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Essential Oils for Candida Overgrowth – Vibrant Blue Oils, Jodi Cohen

August 17, 2019

essential oils can be really powerful
tools for managing candida overgrowth so Candida is often associated with a leaky
gut weakened immune system brain fog digestive upsets food allergies and
hormonal imbalances if you don’t know Candida is a type of yeast that assists
the body with the absorption of nutrients and it normally lives in small
amounts in the mouth and the gut and the skin causing any problems it can
multiply and grow out of control primarily in the intestines and then
spread to other parts of the body presenting as you stir fungal infections
like oral thrush in the mouth skin disorders like a rash dry skin eczema
acne or athlete’s foot or a vaginal yeast infection or diaper rash candida
overgrowth can be triggered by the overuse of antibiotics or a diet high in
refined sugar processed food or carbohydrates it can also be triggered
when in the body becomes too acidic or is under an abundance of stress Candida
is also correlated with the presence of toxic heavy metals in the body
in fact many health experts believe that Candida binds to heavy metals to prevent
it from entering the bloodstream and in effect Candida is shielding and
protecting the body from the toxicity of metals so the presence of heavy metals
can cause Candida to overgrow so that said it’s really important that you to
toxify heavy metals in combination with eliminating Candida to avoid a flare and
have metal toxicity symptoms so essential oils can be used to
effectively inhibit the growth of Candida and treat and reverse different
forms of Candida infections a lot of research reveals that the antifungal and
antibacterial properties of essential oils work to control yeast overgrowth
without actually harming the beneficial gut flora there
biofilms that shield the pathogens like Candida and make it really challenging
to access and treat them even with powerful prescription antifungal drugs
but essential oils like lemongrass and clove are super effective at busting
through the biofilms and actually accessing the candida so some of my
favorite essential oils for treating candida include our Small Intestine Support blend it’s a great blend that supports the small intestine both
energetically and physically and it contains lemongrass oil which is a
powerful anti sept and septic and antifungal and
antibacterial oil that can break up the candida biofilm and alter its cellular
structures there’s a lot of research that the antioxidant and antifungal and
antibacterial properties of lemongrass can be effective in Candida and when
it’s vaporized or inhaled it’s even more effective at kind of addressing Candida
lemongrass oil has some direct applications for Candida and oral thrush
and it helps to improve digestive health so you can apply it with the Small Intestine blend clockwise around the belly button and you can also smell it or
apply it to your ears our Parasympathetic blend contains clove oil
which is fabulous for treating Candida because of its antifungal properties it
inhibits Candida formation as well as treats fungal infections one reason
clove oil is so effective as an antiseptic can be attributed to its
ability to inhibit bacteria and yeast overgrowth in fact Indian Ayurvedic
medicine medicine has long used clove oil to enhance digestion and kill
parasites and pathogens research further shows that clove oil was able to
obstruct Candida formation with its antifungal activity reducing Candida
strands to near zero levels good news research further recommended the
investigation of clove oil for the clinical treatment of infection and
another study found that the antimicrobial activity of the clove oil
was enhanced in combination with other essential oils which has been really
consistent with our experience of the Parasympathetic blend which combines
clove oil with lime and it can be applied right behind the ear lobe on the
mastoid bone or the bottom of the foot on any of the digestive reflexology
point my favorite is kind of right on the ankle four fingers up from the ankle
and the webbing between the first and second toe Parasympathetic can also be
added to a coconut oil and you can do oil pulling and swishing it around the
mouth to help pull out oral thrush you want to try to swish use a very small
amount of the Parasympathetic oil and it will help break down the candida
biofilms and detox the mouth and the tongue and you can swish for about ten
minutes or so other oils that can help candida
overgrowth is the gut kit because anything that damages the healthy
bacteria in the gut including leaky gut or pathogens kind of
disturbs the good bacteria and allows opportunistic organisms like Candida to
grow unchecked so our Gut Repair Kit can help heal the microbiome and support the
healthy gut flora you also want to consider opening the drainage pathways
so that as you mobilize these toxins and biotoxins they can leave the body so my
friend Evan brown equates it to opening presents on Christmas morning you have
all the garbage that’s left over but essential oils can be topically applied
to help support the drainage pathways so the gallbladder the liver the kidneys
the lymphatic system the lungs and the skin if you open all of those channels
then the biotoxins leave finally on the tea tree oil can be used just
kind of a gentle and safe topically applied meant for skin Candida in
functions like athlete’s foot or eczema or acne it also can be used to treat
vaginal yeast infections you can put put a little bit on a tampon with coconut
oil and then use it as a tampon and our immune support oil helps to support the
immune system and kills a lot of bacteria that can combine with Candida
to create infections like eczema and it can be used topically to attack the
Candida infections as well you know like on a fleet’s foot on the bottom of the
feet it contains oregano oil which is
recognised for its aggressive antifungal properties and can effectively take care
of stubborn Candida infections be careful with oregano oil it’s very hot
you always want to dilute it if you’re using it separately but in this blend
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