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Fight the Flu 2019 with Dr. Rasmussen

November 27, 2019

Anyone who gets flu is at risk for
getting pneumonia. And so pregnant women can get pneumonia. They can have severe
respiratory distress. They can, sometimes, have to be admitted to the intensive care unit because they get so sick. They seem to have more complications than
other women who are not pregnant. And therefore, it’s really important to
protect them during pregnancy from influenza complications. The flu vaccine,
when given to a woman during pregnancy, she makes antibodies against the
flu that she can pass across the placenta and it can then protect the
baby for the first few months of life. And babies can’t have a flu vaccine
until they’re about six months old. So it’s really important to get that flu
vaccine to protect the mom but also to protect the baby. All children, especially
children less than five, and even more so less than two years of age, are at
increased risk of complications with flu. But children with special health care
needs are even at more risk. And when we look every year at the kids who die of flu, oftentimes they have special health care needs. Sometimes parents say, “Well I don’t want to give my child a flu vaccine ’cause they have other health problems.” It’s actually even more important for those families to give their children flu vaccine. Remember, if you’re pregnant, it’s really important to
get the flu vaccine to protect you and your baby from influenza. Hashtag Chomp the flu!

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