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Flavoured CONDOMS can make protected oral sex more Enjoyable

August 19, 2019

Choosing Condoms Condoms are also popularly known as “rubbers”,
and, “French letters”. Once you and your partner decide that, safer
sex is caring sex, the use of condoms, can have a really positive place in your lovemaking.
Condoms are about 98 per cent reliable, when used as a barrier method, during penetrative,
or oral sex, to protect against infection of sexually transmitted
diseases, including herpes, and HIV. Nowadays, there are many varieties of condoms
to choose from, and you can experiment with different brands.
Flavoured condoms can make protected oral sex more enjoyable and palatable, and
coloured ones, add to the fun. Some condoms are already lubricated and covered
with spermicide, while others are not. You should always use a water-based lubricant,
such as K Y jelly, and not an oil-based one, such as petroleum
jelly, which can interact with the rubber, and damage it.
Lubricated condoms are less likely to tear with friction.
Always check that you are using a suitable condom, and lubricant.
Look for the use by date, on the condom packet, as the rubber can deteriorate, with age,
and always store condom packets, away from direct sunlight, heat, perfumes, and sharp
objects. In the United States, condoms from certified
manufacturers will have, an expiration date and lot number.
They will have passed stringent tests, by the International Standards Association. in the United Kingdom, check for the, Kitemark
guarantee on the packet, though it is important to be aware that
this is usually a statement of suitability for, vaginal sex rather than anal sex. Especially strong condoms are now made for,
anal sex.

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