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Final Fight With The Last Stage G-Virus [Resident Evil 2 #9] (Claire)

March 3, 2020

That’s right.. We guys are now going to travel in the cable car.. Because we have to get to the other side now…. No one is going to attack us in the middle right? Is she like changing now it self? Was she making those noises because she was happy… Trying to..Trying to scare me… Is she playing me..Is she playing with my emotions.. She’s buttering me up….I know she’s buttering me up.. We are here… I will find her in the lab… That Annette… Shall we roam around like for some time? That’s it… Everything is all right Sherry… (Sarcastic) Maybe lie her down someplace… Where can i though? Where would you like to lie down Sherry, on the chair? Tell me fast, on the sofa? you don’t wanna seem to lie down here too.. (I’ll make sure of that) Why is she keeping it on herself, why doesn’t she not wear it on her hands… Was there a zombie here? I remember..I remember everything… Die zombie… Die…*2 These zombies don’t really die, is there anyone else here? Should i hit them with the current…? I am going to hit them one at a time… Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh… Hey…Hey…Hey…Hey… How is he still alive? How are you still alive? How many are there? How many are there? Like for how many more, oh god, i am dead… Run away…Climb up quickly…. I do not have time for you guys now… I can’t kill everyone…. Anyone there? Aha..I knew it… Come on…You might need some bullets in your brain… Oh good god, now he is on my brain… He scared me good… This guy got on my head but finally he is dead… Nice… Is there anyone here? God that was scary… But you take this flash bang and get lost… I knew you would still be alive dude… What, you still blind? Knife..Hit him with the knife… Oh no… Get lost buddy…. Take the knife How much more knives will you take from me…? Dude ain’t dying too… Dead…Dead…Dead…Dead…Dead…And gimme back my knife… You thief…. This dude is still alive…. Ya thief… What is this? I think i will be getting the bail ones too, later i think… But no space… Let me use this and see… Will this work….All it does it turn the lights on.. Oh no..This opened too… Why are you “Oh-no” ing….? You got the bag, what else do you need? Stay dead…Stay dead…Stay dead…Did i…Did i? Did i say you could get up…You twit…? I don’t know who i am gonna have to fight with? No one here…. Whatsup with these plants and shit? There will be plants and shrubs now… More trees… I guess i have to take this i guess… I can understand… I have to do the same thing…. Wait a minute…Wait a minute…Wait a minute…Wait a minute…He’s scaring me… Let me just get away… No time for you right now…. It is the same thing… What? This solution is not good, i have to make the solution again… And do some other crap… You dead sir? What? I need a password to open this… How will i open it now? I have to take a picture of this…It won’t open any way.. I won’t be able to open it some other way… I won’t be able to remember it… Now we have a photo, time to get AWAYYYYYYY… I will just go from up there.. Because i think you have a problem with me so… So i will not go from here, i will go from up there…. Like intelligent people… time to get away…Oh god, they seem to be falling behind and dying too… Dead god… I think that is it… Let’s go man… Without any second thoughts… Just run away… Oh god, i just remembered one thing that… Lickers come through here… Come on Lickers, i am ready… Yes i knew it…. Screw you man, trying and scaring me…There will be one more… I knew it..i knew it… Oh god… First..First you take this flash man…I mean you are blind but still… Still take that flash.. Dead..Dead..Dead..Dead..Oh wait, not dead.. Not dead…Not dead…Not dead…Not dead… Suffer..Suffer..Suffer… Now that one’s dead right..He’s dead..He’s dead..He’s dead..He’s dead.. Oh no, he’s not dead..He’s not dead… Die Lickers please.. Die…Die…Please..God these zombies don’t die… Dead..Dead..Dead..Dead… Everything is destructive… Let me kill both of them together… I only got one…. What? I thought both of them will die at the same time… Awesome, only their legs are broken right? We needed that only….We might find the solution this way….. No i don’t want to read my messages… You don’t read other people’s messages… It’s a bad thing… Now i will get the solution from here and then i will freeze…Wait..huh.. Oh i will get the solution from over there huh… I think i have to go over here in front We will get the solution over here only right, oh no, this is the exit… Was it really important for you to get up huh? Stud..Did i say you could get up..Sit down man.. Wanna get beaten up over here huh? I…need..the….solution… What is he doing here? He’s dead…He’s dead…He’s dead…He’s dead…I think i did good this time… Now let’s kill him… Die brother… This guy is not dead for sure, he will get up, Die… Die…. For the sake of humanity, give me a gun… I knew this guy was not dead..I knew it… Doing