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Epidemic in Europe? Coronavirus wins “professionals” – the strongest survive?

February 25, 2020

hello guys this is Elaizz, and today I
want to make about news about coronavirus and this news is a breaking and
disturbs me very much. you know there was official statement of the
World Health Organization about the window of opportunity to contain the
coronavirus is getting gnarly and it’s getting smaller and that means nothing
good and what does it means and that means that the time to contain the
coronavirus it’s limited okay and once it will be very limited will not have
chance anymore to stop the virus from spreading and you know if you take a
look at a statistic for today it’s confirmed about 77,000 more then of ill people all over the world who was confirmed
ill and more than 2,000 death and maybe it doesn’t look so critical because
compared to the you know Chinese population like about almost one and
half billion people this is not that much or maybe if you compare it to the
population of the world this is not that much but actually this is a population
of two little small cities okay like can you imagine putting all those people
together in one place and it’ll be pretty much mini and their lives okay
this is lives it’s not just dolls or something and why did this window of
opportunities is narrowing why maybe people who are in the government and
also professional doctors and scientists are not competent enough in what they doing
and you know there’s some evidence already to it that they professionalism
might be not as professional as everybody expecting because once few
weeks ago you know World Health Organization confirmed they own mistake
like they said that in the very beginning of spreading coronavirus
World Health Organization: this is not a pandemia this is not so
dangerous there’s no need to close like borders with China stop any you know
airplanes whatever and won’t help organization government that they
misjudge the situation and the reality was way way more worse than actually
they judging it and what does good mean that means only one thing, when there’s
one mistake was made then it could be another one and you know their
repetition is not the dream as before I don’t say that
what health organization is bad or there is no professional enough in it or
people who’s working on containing kind of virus and professionals enough
probably they are, but maybe they should be more professional because once the
rude mistake was made many people struggle because of it
and many of them became a victim of this just average people like you mean while
governments and professionals of different countries beside being what to
do this situation maybe people should be more responsible and think of it in you
know maybe they should develop some petition like to close some borders with
some countries I’m not saying that you should close the borders forever but
with those countries already developed the virus like absolutely this is more
important you know even if economic in this case will be like will suffer you
know this suffer is nothing compared to what will happen it panting here will
spread all over the world this is so obvious and also look at this official
numbers of people you know especially those that reported from China when you
look at it it doesn’t look so huge and so dangerous and scary but this is
official statistic of China whatever China when do you know about
China China is not a developed country I mean like democracy you know what I mean
I mean like corruption and everything it’s corrupted country and it’s out of
control and you know you cannot believe in statistic of countries like that I
absolutely believe in statistical European countries like they won’t hide
anything they’ll tell to the world whatever
happened they don’t tell it this is their obligation they will do this no
matter what because this is the law but there is no law in China like this they
will do whatever they want and they already proved it few times okay
first they have the market of wild meat wild animals meat and this was the
reason why this virus spread where this virus came from actually and look at the
double standard like they trying to save the country they trying to help local
ready get ill but it doesn’t look normal because okay if you really want to stop
this company if you really want to prevent it in the future you should stop
and close completely all the markets on wild meat of wild animals this is
obvious but what China did about this the official statement of Chinese
government was okay for now for a while we are going to close this markets but
this is not gonna be forever after that when panini is over when it will be
finished if it’s of the finish of course I don’t think about it they said those
markets will be working again they will be open again I think of it I look crazy
what’s it supposed to mean that’s mean this is the source of
potential new viruses do you know how viruses come from animals why it’s
happening especially the bats but it’s the kind of organisms there when the
temperature of the body is very high up to 40 degree and you know inside of them
they are just like a reservoir of viruses different kind of ventures
viruses that could be dangerous for human that could be deadly at the same
time they don’t hit in the animal itself
nothing happens to this bad but it containing the viruses so obviously wild
animals could be and natural reservoir natural storage of
any kind of viruses and those viruses usually are easy to imitate you know and
the first sign of mutation of virus like common virus is the fact that it’s
already passed from human to human when it’s one it happens that’s it
notation is started and the virus isn’t eating very fast like you know normally
