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EWW! Acne + Pores Under a MICROSCOPE! (very graphic)

August 17, 2019

Hai It’s fei Hello, from the (sneeze in background)- bless Upon high request, a lot of you guys have been tweeting me and messaging me and commenting on my videos about this “home microscope”. What is it called? So Tina Yong did a video where she used a little microscope to zoom into her face, her pores. I think she also did one with, like, makeup on. And a lot of you guys went crazy and were like “oh my gosh fei, ya nasty skin girl, try it, try it out” and I was like intrigued. oh ma gad, that’s like so close So that’s why today I look like this: no makeup on, no nothing. I just…woke up pfft…The truth untold So no means am I claiming this device or anything shout out to Tina I do watch her videos here and there and I actually Want to reach out to her but like I’m scared because I don’t know. I’m just not good with like reaching out to people Ah, I love her. She’s very informational and she like gets to the point. Unlike, unlike me Where I just like beat around the bush for awhile like that’s my talent So I’m gonna make sure to link her videos down below for you guys to check out the more informational side This is just going to be me reacting to my skin and seeing how it looks like Oh, huge disclaimer: If you have a very sensitive gag reflex Um, close-up pore shots and just like tryophobia,I highly recommend you to like click out now very gag full video Oh, maybe I should do like does toner really work because toner is known to minimize your pores nah I just wanna see how my skin looks like so this is how the device looks like. It is the um I don’t know what it’s called. I will link it down below getting funny. But you connect it to your macbook or whatever you have. Oh, you wanna see my screensaver? Thankss. You just connect it it’s super-easy and then you open like photo booth and then you just click record. I have a feeling I’m gonna be disgusted already little things like this trigger me, it’s gonna be a long video You can kind of focus it with this little scroll right here. We’re gonna start with this cheek I want to see how my acne looks like. Hello Hairy fei come through. Oh my god Really oily as you can see I’m already like shook. Okay, so as you can tell I’m like very oily and hairy I don’t lie when I say I’m a hairy girl. I’m a really hairy girl No shame and you guys know I have these two bumps here. So I’m gonna go into those areas. Where is it? I am so oily there’s nothing really here. Oh my gad this is so weird. oh my golly My god I’m just Hairy and oily like Oh see as you can tell my skin becomes more dry over here So there’s like a lot of cracks in my skin and that’s why I say it’s so important for you to moisturize around your ear Areas, okay guys because look you rarely see any like cracks on my ok you do but then, you know what I mean There’s not as much like cracks in my skin but as soon as I go further out, you see all this It’s a lot drier out here. So going into my ear is this safe? what the… ok calm down calm down calm down calm down that’s my shirt, oh I’m hairy on my neck too Trying to find my mole. Oh, so here’s my mole And hairy, oh my God, look at all those prickles I’ve been interesting Who the who the f- , okay. So I have huge pores on the side of my cheeks right here oh my god what is this So you should see a lot of hair follicles Cracks in the skin which I like how like open pore Come through so far. The cheeks are okay. They’re not like crazy. ew, ew So many so many hairy so many crackeu, so many oil Disgusting. ess, ho oh, oh, so we go closer to my suburbs. I mean suburbs Look at that jaw line. See this jaw line Oh Here’s where it gets juicy because here are all the pores I can’t really see anything like crazy. With acne Brace yourself because we’re going on my nose and my nose is disgusting We all know that already so don’t be shook don’t act like you surprised Brenda. Calm it down. Oh My god, oh my god. My nose is oily. It’s not fair my nose. I know you guys don’t judge Don’t judge me please I’m sensitive oh my god… ohh My god like ew know what that ew, why are you just chilling there? Holy Look at that clogged pore. Oh my look at my baby hairs Oh my gosh, look how clogged and look how prickly my hair looks whaaatt There’s just a long piece I hair my face I have some intense clogged pores right here and oh oh my god, oh It looks like you see how oily I am Pork-belly anyone want pork belly. My nose is so oily. Oh My nose is so oily we can cook an egg we can fry an egg on my self Oh over your barbecue, honey self ew ewwwww ew holy I’m not alone. I’m not alone. I’m not alone. I’m not the only weird one What about this Oh unibrow come through unibrow. Oh, yeah hunty. Oh, Oh It’s a forest up in there. I’m hiding all my money in here. It looks so fake Crap it’s so cool though. I want to pluck all of that ewh, euh what the- that is definitely a clogged here follicle. this is in my hair now. Oh, I got some Brown here cuz I dyed it. This is how your hair looks like when you die I mean, no shit, but like shit. Oh, my scalp is pure my gosh Imagine ants crawling on it look how oily and greasy my hair is You know how you know how I have fake um, fake hair (Fake Love by BTS starts playing) I have fusion bonds that attach fake hair to my real hair. So if I can just find a spot where my fusion bonds are oh. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah That’s how it looks like for sure Oh that is Interesting. Oh It’s definite It has definitely grown *gasp* wait how do I get closer hold on hold on hold on ewwwww ewwww It’s like a nipple. It’s like, it’s like an alien. It’s like a blob of like it’s own life It’s like a blister. It’s like a it’s like a raisin oh I need to go oh I need to go get this checked. Oh my gosh my gosh, I should go get this check. Oh my gosh I should go get it check that’s just not ok What about my earlobe as you can see here in the Wild West we have some cactuses I’m going blind No, okay. I have I do have a mole on my eye I won’t go blind guys. Oh my god where are you This is my bottom lash That’s my eyeball. Okay, upper lashes Corner, I give up. Okay, the tip of my nose is like so oily it’s Disgusting. Oh my God. Look at that. Oh oh my Goodness Just look at that Does that not freak you out oh my gosh and imagine if like ants live in here I hate ants I hate ants so much. I hate ants so much you have no idea like I hate ants Oh, I hate ants, I hate ants This looks like I just tossed a whole bunch of like spaghetti noodles and with olive oil and like here have your meal its time to eat bitches Like that, you know. I guess it’s fine. I do have like cracks skin down here Oh What the- What are you? What are you? What is your name? Who are your parents? What the if you watch wishtrend they always have like a microscope that like you can they’ve like at their skin and they also have like this this tool that like measures the Moisture content on your face and I really want that for like use your skin care videos So like if you know a link, well, you know what I’m talking about You know what I- I mean, maybe you can help link to me. I’m just like going lower and lower into my body Oh, lets try- nevermind Like look at all this crack skin. You need to moisturize oo nice armpits look at you clear and nice skin, what about my elbow Popcorn anyone?looks like you need road work What about my toe? sorry that’s just gross oo lets try under my nails oh my gad. plain disgusting fei Oh, I have a mole right here hmm Look at that mole see moles freaked me out. Like why do we have moles? What causes moles? Why do they look like that? and like ewh Well there you have it guys. That is me. Just observing my skin I intentionally just wanted to do my face, but sorry, I got carried away I want to see my butt crack, too But that’ll be another day highly recommend you guys to like check this Microscope out because it’s just so interesting to see how your skin looks like close up that is it for this video I feel like I will be incorporating this microscope more into my skincare videos Especially since I know a lot of people are skeptical about like using toner Does toner really minimize your pores or just simply using a blackhead strip. I don’t know. It’s up to you guys Whatever you guys want to see don’t forget to like this video also don’t forget to subscribe because you don’t want to miss out with all the new content that I am inspired and Determined to bring it out Sorry baru segini internet nya macet 🙂 By ayen Chang ig:ayen_chang next video k until next time, I’m sending love bye


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