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Family says 3-year-old Iowa girl died from flu

November 16, 2019

New at Ten. The State Department of Health has not reported any flu deaths so far this season. But KCCI has learned there have been several flu-related deaths… including a 3- year-old girl in Elk Horn. KCCI spoke exclusively with the girl’s family today. Mark Tauscheck live in the newsroom with the details. Mark? 3-year-old Ayzlee McCarthy was buried today in Elk Horn… her family tells me she died Monday morning at Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines…not even 48 hours after she started showing flu-like symptoms. Ayzlee leaves behind her parents Jim and Amber McCarthy of Elk Horn and an older brother and sister. Amber told me that on Saturday morning Ayzlee started complaining her legs were hurting and had a fever…her parents took her to a clinic …where she was later diagnosed with influenza A and B. Sunday she continued to get worse so her parents took her to the ER in Atlantic… she was hooked up to an IV and started feeling better…the staff asked Amber if she wanted to take Ayzlee to Des Moines as a precaution…so later that night…an ambulance took Ayzlee to Blank Children’s hospital…within six hours of getting to Des Moines she died. Doctors told the family the cause of death was a combination of influenza A, influenza B, and sepsis…the family says before Saturday Ayzlee was perfectly healthy and had no-preexisting medical conditions… Her mother says this is a parent’s worst nightmare. While the state department of health has not reported any official flu deaths this season…a spokeswoman told me there can be some lag time in reporting… Polk County Medical examiner Dr. Gregory Schmunk meanwhile told me that since november 1st his office has processed 7 death certificates that had influenza listed as either cause of death or as a significant condition that contributed to the death…he said at least 3 of those cases had influenza as the official cause. Schmunk made clear that often times pneumonia or sepsis or some other complication of the flu is also associated as a contributing cause of death…but he says those cases would be still classified as a flu-related death. Live in the newsroom MT KCCI 8 news iowa’s news leader Right Now. The C-D-C says the flu is widespread in 36 states. Nationwide… 15 children have died so far this flu season. For just the week of December 20th.. the C-D-C estimates that nearly 7-percent of all deaths across the U-S.. were due to the flu and pneumonia. Experts say flu activity usually peaks between December and February… but it can last as late as May.

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  • Reply Brian Blanchard January 8, 2015 at 1:09 am

    Why are they not warning people that this child got her flu shot with influenza A & B, then caught both diseases and died. search Rockefeller & Gates both with overpopulation. The Globalists want 9/10ths of us dead & they are working on it. wake up people.

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