jones of organisms like human or animals they’re very slow to imitate it looks
like hundred thousands years but nothing to do with the viruses viruses its
million times faster to mutate they are so good in peace those viruses are very
smart and they adopt into circumstances so this is their weapon they are so
marked about it like this is the program they’ve made this way so for now on if
we can trust those professional school on their who are controlling on this
process about corner virus then who we can trust
many people should stay at home they decide they should decide themselves in
those places where corner virus already develop it like you just stay at home
and you know I’m pretty happy about what’s happening about the reaction in
Italy about the corona virus you know there’s already two death cases and
after that Italian government start to panic they very fast to you know do
something take some measures they close few cities on the north of Italy to
quarantine and they making taking all them preventive measures they are so
good in it like I’m trusting more Italian government than Chinese the way
more like China no I don’t believe them I don’t believe more than anything and I
don’t believe in the quality of their measures and I don’t believe in the
quality of their help in medical system you know their standards there’s no
standards in China I know that and also but at the same time I believe that
European people he preparing governors they are a myth
nice you know why because when people live in good developed countries like to
the ropm countries North America Australia their normal life
use your life is so like always the same there is nothing to worry about mostly
they promise you know you cannot compare daily problems – problems that happening
for example in Africa or somewhere like third countries they have pretty normal
life good life and they are living all the time like this like nothing changing
for years and this develops in the psychology of people like you know this
kind of level of calm you know like the owners come down they always feeling
well they obviously good they don’t expect anything like people from third
countries they more into fight pain of course they don’t have the resources
probably because of the corrupted system but they’re always fighting something
and they expecting something really bad even is something happen like this
liquor and a virus and they more like scare or something like this but
European people they’re more come down and then they do not expect really
serious problems because they’re so used to normal life to help you live the good
life and this is their weak part I believe this kind of quality could make
them weak down and this is not good like even what Health Organisation already
confirm their own mistakes few weeks ago and they must learn from
it like right now as Italian Minister official statement was that there is no
yet need to close the Schengen zone the Schengen borders like from each other to
stop the Cullen virus from spreading but I think it’s already the time because
it’s better to you know it’s better maybe to sacrifice just a little part of
your economical system then then when after funding it happens you know you
will have to sacrifice everything mainly all over the world maybe many people
will be in danger and this is now good like stop connecting with those
countries that already is developing chronic virus like for example Thailand
not only China Thailand Korea maybe Japan I’m not sure they should check it
and they should think mainly between European countries they should be also
closing borders for a while just at least for one month maybe like this I
don’t know maybe people who think so thinking the same they should create
some petition maybe to how of course I’m the politics
I’m not some economics the shell is bad I obviously see the danger in it and I’m
not naive about it okay because I told you why I’m good knife and why I don’t
believe every professional because they already didn’t stay there already even
you know even be saying they’re doing everything but the amount of you people
who’s in fact college is growing illness is growing nothing stopping in okay of
course most of them are in China but doesn’t mean nothing China’s the part of
the world and you cannot control your own world on the planet Earth so this is
your hold and most of all in this situation we can trust China and their
statistic we can trust them no no way all right tell me what you think about
this in the comments and you know also there’s one another one another news
which came up lately it’s about the incubating time normally
they was thinking the professional doctors professional scientists they
were saying that normal incubating time incubation time for the virus while
you’re not developing any symptoms but already infected is about up to two
weeks only but now there’s the person who developed
27 days of incubating period and that means that all 27 days
he wasn’t even suspected that he’s ill and he wasn’t he didn’t feel any need to
attempt to the doctor or while this time she was spreading the virus
he was infecting people this adventure of corner virus turnovers doesn’t
develop any symptoms in this period of incubation
but it’s still infecting a this the most crazy part like okay if
you’re scientist if you’re if you’re doctors why don’t you do your job better
like 100% professional why didn’t you find out that this virus can be more
longer incubated than normal viruses okay like more than two weeks
this is a huge mistake and after this mistake I cannot trust
I cannot trust down just can’t okay tell me what you think about it in the
comments and don’t forget to subscribe share like and thank you for watching

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