drama…I knew it… Keep on shouting man..Keep on shouting.. Oh..I remembered, the trophy which i got… I have to use that password and then come back over here.. So i guess i have to kill you… You might have to die too This shocker seems like a good deal… Absolutely amazing.. Done… You are still here bro, looks like you can use another round of shock.. Like that? Had fun? And now we run away, the other one is coming… Now finally we can take the solution… But this one is a puzzle too… Of course, just give me like an hour… I think it’s done… Oh god… This puzzle takes a lot of time and it is mind numbing… Now all i have to do is freeze it… Finally, the solution has froze, Thank god The time for killing the pests is here… Die…Die you sons of…. The tyrant will come again now… Exactly… It is time for the tyrant now… I know… Hey this guy has my knife..Thief… This is the reason you send that tyrant don’t you guys? Do i have the space? I do… Run away.. Run the tyrant is coming…um….He isn’t coming? You caught me huh… Get out of here… Slip outta here… I don;t have the time to waste… Oh dead god, what is he doing here? Who gave you the permission to come in huh? Only the lab people are allowed to come in you rule breaker… The time has come to finish it… Bring it.. Well i have the thing but what do i do with it? Like..Use it here? Wait a minute… Where is it? Exactly… That’s why the fatty needed this pendent… Exactly.. I think there must be someone sick in the fatty’s family too… Right..I mean according to me… I don’t think they will let me cross this… Everything is safe? (Irony bitch) Of course… You said that the last time too Annette… Your bullets are worthless.. Extremely worthless bullet, it does not do anything… It looks like it is dead… All these scientists are crazy..The ones who act this way… What did you think, what was going to happen… You will become a prince? No worries Annette.. Oh brother..I can hear his lungs..I can hear his lungs… (Imitating Claire…) It’s not Annette it’s Ann-ette… What is happening? For real? For like real-real? Claire did you clear this with me first? Exactly.. No..No..No..Claire..You should have asked me about this first… No..This is wrong…You should have asked me first… This was wrong.. And i don’t even have the ..The gin for this… Aww sir, does your eye hurt? How goes it sir, does it hurt? Oh hey hey, did the little baby hurt it’s eye… You…. Asshole..You are going to die… You have to die… Oh no no no no…Did i get you in the eye? Aww…No..No..No..No..did i get you in your eye again? Open up your lungs and show me what you can do? You are almost dead and still… Oh his eye is behind huh..His one eye is behind him… Stop…Stop…Stop…Stop… Oh hey stupid thing, what are you doing? Take this.. Oh god… He crazy now… He crazy..He crazy..He crazy… Oh his back was turned against me… I could have got him.. Oh god crazy person, what are you doing? Here, did i get you? Did i get the little baby? This crazy does not want to show his back to me huh… I am not able to get him on his back exactly…. What to do? He is going to get crazy… Show me..Show me your back… Oh show me your back you drama queen… Where did i get him, i missed… Now’s my chance… He is completely burnt… I can’t even see his eye now… Oh no… Saved… He is dead… You are dead brother… Oh god, i am gone..I am gone..I am gone..I am gone… How man?..Stop dude… Put this on… you are dead now..But i am burning up too.. Why are you not dying? Die brother… Oh god, he is still trying to kill me.. Monster… I have a lot of stuff to heal up man… Oh no, this Claire does not reload…. See you will die if you don’t reload… Why are you not dying sunshine? I might die but… It is not the time for this yet, let me use this and put this on.. And… I missed both…. I was on a good streak, what is happening? Come on buddy… Really? What just happened? Why am i.. And why are you not dying? I am saved.. This dude is not dying..This dude is not dying… Suffer man..Suffer..Like that… Did i get the little baby? Why are you not dying ? Oh he is dead..He is dead… He is dead..He is dead… Okay, this dude is not dying.. All my bullets..Everything us over..Everything is over.. I got nothing… Reload this… He got shocked.. Well he did get shocked but… Oh god he has gone crazy.. Oh well finally he is dead… This took a heavy tool..Finished up all my bullets… But i finally killed him… Thank you… The time to get out of here has come… Everything cool? Hey her eye is better… Her lungs were squished…. Your lungs..They are weak… Is she going to die too? You could have let her live… I kinda guessed by the way her lungs were crushed… I knew that the result might be the same… I got the admin chip… Oh brother, what is going on? Something troubling is definitely going on.. I don’t feel good… Yes dear, tell me… Let’s go…Let’s go…Let’s go…Let’s go…Let’s go… Here she talks to Leon right? What…She didn’t talk? For real? Let’s go then… Will we be going through this only? We have to go through here, all right, let’s go child… Come on Sherry, come quickly, come quickly.. 