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Experiment on how virus can spread in tourist bus – Japanese program

February 11, 2020

Experiment on how a virus can spread Virus is said to spread via contact with contaminated objects First confirmed Japanese person infected with the Corona virus is a tourist bus driver as well as the tour guide for the same tour bus. How the virus can spread in a tour bus we have done an experiment. We have set setup a typical tour bus a driver a tour guide and 20 tourists. designated one individual as the virus carrier. He will be using this device This device will leak a fluid to simulate a sick person with a runny nose. once every minute This liquid is not visible with the naked eye but if you place it under a black light it glows a florescent color Start of experiment First before boarding bus driver loads luggage under compartment. Boarding time carrier boards bus He will be sitting in this location He wipes the simulated runny nose that leaks every minute with his handkerchief. Finally departure There is not much movement during travel to destination upon arriving to our destination With the carrier’s smartphone the guide takes a commemorative group photo and the experiment is finished. Lets check to see how much the handkerchief is saturated with the simulated runny nose. and the surprising result. Tourist bus experiment with simulated virus carrier. how much has the runny nose spread in the vehicle First, let’s check the carrier of the virus. We see substance all around the mouth area. of course, the handkerchief used to wipe the liquid as well. even on his clothes. How about inside the bus. We will now illuminate using a black light. as expected, the area around the virus carrier is glowing. especially the arm rest other areas such as the seat handles grab bar near the entry When replaying the experiment video we see that the carrier has touched those areas. How about the bus driver and the tour guide. When putting the black light on the driver’s hands very minimal but we see evidence on his fingertips. This may have occurred when loading the luggage. the substance has covered a wide area on the subject’s luggage. As for the right hand of the tour guide During the group photo the smartphone used was the virus carriers’ phone. That smartphone is also covered with the glow. As for the 20 fellow tourists, 4 out of the 20 have substance on their hands. We see that they have also touched areas where the subject has touched. What we have found from this experiment is that the substance adheres to the hands. and If the virus is on your hands and we touch areas around our face it is likely that the virus can enter through our eyes, mouth or nose. a mask hand washing is important

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