Feeling Hungry All The Time? Could It Be Blastocystis Hominis?

November 8, 2019

Hungry all the time? Do you feel hungry? Hi, my name is Eric Bakker. I’m a naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for tuning in. I hope you subscribed, because I’m looking
for more, especially with my new cooking stuff coming out next year. Now, are you hungry? Do you have parasites? Have you had any stool testing completed to
determine whether you’ve got a parasite in your gut or not? Many people I’ve seen who have blastocystis
get hungry, get appetite, okay? Many people. Now here’s the thing with blasto, because
I worked for so many years with parasites, like blastocystis, I’ve seen a lot of people
with it and I’ve seen also varying types of presentations of this parasitic infection. Some people I’ve seen with blastocystis who’ve
had it for 10 or 20 years, they’ve got a normal functioning bowel. They don’t have an appetite. It’s become almost part of their bowel flora. And it only comes to light with certain types
of stool testing. Other people I’ve seen with blastocystis hominis
have a more acute infection. They will have picked this parasite up week
or a month prior. And often there’ll be diarrhea or they’ll
be coming to the end of diarrhea or they’re getting constipation, diarrhea. There’ll be getting strong cravings for sugar. The cravings often occur in the first few
months of infection, I’ve noticed with blasto, not necessarily when you’ve had this parasite
for months or years. So if you’ve had any gut changes, if the guts
change recently, especially if you’ve had a very loose bowel for a week or so, if you’ve
had strong cravings, and sweats, and sleeping disturbances, and maybe been hot, or if you
think something’s not right, get a stool test done. Get it completed to see if you’ve got blastocystis. The best time to treat blastocystis is in
the first month or two of infection. It’s like anything, if you get onto it quick,
you can take it down before it becomes a big problem. It’s much harder to eradicate blasto when
you’ve had it in your bowel for 5 or 10 years. It’s much easier if you had it one or two
months. Make sense? It does to me. So feeling hungry all the time can definitely
be a sign of blasto, but it can also be a sign of other things. So it’s good to go and see your naturopathic
doctor or your physician and talk about that appetite. Maybe get some testing done, see what the
health of the pancreas is like and other digestive organs. But often it’s just a sign that you’re hungry. Okay? It may not be a parasite, but it’s worth getting
checked out. But the question is could it be blasto? Yes. It could be blasto. So if the appetite is unusual or coming out
of nowhere, kind of left field, you’ve never had really an appetite like that before, get
a stool test done. Because something could be eating you up in
the inside or wanting you to feed them. And you’re not feeding it, and that can drive
appetite right up. Get it checked out. By the way, Candida Remove tablets, which
I produce, do work with blastocystis especially well in the first few months of infection. Many people complain they don’t get a kapow
result with blasto on the candida products. But then when I’ve looked at those cases,
some of those people have had the parasite for 10 or 15 years and didn’t even know they
had a problem until they had a candida problem or a SIBO problem. So if you have diarrhea, you’ve been traveling,
you’ve got a test that shows recent blasto, get onto it now. Start treating it right away. And if you treat it hardcore for three, four
weeks, often you can make a massive improvement in your health and turn the tide. All right. What do they say? A stitch in time saves nine, or something
like that? Yeah, get onto them. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to subscribe and click on the
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