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Face pack at home for Oily skin to Dry Skin – Tamil Beauty Tips by Jessie Evangelin

August 20, 2019

Hello Friendds welcome to G studios,Tamil Beauty Tips, i am Your’s Jessie Evangelin Today we are going to see a beauty tip for oil face So, Those who are having oil face, you all can use this face pack…. After using this face pack … you just can’t find oil on your face anywhere.. So, i gonna show you that how to use… and before that you should subscribe my channel Very easy option that just click on the below red colour subscribe button and clik on the bell symbol as well. so, that u can get my new video’s notification Friends, lets get into the show Friends, at first let me tell you the required ingrediants to make a face pack for oily skin Gram flour 2 spoons tomato juice(grinded) 2 spoons Small amount of Turmeric powder let me show you now that how to get rid from the oil skin by using all these things.. Gram flour 2 spoons Small amount of turmeric powder Tomato juice 2 spoons Mix it all together I have made the pack that we need… i have made it very fine and nice… your face pack will be so soft that based on your tomato juice.. if it was very soft grinded then your pack will get soft automatically.. So, now i gonna apply this pack on my face.. Friends, i have applied the pack fully on my face.. So, you should use this pack in a soft content Dont preserve it in fridge and all you should use this pack in a natural and fresh way.. And you no need to wait till it gets full dry.. if you feel that it has seted like it has patched means you can wash it out. dont make it for 2 to 3 hours and all.. just 15 to 30 mins are most enough for this pack.. So, now i gonna wait for 30 minutes.. will meet you again in 30 minutes See friends, it has been dried well Now i am going wash my face After washing you can see my face there will be nothing oily on my face On my face also i feel oily so, thats why i have applied it on my face So, let me wash and come Friends, i have done face wash let me wipped and show you.. See, you will not feel oily anywhere on your face Because, we have used gram flour, tomato, turmeric all together .. those mixture will grap all the oilyness from your face.. even you can feel it So, Wash your face and then apply this mixture on your face.. even you can sleep.. After drying wash it out with the help of water.. After using this pack dont use any kind of facewash, soap or anything else.. try this pack everyday.. and totaly you will get rid from the oily skin Even you can get bright, glowing skin by using this pack everyday those who have dull face due to oilyness also will get cured. Dont forget to post your comments to me.. Thank you so much for watching my show for longtime.. Friends, its a kind of very easy tip.. those who have oily skin just dont worry.. apply this pack make it dry and wash it off And also use it in daily basis then only you can get rid from the oil face and dull face…. After trying this dont forget to post your comments … You can suggest me to do any particular tip for any particular problem. I will do for you for sure… If you aware about any tips you can tell me.. share my video to all, and like my video Dont forget to Subscribe my channel… your comments , like, share, and subscribe are my only encouragement I hope that you will be giving me a full support and encouregement throughout my life time Only by your support i am being here.. i will be here… Thank you so much for watching my show for longtime.. Love You So much and Please Take Care…


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