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Episode 30: Too Many Ailments, Too Many Prescriptions, so she is Trying Cannabis

December 7, 2019

– You’re listening
to cannabis healt radio. Here are your hosts
Ian Jessop and Corrie Yelland. – Ian: Welcome to another edition
of cannabis health radio, I’m Ian Jessop. – And I’m Corrie Yelland. – Ian: Our guest today has battled numerous
health issues including anorexia and fibromyalgia. Over the last15 years
she’s been on pharmaceutical medications but started using cannabis
in June of this year. Joining us from Summerland British
Columbia to tell us her story is Kim Ratcliffe. Kim good of you to join us,
thanks very much. – KIm: Thank you for having me – Ian: Kim take us through some of the health
issues you’ve been dealing with over the years. – Kim: Well as you mentioned I had
anorexia I am fully recovered and I have been for
over 15 years I had my eating disorder on and off for
over 20 years and I also have as again you mentioned fibromyalgia chronic
fatigue syndrome IBS interstitial cystitis Osseo pinna osteoarthritis back
pain insomnia migraines just a name of you I could go on but I think people
will get the gist of it boy Kim you’re a mess I am a mess how did how did all of
this happen um the anorexia was something that
started when I was in my teens in 16 when I was 16 years old and I just
really didn’t know what it was and it just came to a boiling point when I was
in my 30s and I got very ill and needed hospital treatment and obviously
recovery after that which took me about five to seven years to fully recover
from it along that road I seemed to have developed the chronic fatigue and then
came the fibromyalgia I’ve always had the back pain from a car accident many
many years ago I broke my tibia plateau and that was when I found out I had
osteo pinna and migraines I’ve always had as well and insomnia I don’t think I
have slept probably in over 30 years as a normal person would whatever normal
would be so your sleep is interrupted at night continually because of the pain
and discomfort because of the pain and the discomfort the interstitial cystitis
I’m not sure if a lot of people are aware of what
and the best way for me to describe that is that the bladder has a layer I call
it the gag layer and with that the acid from my urine eats away at that layer so
what happened to me was very lucky because my half sister has it and I was
diagnosed very early but it does come with a lot of pain and so since then I
use a pharmaceutical medication for it as well as having two operations a year
just to keep me where I am today and I know that without those two I would most
likely be wearing a bag right now so that’s what interstitial cystitis is so
it does get me up a lot during the night because I have to frequently go to the
bathroom and then of course when you know fibro and all the other pain
elements that wakes you up as well so I’m lucky if I can get two hours of
sleep at one time and then I wake up and then I maybe fall back asleep maybe not
fall back asleep and that’s how my night is Kim you said you have two operations
a year did I hear that correctly yes you do it’s about every eight months
that I get it now exactly what do they do
um I call it a dilation in cystoscopy so what they do is they go in and I always
say because it’s easier for people to understand as they blow up my bladder so
when I first go in I can only hold maybe a hundred and fifty cc’s at a time and
then when they go in and they expand the bladder to about 56 part pardon me 650
CCS it gives me relief it gives me a little bit more time where I don’t have
to go to the bathroom as often then you can sleep a little better sometimes yes
sometimes not I don’t you know it certainly helps definitely how long can
they continue doing this Kim as long as I need it and so far I’ve been doing it
for over 15 years mm-hmm given all the the ailments that
you have how many medications have you been on
I’ve been on well I take about eight medications a day on top of my vitamins
now what led you to try cannabis in June of this year well I have thought about
it and thought about it but just never followed through with it and my husband
was actually instrumental in saying to me why don’t you give it a try why don’t
you give it a try and I never did and then I finally said okay and he said
good because we really have nothing to lose because of my quality of life
that’s what I’m after is quality of life and that’s when I decided I would try
cannabis I’d read about it but just didn’t feel I was ready to pursue it for
various reasons mostly the stigma a bond it how it’s bad and people don’t talk
about it and they think you just want to get high off of it things like that yeah
there is a stigma about being a crazy stoner isn’t there absolutely definitely
and I know that it’s still out there I know that it is very much still out
there but what I’ve experienced since being on it is totally different I’ve
never been against it I’ve always been for it but I was just obviously not
ready to try it and I got to a point where this spring I was in so much pain
