to about it. So it just takes a little assembly. – Where’s the instructions? – [Kendra] Did you just break something? – (laughing) No. (baby mumbling) – We found instructions! – [Poppy Rod] So the strings are probably gotta be on the outside of it. – Let’s go fly a kite! – Let’s go fly a kite! – [Kendra] Are you not excited? – Hah, I’m excited. – They figured it out! (baby mumbling) Janae’s excited because she sees bubbles! Well I think it’s happened,
I think we’ve gotten a little bit acclimated to the
beautiful San Diego weather, because today’s chilly
for San Diego here today, I think the high is like
63, and it’s overcast, and the breeze is here and
it feels a little chilly, all my kids have their sweatshirts on! It’s just funny, I think
when we get back to the cold of Kansas city, it might
be a little bit rough. (upbeat music) Well we came to the park to fly the kite, but unfortunately the park
takes a little more assembly than we realized so I’m checking
in on Jeremy and his Dad. – This is a trick kite. It does tricks. So it’s a little more intense. – [Kendra] Is it really a trick Kite? – Yeah like it does tricks.
– It’s supposed to do all kinds of acrobatics. – We’re ready to try to launch
this thing into the sky, but the wind is dying down! – [Kendra] Looks like you’ll
just have to run faster! Or you, are you gonna run?
– Yes! ♪ Oh, let’s go fly ♪ (crashing)
(laughing) – Apparently we can’t
get the kite to go up, this is really funny! (energetic music) Watch out Jeremy! (laughs) – Let’s go to the beach,
it’ll be windier there, it’ll just go up. (laughing) – [Kendra] What are you gonna do with all the rest of the string behind you? – We’re gonna figure it out. One, two, three! – Yes! (laughs) – Do a trick! Alright, it did a loop and
landed nose-first in the ground! – So the problem may be
that the wind died down. A lot. – So it says, “Unwind all the string, “stretch the line out so that
both lines have equal length, “with a good breeze to your
back, signal your friend “to launch the kite
nose-up towards the sky.” – What do you see? (baby mumbling) This is the sound she
makes when she sees dogs. Do you see ’em? (baby mumbling) Woof, woof! Hi, dog! (relaxed music) She’s gonna dive out of
my arms, she’s so excited. You know I think today’s a
good example of just real life. There were lots of happy moments today, but there were also just lots
of really regular moments! Our life was full of chores, Jeremy working longer and
running into problems with some of the work he
was trying to get done, we went to get shots and while
our kids had good attitudes, there were moments when
they were nervous about it. We dropped a smoothie,
the kite didn’t work. – So we gave up on the kite for now, I think if we have a little more wind, we’ll be able to do it. And now we’re playing some football. (intense music) – Oh, so close! So it’s interesting cooking
in somebody else’s kitchen for a month because you
find things that you love that you’re like, oh, man! I wanna get one of those! And you also find the things that you really miss from your own house. – I really want one of these. It was so good for scrambled eggs, like. – They are awesome, I love it! I actually looked at the brand, trying to figure it out
so we could buy some. – I miss our Missouri home. – [Kendra] What do you miss about it? – Everything. – [Kendra] What kind of everything? – Beds. – [Kendra] You miss your bed? – Mm-hmm. – [Kendra] So how about you,
are you homesick at all? – No I’m not at all. – [Kendra] Do you miss anything? – Well I miss my friends, and
a few of my toys, and Netflix. – We have Netflix here buddy. – The reason why I’m not
so homesick is because, I’m doing so much fun
things, which makes all that home stuff pop outta my head. – [Kendra] It’s a really good description! So Mr. Caleb, you had a
bit of an accident tonight. – Mm hmm. – [Kendra] Point to your bump. There it is. What happened?
– I ran into a table. – [Kendra] A table? – Mm-hmm.
– [Kendra] With your head? Bummer. (relaxed music) – [Kendra] We’re having pork chops with Swiss cheese and mushrooms,
potatoes, and veggies. – Thumbs up! Thumbs up! Thumbs down! – Well I’m really bummed, our plans for tomorrow
were to go kayaking. There’s this really cool
kayak tour that I’ve been wanting to do and I’m last
minute trying to book it and I realized the super
important detail and that is that the place is closed from
November through February. Like they don’t do the
tours in the winter, so I’m kind of bummed because
I absolutely love kayaking but we’re gonna find
something else really cool to do tomorrow, I have a few ideas. Here’s your hint. Jeremy is non-stop singing the specific song from the movie Oklahoma, which is the Surrey
with the Fringe on Top. (whistling) J House out, goodnight. This is not a good place for me to come and learn about what’s
lying in the oceans! – [Jeremy] Right where we were at. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] This is a shark egg. This thing right here. ♪ Happy birthday ♪

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