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Epidemic intelligence specialists trace COVID-19 to contain its spread

February 21, 2020

now on the front line of South Korea’s
battle against covert 19 the so-called epidemic intelligence specialists are
working to contain the virus our youngin looks into who they are and what they do epidemic intelligence specialists are
health professionals who investigate the cause and the characteristics of
infectious diseases they’re on the frontline of the battle against the
spread of epidemics as they also take part in planning current in policies and
naturally carrying out those measures at the star of the covin 19 outbreak their
primary role was stopping the virus from entering the country it airports they
examine any suspected patients from virus countries and contain them if
necessary but as the outbreak has entered a new
phase where the virus has spread into local communities they now has strayed
into any contaminated area from there they trace the locations of confirmed
patients and the people they might have come into contact with by analyzing CCTV
footage the faster they finish their process the more successful they are in
containing the spread this puts them in a race against time this is a class one
infectious disease with the highest risk which requires a swift response so and a
lot of time pressure they say kovin 19 is especially
challenging compared to other infectious diseases because it is novel and fast
spreading also the investigation could get delayed when people refused to
cooperate signing privacy issues to increase their efficiency the Korea
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have teamed up in local
telecom firms to obtain data related to confirmed patients in real-time
following the MERS outbreak and the subsequent amendment to privacy laws we
are actively cooperating with the government by sharing location contact
and car usage data of confirmed patients following disorder storage of infections
some local governments have requested more experts to help with their urgent
situation jung-in arirang news

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