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Fitness instructor who nearly died from pneumonia in Vietnam safely back in Scotland

November 26, 2019

 This is moment a young Scottish woman placed in a induced coma after falling ill with pneumonia in Vietnam touched down in the UK on her journey home  Mekala Osborne had been in a critical condition since developing the life-threatening illness on a dream trip to Asia at the end of September  The 22-year-old, from Wallyford, East Lothian, had been complaining of a sore throat and was coughing up blood in the days before being diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia  She told friends she had treated the sore throat with Strepsils and was astonished to be told the condition had spread to her lungs   At one stage Mekala had just a five per cent chance of surviving and her mum Yvonne and stepdad Jimmy , from Prestonpans, near Edinburgh, were told to “pray she survives ”  But she has now returned home in a heartwarming clip posted on social media yesterday morning  It shows medics lifting her into the back of a critical care ambulance on the runway at Manchester Airport  Yvonne told well-wishers Mekala is now back in Scotland having been driven up north to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary  In a post on Facebook, she said: “Mekala has arrived safely in the ERI and is comfartable She will just be resting tonight as the wee scone is shattered.  “Thank you so much everyone We will pass on all your lovely messages.”  The fitness instructor was accompanied the whole way by Yvonne, 51, and the hero medic who saved her – Dr Winston Jong, from the Mount Elizabeth Hospital, in Singapore  Taxi-driver Jimmy, 64, said: “It’s been terribly worrying and really traumatic for us all Physically it’s been so draining just seeing her lying there linked up to various machines  “At one stage she had three tubes going into her lungs alone.   “It was touch and go at some stages, especially when she was being moved from Vietnam to Singapore when we were told to pray that she survives the trip – we were told that it was about a five per cent chance she’d make the journey ”  Jimmy said he’s going to spend a “very long time” thanking people, especially Dr Jong, who saved Mekala’s life, friend Mr Martin and tifgroup – Mekala’s insurance company  Family pal Davie Martin set up a fundraiser to help the parents be there for their child, with the total sitting at a whopping £12,000  He added: “If it hadn’t been for Dr Jong, Mekala would definitely have died, he’s been absolutely brilliant the whole way through He’s a straight talking character and went above and beyond the call of duty to save Mekala  “He is one of the best and most respected doctors in Singapore and Mekala was very lucky to have him  “He insisted on flying back to the UK with her to keep her safe during the journey He’s been absolutely astonishing.  “Davie held the fort back home while we were away and kept the social media posts going and helped raise the money for the treatment and travel costs and tifgroup have been great too – nothing has been a problem for them ”  Mekala  had originally been due to return back to Scotland at the start of the month before complications with her treatment and “underlying” problems delayed the plans  But her condition slowly improved under Dr Jong’s expert care in Singapore and the decision was taken to fly her back first class this weekend

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