using double the pain medications that I was using yes narcotics and I just
couldn’t do it anymore I didn’t know what else to do I didn’t
know what else to try what type of cannabis were you taking was it a
tincture or an oil it’s oil that I’m taking okay and what
was your experience with it when I first tried it at CBD oil that I first tried
and I started off slowly with it and I didn’t feel any different with it at all
I was still taking all of my pharmaceutical medications and I didn’t
know what to expect I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel with it
I didn’t know if I’d even notice a difference in it you know many people
have asked me since being on it well how do you know that it works and I can
honestly say that I don’t really know that it did because I still take the
pharmaceutical medications but knowing what I know now from way back in June I
know that it definitely works and you started in June but how long did you
take it before you decided to stop I took it
till about the first week in November and I got to a breaking point where I
was just crying for two or three days because I just couldn’t take the
nauseousness anymore I couldn’t take being no energy anymore
I just couldn’t do it I was just so stressed with it and so the doctor that
I am seeing that is helping me with this had suggested go off of everything for a
week see what happens and restarted it and that’s what I did and now knowing
that most likely what happened was I rushed it I wanted instant relief from
this like you would get if you took a Tylenol in an hour you would normally
feel better I realize now it doesn’t work that way
so I increased it far too fast for me and I ended up with the results that
I’ve been having which was the nauseousness the lethargic no energy as
well as the the sinuses that were affect by me you know I mean sorry to interrupt
but I’m wondering quite often we’ll see with cancer patients who are taking to
start taking cannabis or not even just cancer patients a mess line etcetera
where they’ll go through a period where they seem to go backwards instead of
forwards and more often than not what’s going on is a bit of a purchasing
reaction or detox yes and I’m also wondering too because at that time I was
still taking gabapentin and I decided well that would be the first medication
that I could throw out of my system and I maybe I
went too fast with it and I went off of it too quickly so there’s probably a
numerous amount of things that may have contributed to how I was feeling but I
also knew that cannabis was working for me I could see a difference in my pain
throughout the day I could see a difference in my swelling in the morning
I could see so much benefits from it especially with the irritable bowel
syndrome within maybe two weeks or less of taking it for the very first time my
ear lobe all symptoms were gone great yeah that’s amazing that’s really good
so yeah it sounds to me like intuitively you knew it was working but you were
going you were taking a bit too much and as Corey said you were experiencing this
herxheimer reaction which is the detox and it was making you feel unwell yes
that makes sense to you that definitely makes sense to me and I mean I didn’t
know any of it like I said I didn’t know how I was to feel I would go on the
internet searching for the symptoms that I was having and there are lots of
wonderful websites out there but when you go to these big large website pages
they’re full of information but you go there like I did and it’s I don’t even
know where to begin you know don’t even know what to look for and it was so
overwhelming and so because I have my eating disorder website page that’s when
I decided I would start a new tab on there calling it my cannabis journey so
how long did you go off the cannabis from you took it for starting in June
and how long were you on it and then stopped it I was on it and it’s all
probably the first couple of weeks well maybe about a week into November
and around in about there and I went off it for only one week within two days of
being off of it the nauseous was gone my sinuses seemed to be better but pain was
definitely back the swelling was definitely back I
sleeping anymore and I went back on it a week later we did an interview yesterday
with Juanito a fellow in Croatia who had MS symptoms and he was taking cannabis
oil and the high THC and he was sleeping a lot and his mother was giving him a
bad time but he said when he stopped it for 24 hours the next day he felt
fantastic yes and so I see some parallels with with what you’re doing I
can certainly relate to that because since being back on it which will be
about three weeks this Wednesday I have not experienced any nauseous I’m not
experiencing anything else my irritable bowel symptoms were back
just before I went off of it within two days of being back on the CBD oil four
doses a very small amount point three milliliters within four doses my earlobe
bowel symptoms were completely gone and how long did you have irritable bowel
I’ve had that over 15 years Wow and you take just point three milliliters four
times a day no I take point three milk I take point three milliliters at 12 p.m.
