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Fang En Havørred – Begynder Tips & Tricks Til Havørredfiskeriet!

February 2, 2020

The first fish of the day! Just changed to a completely red lure, and just see down there! It just went BAM! So damn cool! Denmark got some of the best seatrout fishing in the world. Both in the fjord and the outer coast. But it can be tricky to get started with, therefore we have made a video like this one, to show you guys how cool this type of fishing is! Todays first fish! Changed to a completely red in-line lure.. – All red? All red, nothing else! This seems like… – A good fish? Yeah feels like it! Fights like crazy! – Real nice fish! Real strong fish man! – Just gonna grab the camera!
Yes, do that! Ahhh, look at this! Now we just need to net it! It’s almost.. Almost purple colourcast to it! Typically for these fish in the fjord. They often get these blueish colour tints. – It’s actually a nice fish! Real nice! – Not a bad fish at all! – And fat as well! Real nice and fat. Thats it!! – So nice fish!
Yeah, indeed! Pure silver! Let’s get it back. But it’s big enough tho! There you go buddy. Yeah! So nice man!
– First fish today! – Even a really decent fish! Actually a really nice one! Yep. Real cool! Really many black spots, dark over the back, pure silver and then this bluish colours to it.. Just like I want them! Just like a real sea trout from the fjord should look like. Damn, this was… Epic! First fish man..So nice! So important! First fish today. And I decided to chance my lure from a darker coloured one, with a black back and golden belly. But I saw that Søren had a lot of fish following in, and his lure was a bit more red in the colours. So I thought: Let’s give it a go, and change to a completely red one! Completely red “Silling” with some glitter to it. I am using some fluorocarbon in 0.20, as a leader, a small bead behind the lure, double springring and then a single owner hook at the back. This setup just works like a charm! Caught a lot of fish on this tackle! So let’s get back in the game. Now we know the fish are around, so let’s try to locate some more of them! We arrived to a spot we haven’t really fished before. Keep in mind that it can be really effective to try some new spots, that you haven’t just got served on Facebook. We went to google maps, saw at the satellite photo that this area looked cool. Loots of variation at the bottom, so we thought to give it a try! We had to walk a bit to get here tho, but we managed. And seems like it is worth it. Many fish around, and just had a fish following in once again! the are just chasing full speed, and then turning around before my feet! The last one almost grabbed the lure tho! Oh, did you see that Kennet!? There was a fish! Right in front! Fish chasing! That’s it! Totally slammed it! So cool! Thats it, haha! Pure silver as well! A bit smaller than…No! Ah man, came off! What a feeling. Hooked a decent fish and then.. Came off. But it means that they are here! To see it in a positive way: The fish are here, and they like the lure I am using! Second cast with this lure tho! Small silver in-line lure. Maybe not silver, more like.. Matte silver? Raw, non painted. Completely raw. One of the advantages of fishing with these non painted lures, is that they mirror the colours of the surroundings. It will reflect the bottom or the surface, and reflect these colours around it. So if you have some tricky sea trout, that don’t wan’t to play.. Then a raw, neutral lure can do the trick! Time floats by, Kennet lost a fish, and I lost one again. So they are defiantly here! But I think I am gonna change lure now. Wanna try a bombarda float, and a small fly. Just got a small tip, for changing setup fast. I got all my tackles pre-made. Both bombarda and leaders with in-line lures. Got these small foam boards, really flexible. Then you can easily roll up the rig on these. Then a have a small snap on top. Then a can snap off my inline rig, and change to my pre-made bombarda rig, right here. Now I just have to unroll my bombarda rig. It’s tied with two flies this time. Can change them later on if I like. Let’s unroll it, and change over. Went that’s done, just take the snapper, and attach the bombarda setup. And then we are ready to fish with the bombarda setup. Just like that. Oh, ooohhjj! Hell yeah, fish on! ohhhhjjj got damn! It’s just… It’s the best feeling! Come here buddy! They are so strong! Crazy! Can you take my glasses? Can’t see anything man..
