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EXTREME Homemade Fungus Infection Remedy (Topical)

August 13, 2019

[I] I’ve been doing a protocol that I made up that I found that has at least helps posting quality of areas that have been infected as I And what I have is a quite ideally from or humane organic or At least we mainly treated a chicken Ideally maybe he organic go make it three Free-range chickens, I have this is ripe papaya that I blended He’s a low dose bentonite clay and if you get powdered Bentonite clay you do want to Hydrate it for an hour before use I have yogurt Miso and Vitamin D now those are my ingredients, I also amusing or the cold ut, and according to my research ut is Fda approved and it’s the most studies human fluid of the body and Actually if you look in your most high-end creams you’re actually going to fight find urea in it Also, I’m going to add one more thing I’m going to add grapefruit seed extract This is also known to be an antifungal back to the ut. You Wanna Collect Midstream Urine in the morning is supposed to be the best and Urine is sterile It has your excess vitamins minerals nutrients hormones and it it’s known for dealing with fungal infections and and when you’re Trying to find something all natural with a proven track street. That’s safe for your organs Unlike [the] pharmaceuticals out there It seems like one of the ones a really viable option so nice for my athletes foot. I bought some galoshes and so I’m going to fill it with portions of these items So a couple things in the olden times beauty was used actually as a soap they would age it and it would ferment and become more ammonia like so I’m using something that’s about a week to old and For those of you with sensitive noses It’s probably important for you to Avoid any but to have a very plain diet like eat rice or Or something very simple rather than onions garlic anything very Flavorful because it’s going to affect the fragrance so I have you probably want a few spoons and have a wooden spoon metal spoon to a couple chopsticks just to help get yourself situated and So this is probably half a cup. I’m going to pour ah I’m just going to evenly distribute this and something. I realized is that You don’t really need a whole lot of liquid in in your boots for this kind of thing So now I’m going to put some egg white and the reason why I use egg white is because when I was a kid We use it as a like a protein mask on her face, and I figured since my skin is [so] damaged from the from [the] Fungus I figure it could use all the help we can get and so I just use probably any one egg white distributed between each boot and it’s It could have been too, but whatever whatever works for you so I got some grapefruit seed extra act and I’m going to just put maybe like five of corruptions I have LL put probably Tablespoon Room just for luck got some bentonite clay. Oh, I forgot to mention. Oh, no I did So if I have more bentonite clay out actually put more in but I’m putting a probably about a tablespoon and I have some Miso and because it’s fermented so I’m going to put it maybe maybe that’s half a teaspoon and the reason why I’m using Fermented products is because I try to reestablish that the floor on my skin and I have some yogurt. So I’m just going to pour about a tablespoon of yogurt Enemies my I’m using yogurt install freezed infections vaginal yeast infection say oh I say apply yogurt, so I’m like well since I have [I’d] be able to get my foot Taking care of them as well Use that helps show here supply it And I’ll call it going to use about a teaspoon of that smell And then I have some vitamin D capsules, so I’m using Vitamin D3 and what I do is. I just break the whole thing and Squeeze it in there. I got me you can absorb it through your skin So I’m using 1,000 I National unit and so it’s just putting um maybe three drops in there So I one [thing] about using these boots without socks If they’re your actual slice it took I hard to get off window when not whiskey when your feet aren’t what but when they’re when there’s there in this mix is need to come up just fine, so Actually you might want to get a fairly better. Maybe have a size bigger. Just for ease of use so I Think that is it and I’ve [just] found that my skin quality has been softer and that the scaling from the fungus is greatly reduced and That was and the thing is that what I do is I use it for quite a while like maybe an hour The first time I did it is like. Maybe two hours. Maybe even three and it really helped so Um I just wanted to recommend that so thanks for watching


  • Reply Jellybean April 17, 2011 at 6:39 am

    Hey i suffer from fungus can u tell me the stuff or what to do i need to know use stuff from the chemist.

  • Reply researchfiend April 20, 2011 at 1:13 am

    Hi jellybean2423. Fungus infections are pretty tough to treat. I would not know what the chemist would recommend.. Good luck!

  • Reply t m May 16, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    A few things that I have learned by trial and error.
    —- SAPROX this is a mud. ebay or online. wipe off but do not wash off. SOOOO AWESOME , even a light smear is super effective.
    Original LISTERINE – wipe it on, add it to bathwater, whatever ! AWESOME STUFF. again, wipe off not wash off.
    _____cannot let your skin get DRY ____ SO IMPORTANT !!!
    Natural Aloe Spray or Aloe with Neem SPRAY so great with your treatment, or natural cocoa butter lotion .
    _–____— SO IMPORTANT to clean surfaces OFTEN phones, doorknobs ect and BEDDING DAILY !! Extra Laundry is not as bad as constant skin rashes. WASH or CHANGE BEDDING DAILY for Gods sake.
    Good Luck to you all.

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