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Filipino Family + Viral infection

October 18, 2019

We will get the kids? Okay, we will fetch the kids You did not turn off the electric fans You have the keys? I don’t have House keys? Yes, I don’t have Where is your key? There on the table Hello… Hello… We’re on our way Why? Why are there vomiting? What did they eat? What? What did they? Okay, we’re nearly there why did you vomit? why you vomited? what did they say? why you have that? as flashlight can you hold me eeww… there is a RAT RAT? mommy, RG vomited why did you vomit why did you vomited, kuya? kuya RG vomited? vomited, kuya Zach? why did you vomit? Zach cried why did Zach cried? lets go, get your sleepers raining there’s a rain? there is a rain, there is it strong? yes, its strong what is it kuya Zach? no more what? what is it? cockroach ma, where going now, ma why did you vomit RG? what did you eat? rice egg the family who doesn’t have nany why are you throwing up, kuya RG, kuya Zach? what is ouch to you? stomach why you stomach ache? what ddi you eat? egg, rice is Zach stomach aching? oh! who’s going to throw up? RG? go at the window, kuya go there fast vomit there RG, hurry up shall we turn off the AC? okay, shut the AC RG, why are you vomiting? what ouch kuya? its the same last time viral infections, Zach first, then RG next, just like what happened before what’s that? papa, what’s that? vomiting? still vomiting? not anymore? your okay? okay now? do not put your hands and head outside kuya dizzy? feeling dizzy kuya? yes, my stomach aching we’ll drive slowly your not vomiting anymore? we go now? go? just don’t stick your head and hands out in that case, nothing by mouth just let it all out the question is, why are they vomiting? Another name for stomach flu is viral gastroenteritis, and it is an infection of the GI tract There’s many causes of it Mostly, it’s caused by different types of viruses among the most common are Rotavirus which we usually see in children too and below and luckily We now have a vaccine to help prevent that the other virus that’s gotten a little bit of press lately is the norovirus Which has been a common cause of viral gastroenteritis and cruise ships The typical symptoms of viral gastroenteritis are vomiting and diarrhea not always associated with the fever Um, the biggest thing that we worry about is dehydration Dehydration is that the body is losing too much fluids. So in terms of dehydration weight loss the accretion or an output Feeling tired fatigue irritability and then some babies when you feel their soft spot. It can be sunken But is spread person-to-person contact is the most common way that is spread So in terms of like prevention and things like that We always kind of stress good hand washing and hand washing and hand washing good personal hygiene, and then like I said before Luckily, we do have a vaccine to help fight against the one specific type of virus the rotavirus especially in for our children In terms of treatment We treat with fluids. So small amounts of fluids frequently initially We like to treat orally so there aren’t it’s commercially available oral rehydration Solutions like Pedialyte and also use water ice chips Jell-o, popsicles things like that if the patient isn’t successful being poorly hydrated we will unfortunately have to use IV fluids and that entails either inpatient omission or ER visit Sometimes some people will use like juices or sports drinks to help hydrate even though it helps increase and improve the salt loss it may Because of the sugar load may add to an increased number of diarrhea So typically that’s why we like the commercially available oral rehydration solutions With the spell again Idina Barrow Alaska crocodiles are being undermined like so three Only that’s my England syllabus or I’m a kind of a seal a bootable then on the rota Coughs oh, haha Andina we argue now the idea purchase. Oh, haha detour Time check 6:30 Tana Umaga is in power From time to time see we are niggas a super nasara Freud is not on the Nikko Manic Panic so for this live in a loop a so We re now And then I won


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