– come here! Ah man! Take the glasses man! Put them away! ahhhh one more! Nooojjj heck yeah, come here buddy! Ohhhjjj, look at that! Ahhhh… Damn, totally inhaled it! Oh man.. It’s so pretty man! Slightly coloured trout from the fjord. Gonna release it right away! It’s big enough tho.. Think it’s about.. 45cm? that’s it! Damn, crazy fish! Ah, this water is cold! Some hours has past, and we have fished around 900 meter. Got some great fishing around here! We just arrived at this shallow water bay, as you can see right here behind me. Really important to target a area like this. So pick a spot, and start searching the area all around. All way around, so you cover as much water as possible. Remember to do your spinstops as well. When retrieving, then pause for a bit. Then start again! When the trout are following the lure, it can trick a strike when the lure is pausing. Some times you will hit the bottom, just like I did here. But.. Often the fish strikes in the spinstop, or right after when speeding up again. You can do the same when fishing bombarda, just like Søren is doing now. Just stop the flies for a bit. When retrieving, the flies are pushed in. When pausing, the materials gonna open op again. And that’s ladies and gentleman, that is something the trout loves! When fishing a spot like this, keep your eyes open. Just have a look out there! At the other side, there are a lot of seagulls. Some of them are chasing something in the water. Most likely it is bristle worms that started to come out. And bristle worms is one of the main food sources for the sea trout. So when you see some seagulls chasing around, try to target that area – most likely there are sea trout around! Fish on, awesome! Don’t loose it! It went BAM! Nice fish! Real nice fjord trout. Real pretty. So cool fish from the fjord! The fish we just caught, is pretty recognisable. It’s a fish that have been spawning. They are recognisable because instead of being silver as a normal sea trout, they are darker, often these golden colours. Se are often really thin as well, and can have some scars around the body. These fish deserves some respect, because they have been up in the river, making baby trout. The sea trout gets fat out here at the coast, eating shrimps, goby’s and so on. When it is fat enough, and filled with eggs or milk, then they go to the rivers to spawn. Then they do their thing, and goes back into the ocean afterwards. After that, the are really slim, and they don’t really contain any meat worth eating for us. They do not taste good in that condition. Here during the winter period in Denmark, we have a closed season for these fish. They need to be released. It’s a fish who have done it’s thing in the river, and deserves som respect! But then we have some trouts skipping the spawning for a year, and it’s these fish we are out chasing here in the colder month. It’s basically a sea trout that decides to skip the spawning for a year, so it doesn’t get as thin and damaged as the fish who has done spawning. Usually they are pure silver, with loose scales on their body. You can bring them home if you want, if they are big enough. In this condition, they make up a really good meal! And it’s fish like these, that we hope for today! Think I am gonna go away from this bombarda setup once again. The idea was good, but it didn’t work. Should have worked over the shallow water, but seems like it’s not they flies they want. Want to go back to a small in line lure. Any ideas? – I had great fishing on the red one. So maybe something similar. Bright colours. Maybe pink? Pretty similar to the red. Or maybe even a darker one? This one is silver on one side, and pink on they other. But now we are out here in January, with cold water, so I would choose either really bright colours, or silver, almost every time. And when the weather starts to become a bit warmer, I will switch to more natural colours. Or else we got some other classics here, maybe a white spoon? The “Stripper” or a “Dorado” spoon. Or maybe the “snapper”. Or even a classic spinner can work here at the coast. Totally underestimated out here. – Okay, gonna change to some brighter colours. Let’s go and get these fish! Yeah! That’s it! Holy smokes it’s “big” 😉 Maybe we don’t need the.. Okay, just net it. – Finally you got one.
Haha, yep. Finally! Nice smaller one. – 30 cm?