and about 8 o clock at night and just this week I’ve added a bit of THC during
the day at the 12 p.m. one and then at night I take point 7 milliliters of the
THC to help me sleep still taking all of my pharmaceutical medications including
all of my sleeping aids and I just increase it very very slowly and that
seems to be working for me right now now my doctor also suggested at the time
when I met with him to take it on an empty stomach and I’m no longer doing
that I make sure that I have something in my stomach first and then I will take
it are you looking to at some point to wean yourself off of your pharmaceutical
medications yes I would love to get off all of them but if I don’t I’m accepting
that that’s ok with me but that is my goal is
to get off as many of them as I can especially the narcotics and just
strictly have cannabis do you have somebody advising you on how to take
this like where are you getting obtaining your CBD and THC from mostly
it was from the doctor that I had and still am seeing I’ve had a few
conversations with some other people making suggestions here and there and so
not knowing anything and that includes the dispensary that is local in our area
and I listen to all these people and I was very very confused about which route
to go and I think that was part of it for me that was so frustrating is I
didn’t double which route to go because I didn’t have the information now that I
know how my body reacts to the CBD and the THC because at that point I was
taking 60 milliliters of CBD a day and at least 20 to 30 milliliters of this
THC at night so I decided when I went back on it I was going to go my route
and see if it would make a difference and it certainly has
soyou’re when you refer to your physician are you talking about a
medical physician yes and he’s got does he have a fair bit of experience then
with treating patients with cannabinoids not really my family doctor was not
interested in pursuing and helping me with this but he did point me into the
direction of a website so I went there and they didn’t have it but they pointed
me to yet another website and I contacted them and that is the physician
that I’m seeing there really isn’t any physicians in our area that are very
knowledgeable with it for whatever reason well that’s I think a problem
right across Canada it’s not just where you are unfortunately but I think it’s a
North American problem really yeah you know you’re talking about how many meals
you’re taking of you know THC and CBD but you know what strength it is yes I
do CBD is 30 to 1 and the THC that I’m
taking now is 10 to 1 and I should add that during those 4 months that I was
taking it being at the dispensary and you know talking to the people there I
was using four different brands or products of all kinds and that’s the
other thing that I decided to stop I’m sticking with one brand the one brand
that I’ve had mostly for the beginning and not introducing anything else
because I needed to know if the cannabis was really affecting me if that’s what
it was and then I wouldn’t be able to take it or use it or was it maybe the
other products so when you say brand what are you talking about they’re like
is this like a company that is making what you’re taking then and yes there’s
a company in the area here that produces it I am registered with a licensed
producer which I just recently did I have not tried their products but I did
register with them I wanted to do that for two reasons one so that the federal
government could see that cannabis is an awesome product and hopefully they will
see the amount of people who are registered and maybe push along this new
bill that might come through or what have you and that’s why I did it and
then I just chose the one that was recommended to me from my position that
you know I’ve been seeing and helping me through the cannabis right can I ask you
um do you know if the CBD that you’re taking is from hemp or from cannabis him
ah ah have you tried CBD from cannabis no
because I don’t know how not much you know about me but I I’ve worked with a
lot of people who treat themselves with cannabis mainly counts there but other
ailments as well and certainly in other ailments there’s a huge difference in
results with patients who were taking CBD derived from cannabis and CBD
derived from him in my experience and you see I did not know that and
the ones that I’m taking now it’s actually the sativa because I know
there’s sativa and indica and it’s sativa that I’m taking so I didn’t know
that Cory oh interesting in sativa too can come with it with its own issues
sometimes for example sativa is energizing so you don’t want to be doing
sativa if you’re gonna try and sleep exactly exactly
Cory let me ask you what’s the difference between hemp CBD and cannabis
CBD okay I’m not a scientist no we realize with with cannabis CBD
you’ve got the entourage effect because you’ve got you know the other components
that make up cannabis in there in small the term Mount turkey it means in
flavonoids etcetera that you don’t have with hemp you know I I just saw a red
light when you were talking here because I guess because I’d like to see you have
a whole lot more success in your having it’s astounding to me like you are
having success but on a pretty minor scale and when you were speaking it
reminded me of a conversation I had with dr. Jonas weenie and Colorado and I was
too I was all excited and telling her about several friends of mine who had
some really horrible arthritis and how well they were doing after only a week
on CBD and she said oh are you sure it’s not the placebo effect sort of thing and
I’m like no you know I’m positive I’ve got 10 different people and she said oh
cuz we’ve given CBD here too you know a number of people with arthritis with no
effect whatsoever and that’s when we discovered that the CBD she was
referring to was from hemp and the CBD I was referring to was from a strain of
cannabis called noodle like I said that I’ve not heard the THC that I am using
