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Fibroids, Yeast Infection, Candida? Your Tampons or Sanitary Napkins Could Be To Blame

August 17, 2019

I’m a PhD in natural health science, also
a researcher in complimentary alternative medicine and chronic and in degenerative diseases
concerning young and mature women. I’m an advocate of women’s health. Women are experiencing wide variety of health challenges such as autoimmune diseases, endometriosis,
fibroid due to various levels of toxicity found in food adulteration, personalized products,
and the environment in general. Today’s personal care is completely out of hand; there is a
lot of uncertainties in women’s personal care. The adverse effects that’s coming
from this chemical toxicity of the sanitary napkin or tampon, not realizing it is wreaking
havoc on the human physiology. It’s up to professional to at least advocate something
much more natural/organic that’s going to reduce the risk. It’s not the panacea, but
it’s certainly going to reduce the risk of various maladies like the fibroids, yeast
infection, candida, autoimmune disease. I feel that Genial Day is a state-of-the art
personal care for today’s woman. Number one, because of chemical composition which happens to be nontoxic, the ingenuity put in developing of the product, apparently
had women in mind about their personal care. So, Genial Day has basically taken a quantum
leap in personal care, which I found from my clients, it gives them more of the harmonious
and more rhythmic flow throughout the reproductive system when they use Genial Day. Of cause the negative ion strip which helps to create better mental and physical balance,
inhibiting bacteria, the highly absorption capability of Genial Day compared to other commercial
sanitary napkins, and giving woman the sense of freedom, because she develops more
rhythm, more balance and being able to avoid other maladies of the forms of toxicity.
I’ve been in the industry for over a 20 years and this is the first product that I’ve
seen concerning women’s personal care that has a very high absorption of fluid, which
makes woman feel much more comfortable, which for example, for working woman going throughout
the day, very irritated, which can have an impact on her emotions. So, Genial Day has a very
clean composition, of cause nontoxic, and every client that I’ve sold Genial Day to has been
amazed; they considered it a phenomenal product. I would highly recommend to 100 percent women
out there in today’s world to invest in Genial Day for there nontoxic personal care, because
its going to be the main component, that’s possibly going to prevent the advent of conditions
like candida, yeast infections, endometriosis especially, because its so prevalent. So,
I….anyway I have 5 daughters, and we had a round table meeting, that this is a must,
this is not an option to choose the Genial Day as their personal product.
Genial Day has a magnificent presentation, from the packaging, to what it contains, what it offers
to women’s balance, so I highly recommend women to take a little bit more time to actually
compare Genial Day to any other product out there, because as a professional being in the industry
for oven 20 years, I have a great concern, and I want to provide best product, particularly
personal care product to all of my clients, and that’s why Genial Day is the premier choice
that I provide for all my clients and my family.


  • Reply Mary Smith James December 25, 2018 at 5:04 pm

    Why a guy talking about women period?? It should have been a female.

  • Reply Horatio KJV Bible March 13, 2019 at 6:28 pm

    Women don't know it's their toxic tampons that causes their fibroids.

  • Reply Horlarmie Adeleye April 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Did it cure fibroid
    If yes how to order for it
    Please reply is needed

  • Reply MsPhoneMonkey July 3, 2019 at 2:52 am

    Any peer-reviewed papers on this? pub med?

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