Yeah.. Real skinny tho! Let’s get it back. Nice man, important fish! Let’s get one bigger. Ohhjjj fish on! One more! That’s a pig man! One more fish for us. Heck yeah! Let’s check it out at the bank. When catching a fish you want to release right after, remember to keep it under water as much as possible. They are not really comfy above water, you know.. Gonna loosen the rel and put the rod down here. Remember to take of the gloves, so you won’t damage the fish. Off they go. Use a plier instead of putting your whole hand inside the mouth, won’t to as much damage. So get down there nice and easy, locate the hook.. Pull it gently out.. This is a fish who have been spawning. Look how thin it is. It got some small scars at the top, as well at the backside. So this fish has most likely been up, doing it’s thing in the river. So we are gonna release it. Hopefully it will grow bigger, and get silver coloured again. That’s it, back into the water. Cool man, 3 fish. One more hour has past, and we haven’t caught anything meanwhile. Most likely because the water level is dropping. Wen we first arrived here, and had amazing fishing, the water was at its highest, slowly dropping. So remember that it can be really effective to fish some spots when the tide is changing. So when high tide dropping to low tide, or the other way around. It can activate the sea trout, by pushing around some of the food. DMI got a site where you can check the water level, its accurate.. Most of the times 😉 … There are of cause other sites to check it out as well. But yeah, keep an eye of the tide! High tide usually does the trick, but low tide can be effective as well! At low tide you can maybe reach some spots, that you didn’t could reach when it was high tide. Most important is to get out at the water. So don’t be one of these persons overanalysing everything. Sitting at home looking at the forecast: “Okay, too shallow water, too much wind etc”. Of cause you need to keep these things in mind, but if your sitting back home, you won’t catch any fish. Too shallow water now, so we gonna change spot. Gonna try to find a place with a bit deeper water close to shore. So let’s change things up, to find the fish! Ahh, this is tough man! Much easier when we had to go downwards! – Long way back there! poor condition we have man! Just arrived at the second spot of the day. The other spot got too shallow, and as you can see here, it’s the same thing here. The wind is blowing like crazy here, coming across the shore. Conditions should be okay, so we have not gonna change lures here. This spot, is one big reef. It’s almost dry right now, because of the tide. But we got some deeper water around it. So in theory the fish should be cruising around the edge. That’s the theory tho, could be something else. Hahah, right at the rod tip! no! – it’s fine, wasn’t that big. But it’s a fish tho! Then there should be more out there! We where just about to quit it. We struggled a bit to find the fish. Think we walked for 6-7 km at the last spot, and a couple of km here as well. But cool if we finally found them! – Could be nice if we found just a couple of fish before it gets dark, and we can record the last things! Just 2-3 fish more, thanks! It was out there. Not really close to shore Ah, right about time! Followed in. Think it’s a decent fish! Can you net it? Ah, not that big… But decent. But it’s of cause welcome in the net! Nice small one. Blue’ish tint once again! Love it. Once of the prettiest fish ever! that’s it. Just ned to be bigger. Time flies, and we have half an hour left. Not much time, but the fishing died out a bit. But we have some time left tho! In the meantime, I just want to thanks all of you who are following, and supporting out project! And of cause the big news; We have launched the big Justfishing Denmark webshop the 1st February. I have putted a lot of time and effort in it, and really looking forward to get it live. It’s gonna be so awesome, and we will have most of the gear that we are using in our videos. We got some crazy deals, so it’s gonna be top dollar! But let’s get back to fishing! That’s it! A bigger one! yeah, haha! Ahh, ohjj! It following in, smashed it one time first, got hooked second time. Times up. It’s 5pm, and it got dark. That’s what happens here, during the winter. We have some quite nice fishing!
– Indeed, the nailed our lures! It’s nice when it turns out this way, but of cause it’s not every time when you can get 4-7 fish at one trip. – When first starting out, you really have to keep in mind that it is totally normal not to catch any fish at a trip. And that’s a tip as well..Don’t give up. It’s all about getting out there. Learn the waters and the lures in all conditions. When you finally get your first sea trout, there are more to come! Then you know what you are doing. Then you start believing. Think it’s just over and out. Amazing trip today!
– Yeah, so crazy! We hope that we could inspire some of you,. Hope to see you out at the coast! Have a good one! 🙂


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