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Flu and Coronavirus Prevention in Hillsborough Schools

March 7, 2020

this time of year there’s a good chance
someone you know or you will get sick from the flu and there’s another illness
called corona virus which is making people sick when it comes to any illness
like these you should not be scared but you should be smart about staying
healthy here’s what to do wash your hands with soap and water for at least
20 seconds that’s as long as it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song two times
do that a lot especially every time you eat and after you go to the bathroom
if you can’t wash your hands use hand sanitizer don’t touch your eyes nose or
mouth unless you wash your hands first if you cough or sneeze do it into your
elbow or your sleeve not in your hand you can also cover your cough or sneeze
completely with a tissue then throw the tissue away and wash your hands if
someone is feeling sick don’t get too close to them no hugs no high-fives and
if you are sick stay home that’ll keep other people healthy and help you to
rest and get better faster also if there are places that a lot of people touch
clean and disinfect them often if you feel sick especially if you think you
have the flu call your doctor and remember don’t be scared be smart about
staying healthy

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