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Flu FAQs with Dr. Mary Fairbanks

February 10, 2020

Maybe it’s more important to talk about
what is NOT influenza, because a lot of people say, “Oh I had the flu,” and they’re
talking about the food poisoning that they had last week. True influenza is
high fever and bad muscle aches. Not just a little ache. It feels like you got run
over by the back line of the Broncos. The way a flu shot works is is that
it’s exposing you to a non-live portion of the flu virus without giving you the
virus so that your immune system will recognize it if you see the virus
and have antibodies at the ready. One of the myths about the flu vaccine? People
say, “Well, I got it last year and I got flu from it. You actually can’t get
flu from the flu vaccine. You may get a day of feeling feverish or achy.
If you get that strong of a reaction it’s actually a good sign. It’s a sign that
your body has responded really well to the vaccine. The first reason, I would say,
is so you don’t get flu. I think one of the biggest reasons though to get the
flu vaccine is not for your protection, but it’s for your colleague who may be
fighting cancer, who may have emphysema, who may have diabetes, someone who has
predisposing issues that if they got sick, they’re going to end up in the
hospital, they’re gonna end up with complications. If you are not yet a member, call us or
go on the website and sign up to become a member. If you’ve never been seen in
one of our clinics, you should actually have a provider appointment just so that
we know what allergies you have, are there any other health issues that you
have? If you’ve already been seen and you’re already a member, it’s even easier. Just
give us a call, we’ll put you on the MA schedule, and have you pop in and get
your flu shot whenever it works for you.

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