10 minutes..How awesome… Let’s leave before this gets up…. Why? Keep on running..Keep on running…. Let’s not mess with them… Umm… Why is the exit written over there when the exit is here… Assholes.. What is this? Come on..Come on Sherry….Quickly… I am running before Sherry actually… The tyrant won’t be here right? Go on and try then..Go on… Oh no…..No..No..No.. If you aren’t going to die, just tell me now man… He will die…He will only be at peace when he is dead… Wait..This… For real… I am dead…I am dead…I am dead…I am dead… I am dead..I am dead.. Open quickly..Open quickly..Open quickly Sherry.. Oh god… Did you open it yet? Oh god, what is their problem? I am dead… It is open..But these guys have me cornered… Take this hand grenade and let me go… (I am not…) Ohh you move.. You were standing in front of me…. Nice work Sherry but let me run… You will come on anyways, you have infinite health.. Oh god what is your problem seriously..Let me reload… I take some time…. Let me get out of here… You did not even see the train all right, you were still inside… And this has 400 bullets… Wait, let me combine it first…AWESOME….. Can we start the train.What is this now? Here they are..The plugs… But i don’t have the space for this… Remove this… Don’t need this too and my health is at caution, let me use this… We made the space… (I partially mean that…) Oh you ain’t got to worry now, i have the mini gun with me now… These smaller zombies come now and they will be filled with lead… It isn’t that hard to move a train… All i have to do is put these on… Let’s go…. Here he is…. This is just like… She is talking to him very calmly as if nothing is up… She was talking to him very casually… What is his happening? I did not sit inside yet… What started to happen? How awesome… Wait a minute..Wait a minute… Did he just get bigger… And more dangerous, but i have a mini gun now… (Confused as what to subtitle here) (I quit…) Why did you come here? (Why am i doing here?) Oh dead god…. This guy is hell bent on destroying stuff.. Please die… I might have to gouge out all of his eyes… He has gone crazy…He has gone crazy…He has gone crazy… I have to gouge out every one of your eyes son… Lookie here.. Why did he run over there…? Holy shit… Please die… Are you dead? He is dead..He is dead.. I think he is dead..Or is on the other side.. His eyes are out…. I am dead…I am dead…I am dead…Oh no, he got me… I don’t have a first aid spray on me… I don’t seem to have anything…Oh here it is… Die… Die please… Why are you not dying? All of his eyes have been taken out…. Oh god… I have taken out all of his eyes…What again? Why are you not dying? Die please… Oh no…. He is on a roll… Are you dead? I think he is.. He is not dead yet…. Screw you man..Oh i am outta bullets..I am outta bullets… I got nothing…Only this… What should i do? He is simply not dying… Oh hey i do have a first aid spray.. I have this too.. Throw it at him then… I crushed him… All my ammo and everything is spent… I threw my grenades at him too… I left nothing… Leon the poor guy must be fighting the tyrant now… No worries..No worries… It was our fortune that we found the mini gun… That was pretty vital… Let’s leave.. We did it all, somehow… What is happening? Of course there is one more monster in the train… Did you guys forget..? Let’s go…Whatever happens, happens… Pick up the knife and whatever we are getting,… And my health is pretty low and i don’t have anything… Who are you? You are still… This dude has been updated… And i don’t have anything… Wait a minute.. I really don’t have anything on me..Are you guys kidding….Like with me… I really don’t have anything with me man, and even this takes time to reload… Noo..Noo…you are don’t have anything else… Exactly… What is the deal with this virus? This is taking me around 10 days to reload… I am gone… Seriously i am dead… This is not even opening… What? Oh he is dead… Dead god… Is he for real…. That is disgusting… Well you popped his balloon… Just popped his balloon… Drained all his water… All he did was come see his daughter for the last time.. Didn’t even let him meet Sherry.. This game is over… I saved her… I saved the world… (I don’t know why…) Leon i swear, i will slap the shit outta you… If you turn out to be a two timing guy.. I will slap you to hell.. Who is this? Fatty… He has no manners whatsoever at all.. Leon, who will tell Claire about Ada huh? This Leon is a two timing guy for sure, he is heading for a ass whooping… I did a mistake by leaving Leon alone…. It would have been nice if the tyrant would have killed him… The chapter of Resident evil 2… It’s better then my real school grades… Well no worries… Finally the chapter of Resident evil 2 is over and now it is time for DLC’s… I hope you guys had fun watching these series, leave a like if you did.. And i am going to play the DLC now… So…


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