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Flu Clinics for Corporations & Businesses

December 20, 2019

The flu takes a toll. Influenza is a
serious and sometimes deadly virus that results in a range
of unpleasant symptoms such as fever, body aches,
sore throat, and cough. Annually, the flu impacts up to
20% of the population and over 200,000 people are hospitalized each
year from flu-related complications. What do these numbers really mean?
The flu doesn’t just affect the health of your employees, it affects the health of
your company. Annually, the flu results in $10.4 billion in direct medical costs and
a total economic burden of $87.1 billion. The flu accounts for 200 million days of
diminished productivity and 75 million days of work absence, totaling
$6.2 billion in lost productivity. The reaction time of all of those sick
employees decreases by 20% to 40%. Not only reducing their productivity
but also increasing the probability of workplace injury, and don’t forget
the flu is highly contagious. Once one employee falls sick, more
employees are sure to become ill as well as the virus spreads exponentially
through your workplace. What accounts for the rapid spread of influenza in the
workplace? A large part of the problem is that working age adults between the ages
of 19 and 49 have the lowest rates of influenza immunization in the United
States. As an employer or a manager, you should know that the vaccine isn’t
just good for your employees on an individual basis, it’s good for your
company’s bottom line as well. Indeed, for every dollar
spent on vaccination companies save an
average of $2.58. How does the savings accrue?
According to the CDC, a vaccinated workforce will have 13%
to 44% fewer doctor visits. 18% to 45% fewer
lost work days and 18% to 28% fewer days
with reduced productivity. Employers have a crucial role to play
in making the flu vaccine available to employees and workplace flu clinics
provide an effective means to make the vaccines accessible to your employee
population. Moreover, clinics also save employees time, money, and hassle and they
provide an opportunity to educate your workforce about the importance
of vaccination and other wellness initiatives while ultimately
boosting your company’s bottom line. The best protection for
your workforce is vaccination and the best provider of flu
vaccine clinics is Passport Health. Call 1-866-990-3926 or
visit to learn more about Passport
Health’s workplace flu clinics.

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