is from the same licensed producer and you know it’s mixed with coconut oil so
you know but it is the sativa one as well okay so do be aware that that’s
energizing which is great for the daytime but maybe not so much if you’re
going to try and sleep exactly and that’s something you know
that I would like to try is the indica at night because I know there is a
difference with it and both of the THC there’s quote a daytime one and a
nighttime one they do have the terpenes or however you want to pronounce it it
is says that on the bottle there it’s a real learning experience this isn’t a
Kim I mean I’m sitting here as I’m sitting here listening to Cory and
thinking wow I didn’t know any of that stuff was great information I didn’t
know it it has it’s been an amazing journey so far nothing what I expected
but I didn’t know what to expect like I said you know using the tylenol
for a headache I wanted instant relief I was you know trying to find personal
stories and I couldn’t seem to find anything you know none of my friends
that I knew were using cannabis or if they had you know wasn’t discussed with
me at all so it’s definitely been quite the journey it’s been a very much a
learning experience one that I don’t regret of any sort at all because it’s
taught me a lot about cannabis as well as my body right how does your doctor
the one who said he didn’t know very much about it how has he reacted to you
taking cannabis you know he was really all for it but he just you know his
excuses were well I don’t have enough information or I don’t want to assign my
name to the piece of paper all of the stereotypes and I know that dr. Hepburn
has talked about that as well and when I told him that I was using it and I was
on it and I see him every couple of months just for my regular medications
he’s very happy that I had found something that will hopefully work for
me oh that’s good that’s good to hear yes has the cannabis at all helped you
with your bladder issue I can’t say that it has no but I have so many health
issues that you know which one do you pick first sort of to go with and when I
restarted it again that’s what I thought about which one
did I want to start off with and the first one for me was lessen my pain and
lessen the swelling I can go another few months if I have to without sleep but I
wanted to let the pain and the swelling go down throughout the day and that’s
what I was focusing on I wonder you know I’ve got probably a dozen half-dozen
doesn’t pee of my people have the same bladder issue as you and have seen
fairly good results however they’re using a high THC well I wonder if he
started using more th to see whether you’d see some changes there and I might
I know that you know when the summer months were here and I was using quite a
bit of THC at night to sleep for example I would get stretches of sleep anywhere
from five to six and a half hours and for me that’s a dream come true because
I can wake up the next day feeling somewhat normal well I hear you but what
happens is when I go the six and a half hours stretch and I wake up to go to the
bathroom my back and my bladder are so full that I feel pain from that so it I
know eventually I’m hoping that it will help but for me like I said it’s just
one step at a time right now I’m not I’m not giving up on cannabis I am so not
giving up on this because I have seen what it has done for me in the past four
months even though I had all the other issues with it the nauseousness the
extreme tiredness etc etc I’m wondering Kim if you went on started to take the
higher THC after you have this procedure to enlarge your bladder a bit which
would give you more time to sleep and recover yes my next operation actually
will be in February so it will be interesting to see what my urologist
sees when he does it and how I do afterwards to see how well I am with it
– and I have no problem taking the higher amounts of THC by
means I’m here as a human being who wants cannabis as a medical way of
dealing with my life to give me quality of life I’m not here to get high I never
have been wanting that although in experimenting with the doses through
those months yes I have been but I just want to be able to see you know what’s
going to happen is there anything else you’d like to say in conclusion Kim
about your issues or about the use of cannabis and other people who may be
listening who may have similar problems to yours well the first thing I would
like to say is don’t give up don’t rush it there’s no reason to and that’s where
I think I might have gone wrong continue to take your medications as you do until
you feel comfortable until you because we all know our bodies so until you feel
comfortable you’re ready to not take them anymore believe that cannabis does
work and I would much rather take cannabis then taking these
pharmaceutical medications because of all the side effects from them great Kim
it was a gracious of you to do this and to talk about some of your issues we
greatly appreciate it thank you very much thank you very much and my website
is eating disorders recoveries possible dot that’s my eating disorder
website but ike I said I do have a tab on there that I am now doing my eye
journey with my cannabis great thanks Kim thank you so much very much for
having me okay you take good care you too before we leave you dear listeners I
just like to say that cannabis health radio is supported by our listeners Cory
and I would encourage you to go to the donate page on our website cannabis
health radio comm and make a pledge you can make a one-time donation or you can
become a monthly supporter for as little as 3 dollars a month the price of a cup
of coffee and we thank you for your support wherever you are in the world
thanks for listening we’ll be back again tomorrow with another edition of
cannabis health radio you’ve been listening to the cannabis
health radio podcast visit our website cannabis health and follow us
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