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Family and Friends Information – Turning Point Addiction Medicine Unit

December 20, 2019

(gentle guitar music) – It can be very frightening
for a relative of a patient to say goodbye to that patient
as they enter a detox unit. You’re not gonna be able to contact them for the first three to
four days of their detox, certainly whilst they’re in One East. But they will be okay. They will be safe, they
will be managed by experts. – One East is set up
predominantly as a detox unit. It has the safety net of
the hospital behind it. – We’ve got experienced
nurses, on-call doctors 24/7. – So they can stay up
to 10 days at One East depending on their detox requirements, and if they then require
it, they will be transferred for stabilisation to Wellington House for up to another 18 days. – We do some art therapy,
do some creative groups. There’s also physical
activities like yoga, pilates, and some personal training,
as well, throughout the week. Friends and family can
call throughout the day, and the clients can also
call friends and family. We also have visiting
hours between 5pm and 8pm and you get an hour for a visit. It’s just a matter of booking in. You can book on the day if
the availability’s there, or pre-book it, as well. – Addiction is a chronic,
relapsing condition. This may not be the first
time that your loved one actually goes through a detox. Be prepared for the fact
that they may get detoxed and exit our service, but
then they may relapse. Relapse should be seen as an
opportunity of understanding the triggers that drive
behaviour and drive addiction, rather than as a complete abject failure. So if relapse occurs,
we will see them again. – I felt a lot of support being here. There’s a lot of nurses, a lot of peer group support workers. From the time I walked in the door to now, I’ve had support all the way. – Whilst your loved one is
in detox and stabilisation, it’s also an opportunity
for you to reflect on your own needs, and
perhaps to engage in some self-care for yourself because it’s exhausting
looking after someone with a chronic, relapsing illness, and it’s exhausting looking after someone with an addiction problem. So look after yourself as we
look after your loved one.

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